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PDR and determination of term of pregnancy. 5 ways - what best? Only - having only learned

that she is pregnant, the woman already dreams of that day when the kid is born. But precisely it is possible to calculate it only if conception took place in a test tube, under an eye of a microscope and control of ultrasonography. In all other cases - and them, of course, the majority - at doctors in a stock is several enough reliable ways of definition of the estimated date of childbirth (EDC).

Determination of term of pregnancy monthly

As is determined by

by date of the last. On the first visit the obstetrician - the gynecologist will surely take an interest in the first afternoon of the pregnancy of periods, last before approach. Then the doctor uses Negele`s formula - of the first day of the last monthly takes away 3 months and adds 7 days. If the cycle is shorter than 28 days, then of the received date it is necessary to take away a difference (for example, 3 days if the cycle makes 25 days). If the cycle is several days longer, then this number of days needs to be added to PDR.

, it is How exact? it is good if the woman conducts a calendar of critical days and precisely remembers the beginning of the last periods. The problem can be that normal pregnancy can last both 38 weeks, and 42. Besides this method works rather accurately only if future mother has no problems with a cycle, it uniform and settled, and each cycle lasts exactly 28 days. In this case pregnancy, most likely, will last 280 days, or 10 obstetric months, beginning of the first day of the last periods.

Determination of term of pregnancy on day of an ovulation

As pays off. At a cycle of 28 days the ovulation occurs precisely on 14 - y day. Now we add by this day 38 weeks - and it is ready: here it, estimated day of childbirth!

, it is How exact? At many women the cycle has deviations in this or that party. The interval between periods can be both 25 days, and 32 - 33. Day of an ovulation in this case is defined so - it comes always in 14 days prior to the beginning of the periods following it. But all the same these calculations are not really exact. The ripened ovum lives about two days, and spermatozoa are capable to live in a female organism and five days after sexual intercourse. Best of all this method works if the time interval between the unprotected sexual intercourses made not less than 6 weeks.

Determination of term of pregnancy by results of ultrasonography

As pays off. on the basis of long-term supervision and researches made tables in which the term of pregnancy is compared with the fruit sizes (from a tailbone to a darkness), a circle of his head and thorax, hip length. On early terms “age“ of pregnancy can be determined by the size of fetal egg.

, it is How exact? This method is considered the most exact today. But it is the best of all to resort to it in the first trimester - on the term from 4 to 13 weeks. At this time the sizes of fruits at different women almost do not differ from each other, and it is possible to establish the pregnancy term (and, therefore, to assume when childbirth begins) to within days. The later measurements are taken, the error is more. In the second and third trimester the fruit is influenced by many factors: genetic, hereditary, nuances of food, etc. Therefore also the sizes of future kids can differ very strongly, and the term of childbirth is defined not yes sir as it would be desirable.

Determination of term of pregnancy by results of inspection

As pays off. during the first visit the doctor performs inspection during which he can estimate the sizes of a pregnant uterus and height of standing of its bottom and rather precisely to establish the term of pregnancy of the woman.

, it is How exact? Even the skilled doctor - not the magician. The size of a uterus and, therefore, height of standing of its bottom in many respects depend on the sizes of the child, amount of amniotic waters, existence of pathologies (for example, fibromiy). Therefore the pregnancy term is less, the more precisely there will be measurements - and definition of estimated date of childbirth.

Determination of term of pregnancy by date of the first stir

As pays off. It is considered strong that at the first pregnancy the woman can feel stirs of a fruit in the middle of pregnancy term, approximately on 20 - y to week. If pregnancy the second, date of the first stir steps slightly earlier - on 18 - y to week. Having remembered this day and having added to it 20 (or 22) weeks, the woman can calculate day of childbirth.

, it is How exact? Some future mothers assure that they for the first time felt the baby much earlier - on 17 - y and even on 15 - y to week of pregnancy. It can be a mistake (easy to take an intestines vermicular movement for stirs), but can be true. Besides it is necessary to consider that thin women with hypersensibility distinguish the movements of the kid before full. A lot of things depend also on the place of an attachment of a placenta - located on a forward wall, it prevents to feel the kid. The fruit can be active or inactive - it influences feelings of mother too. In a word, an error in several weeks when determining PDR in such a way - not a rarity.

Even if to apply all techniques to definition of estimated date of childbirth, future mother is not insured from surprises. Only 40% of children are punctual and are born on the term of 40 weeks, and precisely in estimated day of childbirth - and that it is less. The kid can hurry on light, and can be late in a mother`s tummy. Therefore when pregnancy was 38 weeks old, it is necessary to be ready to go to maternity hospital in any day of the next month.