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Make-up secrets. Eyes, eyelashes, lips - as it is correct to emphasize?

we Continue to master art of a make-up. Together with Scott Barnes we made a necessary arsenal of cosmetics, and also learned to train the person for a make-up - as if artists a canvas. Today the famous stylist of Hollywood will share secrets of work with the liner for lips, mascara, a pencil and shadows for eyes, and also with false eyelashes.

Should not try to be emphasized with

everything at once. Concentrate on something one. If you do not love change, just try for a start to shift focus. For example, if always intensively you make up eyes, pay them slightly less attention, but you will choose more expressive lip gloss. Perhaps, will surprise you how your shape as a result of so easy switching of attention from one element of the person to another will sharply change.

of the Lip

of the Woman sometimes is believed that there is no need to pay attention to lips, especially in the afternoon. Actually very important to apply something on them - transparent gloss or balm. Otherwise they will dry and burst. It is not sexual at all! Among other things, lipstick helps the woman to feel more collected and even desired.

the Contour of lips is necessary to

for correction of a form (for example if the upper lip is thinner than lower) or if you want that lips seemed fuller.

of Any fat continuous lines! Do everything very accurately to look more naturally. And never you leave abroad a natural contour. It is vulgar. Outline exactly on the line or on an internal contour. Also do not forget to shade that the mouth did not look taken in a ring.

Use the liner of a corporal shade. As for other flowers, it is the best of all if color of an eyeliner is same as color of lipstick or is one tone more dark.

visually to make lips is fuller than
, draw a continuous straight line on external border of an upper lip (without leading round deepening in the middle). Looks very sexually, isn`t that so? You stick to the rule not to leave abroad a natural contour.

It is softened dry lips

Each of you faces this problem sooner or later. To remove dry skin, without having caused at the same time irritation, very simply. Apply a little balm on pass - a brush for a make-up and rub it lips. After that lips will become not only smooth, but brighter and full as you will strengthen in them blood circulation.

If you carefully walk a brush around a mouth, at the same time will get rid of the small eels appearing from - for effects of balm, lipstick and other means hammering a time.

can Also use

a toothbrush, but I nevertheless recommend pass - a brush for a make-up from goat pile. Its shchetinka adjoin to each other slightly more densely, and you will not wound a lip.

They tell

of an Eye to

very much about the one who we are and that we feel. We, first of all, pay attention to eyes, meeting someone or when we want to learn about feelings of other person. In the nature there are no two pairs of identical eyes, and I consider that they deserve special attention.

Cunning in emphasizing color of your eyes. Usually it assumes the choice of shadows, contrast on color. (Certainly, there are exceptions of the general rule, everything depends on for what style you strive.) There are several additional welcome which will be accorded useful in the solution of possible problems.

Heavy eyelids. Approach a mirror and look directly before yourself. If eyelids are not visible at all, means they at you hanging. In that case, imposing shadows, you cannot impose color on the top part at all a century that they did not look heavier. It is necessary to limit as much as possible color and to emphasize eyes with ink or by means of false eyelashes.

Widely placed eyes. Visually can reduce distance between them, having emphasized internal corners of eyes. For this purpose plentifully apply ink on eyelashes or paste artificial in internal corners of eyes.

Close put eyes . Visually it is possible to increase distance between them, having emphasized external corners of eyes. For this purpose plentifully apply ink on eyelashes or paste artificial in external corners.

the Small or deeply put eyes. If you have small eyes, put a few light cream shadows in internal corners of eyes. This reception especially successfully works if you have deeply put eyes.

the Liquid eyeliner

the Eyeliner served women for decades, helping to create a speaking glance. Accurately to put it, at first remove excess liquid from a brush or the applicator: carry out few times on the back of a hand and wave with a brush in air.

do not forget

that the heavy powerful line visually does an eye already. Therefore I do not insist on an eyeliner, especially if you use false eyelashes which create an open, playful look.

If despite artificial eyelashes you decided to use eye shadow, try to bring the line to an internal corner of an eye so that it did not break where eyelashes come to an end.

Sometimes should leave in general eyes alone. Instead of color shadows put a concealer, having painted over it all eyelid, and add several false eyelashes.

How to work with Maybelline pencil

It is the most black pencil from all which are known to me. And the cheapest of what can be used for an eyeliner both eyes, and eyebrows. But before using them eye shadow, it is necessary to soften at first a slate pencil that it did not cling to skin and did not leave uneven marks. Everything that for this purpose is necessary - a pocket lighter. For couple of seconds ship a pencil tip in a flame.

do not forget to blow on a tip and to check temperature on a hand!

On a consistence the pencil has to be firm easily to slide on skin, not too soft (not to leave lumps), not damp, and its tip should not be bent. When the pencil cools down, its line will be similar to a trace of a coal pencil.

Putting ink

That eyelashes seemed sexy, I recommend to make up them both from below, and from above. Press a brush to roots of eyelashes and make several zigzag movements, and then at one stroke walk on eyelashes. On the ends of eyelashes there will be no lump left, and they will look really dense and seductive.

As for color, I give preference of black ink, and always. If you want that people paid attention to your eyes, it is only a right choice.

False eyelashes

They me are pleasant to

. It is an excellent way to make a look open and expressive. Only surely learn to paste them in advance, but not for an hour to a significant event.

If you learn to use

correctly artificial eyelashes (a little patience and trainings for this purpose is necessary), they will look natural. It is possible to carry them as an accessory to a dress or a beautiful dress or a free raincoat. If you paste dense eyelashes, take care of to being overzealous with shadows. I, to tell the truth, am tired of color that strange sounds from the artist`s lips - the makeup artist.

How to paste. For a start be convinced of purity of own eyelashes as artificial are pasted at the same time by a century and to natural eyelashes. Estimate length, perhaps, you should cut artificial eyelashes if they look unnaturally long.

Apply to

on a basis glue and apply it along the line of growth of the eyelashes. You have several seconds for correction as glue quickly dries.

two types of glue for false eyelashes Exist: temporary and resistant. Temporary keeps until you do not wash away it water. Resistant - about five days.

Sometimes to increase eyes, there is enough half, but not the whole line (row). It is possible to cut it and to paste only part - in external or internal corners, depending on an image to which you aspire.

How to remove. Use means for removal of false eyelashes on an oil basis. Never try to remove eyelashes without it, otherwise you will stretch gentle skin a century.

How to paste bunches. it is simpler to strong to manipulate Bunches. The look will seem more open if you add an eyelash to external corners of eyes. If you paste in internal - the look will seem naive. And still it is possible to paste eyelashes diversely, and eyes will become similar to radiant asterisks. Of course, it demands a certain skill, but as soon as you get the hand, your opportunities considerably will extend.

of the Hand and nails

does not have

more sad show, than the beautiful woman with not well-groomed hands and nails. Do not forget about it, being engaged in the appearance.

Me it is pleasant to

of p when the woman has clean nails which seem continuation of a hand. It is very sexual. I do not love bright and long nails. Besides the red and pink varnish emphasizes redness of joints and a cuticle. If nails are varnished more natural tone, color transition by hand to nails happens smoothly, and fingers are visually extended. (Properly remember it if you have short and thick fingers!) Light-a beige brilliant varnish looks perfectly. The French manicure will never bring.

However some exceptions of the general rule are:

  • of For color women. Women with very dark skin color can fearlessly use bright nail varnish.
  • For short nails. On them look dark tone better - claret, chocolate, black, it is dark - blue.

If doubts arise, refuse color. But surely moisten hands and do not forget to polish and cut nails. Well-groomed hands - it is womanly, it is beauty to finger-tips!


treats legs. Get used to do a pedicure at least once in a month, not very well, at home or in salon. If you want to make up nails, choose a color varnish. Standing brightly pink or red colors look very sexually!

From the book “A make-up as in Hollywood.
Secrets of the star makeup artist“