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Hairdresses on final from the star stylist. For long hair of

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U you long hair, and you are ready to turn them into the real evening hairdress? The master - a class from the stylist Ruslan Tatyanin will help to make a beautiful hairdress with own hands - by means of step-by-step descriptions and a photo. Be going to twist ringlets and to spin braids - in a hairdress for long hair not to do without it!

refined and easy

  1. the Ideal hairdress for cascade hair. Really will please all fans of natural style.

  1. All hair we divide

    into 2 equal parts.

  1. It is begun to comb nape hair popryadno.

  1. It is important: for bigger volume each lock after a backcombing needs to be processed slightly a varnish.

  1. the Brush it is smoothed all nape hair in the direction up.

  1. by means of invisible beings we create a framework of our future hairdress.

  1. the Line from invisible beings - a basis of all design.

  1. the Combed part of hair is sprained in the form of the roller and we fix hairpins to the basis.

  1. From the top part of hair allocated the first tier.

  1. we Wind it nippers.

  1. From the first tier has to turn out 5 ringlets.

  1. Is passed to work with the second tier - we also wind it on nippers.

  1. of the Lock of the third tier we wind

    in the direction from the face.

  1. we Sort ringlets fingers and we process paste or wax for giving of texture.

  1. Have to turn out the magnificent, curly mass of hair.

All ringlets we collect


  1. under the roller and we fix hairpins.

Magnificent lace

  1. the Hairdress for very long hair. The real gift for those who love refined, original weaving.

we allocate to


  1. On a parietal zone a wide lock in the form of a triangle.

All other hair we collect


  1. in a low hard tail and we divide it into 3 equal parts.

  1. Each part we divide

    into 4 locks and we begin to spin a braid.

  1. we fix weaving by a small elastic at the end.

  1. From a tail have to turn out three not hard braids - a cone.

we allocate to


  1. From the first braid a lock and by an accordion it is collected on it a braid.

  1. the Turned-out “accordion“ we stack

    and we fix hairpins.

  1. In the same equipment we collect by

    2 - yu and 3 - yu braids.

  1. All laid elements of weaving we fix

    a varnish.

we allocate to


  1. On a parietal zone 3 equal locks and we process them paste or wax.

  1. All hair on a parietal zone we braid

    in one not hard braid, moving from the top to a forehead.

  1. Fingers we sort a braid, creating volume.

  1. Has to turn out a magnificent, “lacy“ braid.

  1. Weaving we fix

    by a varnish.

  1. we Stack a braid to the right.

  1. the End of a braid is connected by

    to a hairdress invisible beings.

two More hairdresses

From the book “The Best Hairdresses for All Occasions“