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As there was Children`s Day of

Vasily Aleksandrovich Sukhomlinsky, the founder of the pedagogical system founded on the principles of humanity and recognition of the identity of the child by the supreme value spoke:“ Children have to live in the world of beauty, game, the fairy tale, music, drawing, the imagination, creativity“. And it in the opinion was not lonely!

Many countries paid attention to a problem of social protection of the rights of children till the birth of the great teacher. So in the XX century in the world there were two holidays devoted to little boys and girls at once: World day of children and International Children`s Day. It is a little history.

the World day of children

on November 20, 1959 the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the rights of the child, and 30 years later, in 1989 - the Convention on the Rights of the Child which was signed by 61 state, including the USSR. Since then on November 20 in many countries of the world celebrate a festival of pleasure and the happy childhood. And the Geneva declaration of 1924 was the cause for all this - the question of social protection of the rights of children was for the first time brought up then.

the International Children`s Day

This holiday is noted on June 1, and in Russia it enjoys bigger popularity, than the World day of children. Everything began with the fact that on the International women`s congress in Paris in 1945 the International democratic association of women was created. Four years later she suggested to celebrate an official holiday - Children`s Day. The UN supported idea, and in 1950 the new holiday was celebrated by 51 countries! So it is possible to consider Children`s Day as one of the first international holidays. And in Russia, besides, date of a holiday coincides with the beginning of long-awaited summer vacation.

And how today?

the Holiday is on June 1 an appeal to all people on the planet not to forget about the rights of children for life and the happy childhood. Our kids need protection and certain freedoms without which just it is impossible to create kind, fair, responsible and humane society. The International Children`s Day has even the flag: multi-colored little men walk on the planet, having joined hands.

First of June is noted cheerfully: for children arrange concerts, competitions, quizes and other entertainment programs. In general in our country children have a Federal law “About the main guarantees of the rights of the child in the Russian Federation“, accepted on July 24, 1998. It in detail describes the purposes of a state policy for the benefit of children, powers of public authorities, the rights of the child (for example, the rights in the field of education, educations, health protection, rest, vocational training, protection in difficult life situations and others), and also measures for protection of these rights and a guarantee of their execution. whether

needs to be given on June 1 to the child gifts?

why is not present

A? And let Day of protection of the child is not birthday and not New year, but a reason for delivery of a gift all the same pleasant. Besides academic year ended, and the real summer began! Present something symbolical, but interesting and desired.