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First toys of the kid: what and whether what for?

Are necessary to the newborn of a toy? From what age the kid begins to be interested in world around and how it can be developed? The toys made with own hands - what they differ from purchased rattles and why it are pleasant to the baby more? The author of the book for mothers Jzenya Katz tells.

We often dream that children grew up somewhat quicker. So far it is the newborn baby, mother with envy looks at those fat-cheeked peanuts who sit in strollers, shift rattles from a hand in a hand and smile to all around. When your kid already sits, it seems as if he still at a distant day will learn to go. Here it went, but we want that he started talking offers somewhat quicker. And looking on three-year-old, we dream how he will begin to read or ride the bicycle. And so on, to a wedding. But who endlessly waits for something, that will pass all most interesting. So let`s dwell upon each age.

All parents, certainly, want

that their children received all best: both the best toys, and the most convenient things. And sometimes even begins to seem to parents that their successor can be left deprived without some developing toy, and it is necessary to buy somewhat quicker both that, and another, and the third. Persuasive advertizing warms up this passion to buy to kids of a toy one for another. As it is told in one good book about education, by 3 months at the baby so many rattles can collect that it behind them and will be visible not.

Let`s try to look at

sensibly on what are necessary to children of a thing and toy and why.

We will begin with the fact that first 2 - 3 weeks are not necessary to the newborn baby of a toy in general. Mother, quiet and cheerful which can create to it a cosiness is necessary for it, feed and put to bed. Perhaps, the separate bed is required (though more it is necessary to the father with mother and that not all mothers in it will agree with me). Very much even the baby sling that mother could carry the kid with herself everywhere can be useful. If mother nurses the kid, then a heap of beautiful small bottles, heaters and mixes will remain unclaimed (perhaps, lack of mixes and small bottles is the best gift for your kid). If the baby can sleep in the afternoon on a balcony, then is good to put a body from a carriage there (it can be not the newest and beautiful if only matrasik was equal!) .

So, we have a baby who does not sit yet and does not creep, and sleeps the most part of day. Whether toys are necessary for it much - guess. Certainly, it is very important to kid to learn the world - aurally, to the touch, on taste, on a smell and by sight. While the kid is not able to be enough a toy yet and cannot purposefully do something by handles and legs, you should help him. It is possible to buy a roundabout which scrapes and twists several toys over the child. However, this melody and to you, and the child will bother soon and the bottom view at the suspended objects is not so interesting.

Well, it is possible to change toys for roundabouts, and it is possible to think up something else. Usually children like a tumbler toy with its melodious ring and bright flowers. Besides, the kid can put on the handle or a leg brasletik with a small jingle (such brasletik it is possible also most to sew, there is nothing difficult in it). As a simple and soft bracelet the wide elastic band will be suitable for hair, and nice jingles and hand bells happen in shops for fishers.

Can pull over a carriage an elastic band with small rattles that the kid could touch them with hands or legs incidentally. Only I, for example, had no lying carriage, and the baby wanted to be entertained very much. However, my eldest son also refused to lie on a back flatly so from suspension toys over it were not any to use - all the same it lying did not play, and cried out. But my daughter Galka adored lying and playing the suspended toys. It lay on a usual sofa, and over it we fastened a hanger for towels to a wall and hanged out different rattles and hand bells on ribbons. And when she fell asleep, we turned this hanger to a wall and removed rattles.

It is good if you have many different toys with a pleasant melodious ring. The sound of rattles is quite monotonous, but different hand bells and jingles, a glockenspiel and a tambourine can please the kid. Shurshalki and gremelka can be made and, having filled peas, haricot, rice or buckwheat in different small small bottles. The balloon in which 3 - 4 peas jump is absolutely matchless. Only consider that the ball with peas is really ringing rattle! And it can be dangerous if bursts, - neither peas, nor rubber scraps from a ball should not get to the kid into a mouth!

Many children like to consider what is over them. Sadly, if from a bed only white walls and a ceiling are visible to the child. It is more interesting to examine contrast pictures - for example, with geometrical patterns. And it is possible to suspend over the head of the child a mobile - an easy toy which parts turn from the slightest whiff of a breeze. It is easy to build such mobile and independently: it is enough to hang up on the scaffold tense under a ceiling several easy objects - for example, the dried autumn leaflets, or paper small fishes or butterflies, or strips of a crepe paper.

Children like to examine faces. You can draw eyes and a mouth on a balloon - and to hang up near the kid. And for the children beginning to creep an excellent toy - low hanging mirror.

do not worry, you will not be left without rattles: if you have acquaintances who come on a visit, then be sure that each of them will bring to you on a rattle. However soon you will find out that not all rattles suit for the smallest. Only the easiest will approach, with the thin convenient handle that it was convenient to baby to hold this rattle.

Such rattles (easy and convenient) at desire very just to make. Besides they will be not plastic and will be able to diversify tactile feelings of the kid. You need a small piece of fabric and a cap from a felt-tip pen. In a cap it is possible to fill rice or buckwheat - the rattle with the quiet rustling sound will turn out. Then it is necessary to hide a cap in a pocket from fabric or the cut-off “finger“ from a glove, to sew up and decorate outside with any features, interesting to the kid. Many babies like to suck round all objects - and rattles including. It is possible to sew outside a button and couple of short laces with small knots and wooden beads.

What else toys are pleasant to kids? Small plastic bowls and glasses of different color and size, wooden spoons and even tolkushka, small saucepan, sieve and colander... The child will knock these objects, to drop them, to lick - and to study. Perfectly also various gifts of the nature - big cones, large cockleshells, a beads from acorns or chestnuts will approach. In general a wooden beads on a strong thread - the excellent toy changing a form and attracting the child with the properties.

to my children liked easy cubes with pictures which I made of cardboard packages from kefir or fermented baked milk.

If the child already sits and begins to creep - means, the time for various balls and wheelchairs came. And here toys with acute angles (like cubes or pans) for a while should be hidden - especially if the child is only able to get up on knees so far and to shake to and fro, and then falls on a stomach again. For the time being it is better to leave only small toys on which it is not so sick to land. A bit later boxes with covers - different in a form and the size will be useful. Let it will be a small tin jar from tea, a wooden casket, birch bark tuyesok.

Many times I saw that the baby does not play expensive and bright plastic rattles, but with pleasure studies the rolled snag brought from the sea, and the usual wooden ring for curtains prefers to expensive prorezyvatel. And still children like to procrastinate a grain crust, the dried parsley root, a piece of apple or carrot.

beautiful “natatorial“ toys, clockwork toys, glasses and buckets, a water-mill, and also soft figures which can be “stuck“ on a bathroom wall will be useful to

For games in a bathtub.

Some children of months from eight it is very accurate and with interest consider pictures in books. Well, means, at you the attentive reader grows, and came it is time to get several cardboard books with simple pictures. Let it will be books with images of objects familiar to the child - a ball, a carriage, ware... But consider, at all not all children carefully address with “the printing word“. Many to one and a half investigate years books one tooth bigger and try to break off on small parts. If so, then this source of knowledge has to be hidden from the kid so far. As my friend who at that moment had decimestrial twins, “told a crumpled cardboard - not the best feeding up for babies!“

The is become more senior by your kid, the more various toys can be useful to it. You will understand soon what soft animals and machines in the house became so many that just there is no place to come. Find the place where you will hide the bothered toys, and from time to time change “range“.

From the book “Games for the Beginning Mothers“