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We prepare for a secular exit: 6 councils of the Hollywood stylist

In these output graduates, mothers, teachers will prepare for final. The day before it is necessary to think over a hairdress and a make-up. If about hairdresses on final we wrote here and here already recently, then today we will talk about how it is correct to impose a make-up to achieve ideal result. The famous Hollywood stylist continues to give advice on a make-up.“ Before you begin to master equipment of a make-up, - Scott Barnes writes, - acquire several rules of training of the person. It is “canvas“. And the it is better, the picture painted by you will be finer“.

Preparation of “canvas“

Removal of hairs and modeling of eyebrows

of the Eyebrow - the same important element of the person as a nose, eyes and lips therefore it is necessary to treat them with love and respect.


First of all, be convinced of drawing clearness. I am not a fan of eyebrows. Some go crazy, trying to give them the refined form. It is pleasant to me when they look more naturally. It is important that they did not puff up, then they look exactly.

Krom of alignment can be experimented with a form. I recommend to use a hairbrush with the razor, but not tweezers. Act step by step:

  1. Take hairs a hairbrush;
  2. Comb them up;
  3. Cut
  4. the razor, having given to all hairs identical length;
  5. Before continuing a hairstyle, check eyebrow drawing, having combed hairs horizontally. It is necessary to raise and cut hairs gradually, every time checking length not to shear superfluous;
  6. Record hairs special eyebrow gel or wax for hair.
the Hairbrush in a duet with the razor, unlike tweezers, me it are pleasant to

of li the fact that after them there is no problem of the grown hairs. And if you decide to grow an eyebrow again - there are no problems, the follicle remains in an integrity that does not occur at wrest after which hair grow very slowly.

of the Eyebrow of many women have the form which I call “an eyebrow - a cachalot“ when the eyebrow is bent up, and then, being brief, goes down. As a result the internal corner of an eye is visually reduced. Absolutely ugly! In my opinion, it is necessary to model a shape of eyebrows so that they visually opened eyes. It is possible to try the most different drawing of eyebrows and to find that image to which you aspire, especially, if to cut, but not to pull out hairs.

Modelling of eyebrows by means of wax is an alternative to a hairstyle and plucking out. I use Geisha wax. As the natural length of hairs of an eyebrow is shorter at the basis and is longer on the ends, it is possible to make eyebrows already, having combed hairs by means of wax up. This reception is good for a transitional phase when you try to grow an eyebrow, wishing to give them other form.

If you have red hair, do not tint an eyebrow a red or brown pencil. Add yellow color as it dominates in red hair. With its help you will give to eyebrows a golden shade that will look much more naturally, than dark brown.

Hairs on a face

women have to have a clean smooth skin. Attentively look at yourself and estimate whether there is a lot of at you hairs over an upper lip or on a face contour. If you have an excess down, ruthlessly delete in its way accepted for itself.


If your choice - a bioepilation, be convinced that bought qualitative wax. Do not hesitate to consult about it at the girlfriends. Bad wax can strongly injure skin therefore you should not risk.

Personally I recommend to use

the razor as again growing hairs do not become thicker (it is the myth!) . Besides the razor does not injure skin as it occurs at an epilation wax.

your task - to remove all hairs that the equal, reminding porcelain surface on which it is possible to impose a make-up turned out.

Electro - both laser epilations quite expensive and painful procedures, but solve a problem once and for all. An indispensable condition of success of a laser epilation are light skin and dark hair, otherwise the laser will burn skin, and you will leave with blisters.

Disposal of reddenings on skin

If you had spots or irritation, apply slightly - slightly eye drops on the inflamed site. It slightly will moderate redness, and the spot will be easier to be disguised. But such procedure will not help to get rid of an acne. It is a temporary measure.

yellow color Also helps to win against redness. Therefore use a voice-frequency basis or a concealer in which yellow subtone prevails.

Moistening of the person

Often I begin with

a make-up with moistening 10 - minute masks. It softens skin and muffles any inflammation. If you have no time for a mask, apply the soft moisturizing cream and wait a couple of minutes, having allowed skin to absorb it.

Relaxation of the person: a lymphatic drainage

I learned

of This small cunning at Shiatsu`s school (the Japanese therapy by pressing by fingers on certain points - an akupressur). If to press on ears and a jaw, you will feel pain, but at the same time all face muscles will relax.

Ya I act this way with all the clients who are going to step into a red carpet or to hold a photoshoot. The lymphatic drainage after air flight is especially effective. On the plane - dry air, you are limited in the movement therefore blood badly circulates in an organism. Massage stimulates blood circulation that promotes saturation of skin oxygen. Results are amazing! The forty-year-old woman who is able to afford such procedure will feel as if she looked younger for about five years, - only as a result of pressing on lateral zones of a jaw! You want to try?

Wait for


Having moistened a face and having relaxed, you are quite ready to emphasizing the best qualities.

you do not hurry. Look and estimate what you without make-up. Focus attention on color of eyes, a shape of lips, a nose, on each wrinkle. Studying the lines, try to fall in love with them. Anybody has another no such combination any more! Make a deep breath. Also concentrate on the beauty.

Besides, seize this moment to be refreshed with a glass of cold water. As a rule, the majority of us use not enough liquid therefore try to develop at yourself a habit to use time allowed for a make-up to give to drink an organism.

of the Technician of a make-up

the Step to light

Lighting plays very important role. Try to be engaged in a make-up in well lit room that your face was lit from two parties. Quite good idea to make it at a window at natural lighting if only on you direct sunshine do not fall (trying to compensate bright light, you will put more cosmetics, than it is necessary). The soft, natural lighting similar to that which happens in the cloudy afternoon will be ideally suited. Whenever possible, before leaving the house, check the make-up, having looked in two different mirrors at different lighting.

my favourite light - from a galogenovy lamp. I advise you to hang up two such sources in a bathroom or over a dressing table. Only check that light was not directed to the person from below. Such position of the lamp creates terrible, terrible lighting. Optimum, if the source is at the level of eyes.


, shade and shade

Cannot overestimate importance of this process as it defines success of a good make-up. Mixing and shading cosmetics, you have to be sure that it does not lie on skin a separate layer, a mask. Shading by soft roundabouts of a brush will help to avoid contrast transitions.

Creation of pure “canvas“

the Concealer and a konturirovaniye

to you needs “to simulate“ a face, having applied on it means for correction and a konturirovaniye. Usually it is done at the first stage before causing color. But the speech not about completely to smooth a relief. The speech about creation of volume. For this purpose it is necessary to define an arrangement of bones on a face. If some are not too relief, it is necessary to accent them.

Rule simple: light emphasizes, and dark - hides .

Eventually needs “to lighten“ the middle of the person. It promotes attention shift on more dark, sated in the color features - eyes, eyebrows, lips.

the Choice of color for a konturirovaniye and a haylayting

the Law: for a konturirovaniye choose a basis on one or two tones are more dark than natural color of your skin, for a haylayting - is two tones lighter. it is difficult to p to tell

more precisely. You will see that I cause to different women different quantity of a basis depending on the fact that I consider it necessary to introduce in their shape.

Besides, starting “molding“ of the person, I quite often as means for a haylayting use an easy cream concealer. On texture it is slightly more dense than powder or a liquid voice-frequency basis and at the expense of it covers a face better. The choice of texture of means depends on what their quantity you decided to cause.

the Voice-frequency basis

I choose


Ya cream - it more plastic and it is easier to put it. But you can use a basis which is pleasant to you more and is suitable for your skin better. For a reference point: the cream texture suits for those cases when you decided to cover a face with quite dense bed; the liquid voice-frequency basis or powder cover a face with thinner layer.

you Put to

a basis gradually, roundabouts. The cream texture can be squeezed out on a brush. At first pour out a liquid voice-frequency basis or powder or fill on a palm and dip into it a brush. Never forget to wash with hands before drawing a make-up .

the Neck and a face have to be identical color. Therefore do not forget to cover a neck with a voice-frequency basis.

the Choice of color of a voice-frequency basis

Exists so many shades of a voice-frequency basis that to choose suitable color is quite problematic. But it is easier to choose it, than it seems to you: just compare color of a basis to color of own skin on a clavicle or on a breast, but not on a neck (it is much lighter).

Putting blush

If at you is the mixed skin type, or there are dry sites, it is better to use fat cream blush - they lay down better. Dry blush is suitable for normal skin more. On fat or combined they will lay down spots, they will be difficult to be shaded.

Quite often I observe that women for a konturirovaniye use blush, imposing them below cheekbones. If you do not want to look as in mad 80 - e, use a basis for a konturirovaniye and apply it on cheekbones.

When you apply to

blush, try to simulate the natural flush. For this purpose you apply color on “apples“ of cheeks and shade to temples. It is especially important for women at age (after 45). If you apply blush under cheekbones, the person will be extended, and you will look too gloomy. And the task is in that your person looked younger.

How to add a flickering highlighter

It is unimportant, cheekbones, high at you, or not, I all - recommend to lighten them. Light tone will draw attention to these zones, “raising“ them. Also it is worth lightening zones where light falls: nose, cheekbones and forehead.

suntan Illusion

With easy suntan each of us feels

better. If you want to achieve an image as if treated kindly by the sun, take a brush slightly - slightly powders - a bronzant and shade circular the movements on a face that the natural warm reflected light turned out. You cause suntan slowly, a layer behind a layer. It is always simpler to add, than to remove superfluous.

Fixing of a make-up

Fixing by transparent powder - an important stage. If you are going to make a full make-up from drawing a voice-frequency basis to blush, it will hardly want to you that skin looked grease or soiled. Besides, before making up eyes, it is possible to powder transparent powder eyelids and T - a zone (a forehead, a nose and a chin).

Be continued.

From the book “A make-up as in Hollywood.
Secrets of the star makeup artist“