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Hairdresses on final with fashionable weaving. The master - a class with a photo of

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Comes nearer a graduation party. The dress is chosen long ago, it was necessary to think up how to make a hairdress. Long hair and hair of average length are the real richness and mass of opportunities, but how it is better to arrive with them? The stylist Ruslan Tatyanin adores working with long hair and the master - a class of hairdresses for final gives.

Pride without prejudices

  1. the Universal hairdress. Perfectly looks on hair of average length, long and cascade. It will be pleasant to those who love high, difficult designs.

we allocate to


  1. On a parietal zone a triangular lock. We collect other hair in one hard high tail.

  1. by means of a brush it is carefully combed all hair.

we allocate to


  1. From a tail the first tier of hair and we divide it into 3 equal locks.

  1. It is twisted the first lock in a plait.

  1. Fingers we sort a plait, doing it more magnificent and volume.

  1. put the sorted plait in half and fix hairpins.

  1. It is twisted in a plait the second lock and we repeat all steps anew.

  1. From locks of the first tier at us has to turn out 3 magnificent plaits.

we allocate to


  1. From a tail the second tier and also we divide it into 3 equal are frequent.

  1. Each part we twist

    in a magnificent plait.

  1. I the cascade is stacked on the first tier, fixing hairpins.

  1. the Last, the third, a tier also we divide into 3 equal locks.

  1. Plaits from the third tier we stack

    on the top of our hairdress.

  1. All hair on a parietal zone we twist

    in a magnificent plait.

  1. Invisible beings we attach it from above to a hairdress.

  1. In end we fix a hairdress a varnish.

Absolutely adult

  1. such laying is the is best of all for


    looks on long hair. Very much it will be pleasant to those who are not indifferent to pleteniye.

  1. It is allocated at the person several locks, all mass of hair is collected on the top in one hard tail.

  1. For creation of a hairdress to us 2 rollers will be necessary for li for hair.

  1. Hairpins we fix rollers on a nape.

  1. Hairpins we connect rollers among themselves.

  1. From rollers has to turn out a uniform volume form.

  1. the Tail is divisible

    on 4 equal parts.

  1. Each part we divide

    into 3 locks and we process paste or wax for giving to plasticity hair.

  1. From 3 locks we begin to spin a braid.

  1. the Braid should not be hard.

  1. So, from all mass of hair we received 4 braids.

  1. From above we begin to sort each braid fingers, doing it more openwork and volume.

  1. we Work with

    accurately: the braid should not get out of a shape.

  1. Has to turn out 4 magnificent braids.

  1. Braids we wrap in

    the roller.

  1. we Fix all elements hairpins.

two More hairdresses

From the book “The Best Hairdresses for All Occasions“