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Educational systems at elementary school: how to be defined by

First of all, at the choice of school parents of future first grader need to understand modern educational programs for initial classes. Unlike Soviet period when all studied according to one textbooks, now teachers and parents have a choice in what way the child will gain all necessary knowledge. Also it will depend on that system of training on which the school student in initial classes will study.

What to choose when near the house surely there are several schools training children on different systems? Even within one school the elementary school teacher is chosen according to what program to work, and children from parallel classes can be trained on different uchebno - to methodical complexes.

Now at the same time exists several educational systems meeting the requirements FSES (Federal State Educational Standards). Each of them has features, but in general systems share on traditional and developing. The majority of schools choose traditional programs of training, such as “School of Russia“, “Elementary school of the 21st century“, “School 2010“, “Harmony“, “Perspective elementary school“, “Classical elementary school“, “The planet of knowledge“, “Prospect“. But be ready that, perhaps, your child will be suggested to be studied according to the developing Zankov or Elkonin`s programs - Davydova. Certainly, not to be necessary to think that traditional programs are not engaged in development of the school student, the name this rather conditional. In general, one may say, that these types of systems differ in approach: traditional programs offer is explanatory - illustrative approach to training of the child, developing - active.

All programs mentioned above are focused by

on the uniform educational standard, however a way of submission of information and priorities at each system the. They differ in the most training program, degree in load of the child, the parent`s involvement into training process, and also the general complexity. Each system offers the uchebno - a methodical complex, in other words, sets of textbooks, workbooks and didactic materials in all objects.

the Greatest popularity among schools enjoy

such uchebno - methodical complexes as “School of Russia“, “Perspektva“, “School 2100“, “The planet of knowledge“ and “Harmony“.

“the School of Russia“ is considered the classical program. In fact, it is that system on which, with little changes, learned also in Soviet period. It is calculated on the average level so each child will be able to master such program without effort. The mathematics in equal proportions develops computing skills, logic and thinking, Russian moves standardly: balanced development orally - written language and skills of the competent letter. At the same time it is possible to allocate especially studying of “World around“ according to A. A. Pleshakov`s textbooks. Advantage of a course consists that development of world around is positioned as the project which the child realizes together with parents.

Another uchebno - the methodical complex enjoying special popularity is “Prospect“. This program most of all will suit children with mathematical mentality. This UMK is quite difficult and will demand from parents of active participation in training of the child. The main advantage of “Prospect“ it is possible to call mathematics lessons which are under construction on training materials L. G. Peterson. The mathematics is given with elements of geometry and algebra that allows the child to pass into high school smoothly.


of UMK “School 2100“ it is constructed so that children will be able to study at the different levels of complexity. All training materials contain a maximum of additional information which the child will be able to acquire at such requirement. This program gives the chance to the teacher without transition to other UMK to correct the level of complexity of supply of material and to apply an individual approach in training.

the Planet of Knowledge Program is considered

quite difficult as it was initially developed and was applied in pro-gymnasia classes, however too enjoys wide popularity at teachers and parents. The main advantage of this UMK - aiming at self-development of the child. Its ability to argue, whether it be emphasis on logic when studying mathematics or the literary reading assuming emergence of dialogue between the child and the adult is actively stimulated. As well as manuals “Planets of Knowledge“ contain raznourovnevy tasks in “School 2100“: from basic to creative - search.

the Basic principle of UMK “Harmony“ is comfortable training at a joint of the traditional and developing training methods. At children initially develop skills of the analysis, classification, comparison and generalization. At lessons a lot of the problem developing tasks forming at school students ability to thinking, ability independently to draw conclusions are given. One of the main pluses of the program is purposeful preparation for smooth transition from initial to high school.

can Understand evident difference of one educational system from another, having studied offered by the UMK program in one place. On the website book the Internet - Labirint shop exists the special section “School Guru“ in which it is possible to make selection of goods on an educational program, in objects, types of a training material (textbooks, workbooks, visual aids) or of classes. By means of this section it is possible both to study the offered materials of programs, and to collect the necessary set of literature when the question with the choice of educational system is already solved.

needs to be meant that all UMK programs are regularly processed taking into account actual tendencies so even if you send not the first child to school, consider that for several years authors of textbooks or the concept of teaching in general could exchange. Training materials can significantly change therefore, as a rule, there is a need from scratch to buy all materials uchebno - a methodical complex on a class. To tell with confidence, UMK at the moment how exactly looks and what textbooks and workbooks need to be acquired for the child, to you the teacher who works according to the program at present will be able.