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How to learn to photograph people: secrets of a portrait

to begin to photograph people At once - all the same that on the first class in driving to try to steer the bus full of passengers. Yes, portraits - our purpose. But to perfect skill of setup of the camera I nevertheless advise on inanimate objects. And in portraiture you still will manage to be trained.

Why should not be begun with

with portraits even of good acquaintances at once?

Photographing people, you undertake some obligations. And the speech not only giving to the models ready pictures. Each person wants to look good on a portrait. It is obvious that all want to be pleasant to themselves. But when not quite you cope with setup of the camera, when shooting happens very hardly at the same time to take care also of how the person will turn out in the photo. At the beginning you, most likely, pay more attention to receive a qualitative picture from the point of view of light, colors, sharpnesses, the correct focus and other technical characteristics, and can lose sight of more “lyrical“ factors, such as a foreshortening, a pose, the choice of a background. And the model at this time, opposite, is more anxious volume to look, as on the picture from the glossy magazine. The obvious conflict of interests is available!

Before beginning to photograph people, it is better to train on color static objects.

not to cause discontent of models, I also advise to accumulate experience, removing motionless objects. And only when you will steadily receive satisfactory results at setup of the camera, it is possible to begin to photograph people.

For such shootings it is important not correct to p to set technical parameters. It is necessary that the person liked his portrait, and it is the most difficult to achieve it. I met more than once photographers who did pictures of people, excellent on equipment, but at the same time did not think that each model needs to be photographed definitely, emphasizing its advantages and hiding shortcomings.

In this section we will consider those important factors on which creation not only an innovative, but also valuable picture in the art relation depends. And not only for a classical half-length portrait, but also for all typical plots interesting to the one who decided to become a photographer for himself and for the relatives.

“And you can photograph me it is glamourous?.“ The word “glamour“ and glossy journal images so strongly took control of minds that people ceased to perceive the present, live realistic photos. If nevertheless there is a strong wish to make a picture with a “glossy“ raid, pick up the corresponding images and poses for the models (they can be spotted in fashionable magazines).

Such photo it is quite real to p to receive

in living conditions. For example, this picture was made on a loggia of the usual apartment, and then got on a cover of the magazine. Soft natural light and the external flash directed to a ceiling evenly illuminated model, having created only one shadow from a brim. (The top part of flash needs to be developed so that it was directed at an angle 45 degrees to a ceiling.)

Turn on the positive music, you joke, tell stories from life - talk to people whom you photograph. On shootings of people feels confused and unprotected, he is afraid of the photographer even if he is familiar with it many years. You praise, encourage the models - for them it very important.

your Many models will say that they are not photogenic. Absolutely not photogenic people are not, just the percent of good shots at one people is more, and others have less. But he never is zero. The photographer has to see in what foreshortening the model looks good, to be able to emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings. Main thing: if the person is afraid to be photographed, then help it to relax - talk to it, promise that you will erase unsuccessful pictures. As my practice shows, usually as a result such person is satisfied with result.

From the book “How to Photograph People“