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Rest with children: 3 summer myths about health and a hardening of

are perfectly known to Each adult: in the summer the child stocks up with health for all next year. And, certainly, all parents want that this “stock“ was enough for the longest term. The purpose is fine! Now we will tell what needs to be made for its achievement and what, on the contrary, you should not do.

Fruit - berries

In the magic revitalizing power of berries, fruit and vegetables trust practically everything. No doubt, summer gifts of the nature it is much more useful winter, it is unclear what processed and it is unknown how many times frozen. But it is yet not an occasion to feed to the child of kilograms of strawberry daily! The matter is that the majority of vitamins and minerals with which summer fruit and vegetables are really rich do not collect in an organism. The part of useful substances is spent for various needs of fabrics and bodies, and all surplus is just removed with urine. Persuading the child to eat one more apple in addition to three swallowed, we simply increase amount of salts in its urine and once again we irritate mucous a stomach. For this reason it is better to adhere to golden mean and to feed the child only at his desire. Here a half of a pear, there a carrot piece, is a little peach here - and all will be satisfied.

do not forget to wash carefully all vegetables, fruit and berries even if they from own garden - a kitchen garden! The smallest lumps of the earth may contain the whole hordes of any infection - from intestinal bacteria to testicles of worms.

it is evil under the sun

Probably, each parent heard that long stay under direct sunshine is dangerous to an organism and provokes risk of development of a melanoma (an aggressive malignant tumor). Unfortunately, it is extremely heavy to most of the residents of Russia, on half a year who are carrying out in cold and a twilight to believe in it. Nevertheless, beautiful chocolate suntan - really not a sign of good health, the burned skin is the real burn, and it is necessary to smear the child with creams before each exit to the street.

the Most unpleasant is that the melanoma can arise at any age - from chest to elderly. Moreover, at children the tumor develops much quicker, than at adults. Not to worry once again, examining the next birthmark on the child`s body, it is necessary to follow the following rules:

By the way to receive a daily dose of vitamin D, it is enough to stand on the street in the summer (even in a shadow!) only 5 minutes.

do not forget
that not only skin, but also eyes suffers from the sun. It is considered that to children till 4 years dark glasses to anything: kids have a big pupil which well extends, protecting eyes. But to the child 4 years surely are more senior it is necessary to buy sunglasses, it is desirable with the additional filter - from an ultraviolet.

the Sea figure

I, at last, the third summer myth - “useful beach rest“. No doubt, the sea climate really well influences health of children. However exist two big “but“.

In - the first, a number of chronic diseases which are direct contraindication to a trip at the sea - from an allergy to congenital malformations of heart is.

In - the second, holiday by the sea will be good for the child only if it lasts not less than 3 weeks! The matter is that for most of the Russian children the sea resort is absolutely other climatic zone. There unusually, hot, it is damp, noisy and crowded. Acclimatization in this case can take up to 7 - 10 days. Then few days of full-fledged life go - and repeated acclimatization, this time already to house conditions begins. No wonder that as a result children manage to have twice, having ruined all parental plans, - at once after arrival at the sea, and then already at home, after return.

also one more nuance Is. Travel to the sea is often connected with considerable efforts and financial expenses. Having overcome all difficulties and having appeared at last in the destination, adults try to push all possible advantage into two weeks of rest. Well, not for nothing went! As a result the kid for hours sits in sea water, eats one fruit and practically does not sleep because in his morning, in the afternoon and drag on the revitalizing procedures in the evening.

are clear to

of Intention of mothers and fathers, but here such “rest“ will hardly bring benefit to the peanut. Everything has to be moderately! You should not refuse a day regimen at all, deficiency of a dream is very dangerous to children. Moreover, properly nabegavshis in the fresh air, the child will even keep within more willingly on “quiet time“.

to Everyone on requirements

Refusal of a trip at the sea does not mean refusal of summer holiday at all in general! There are steppes and mountains, lakes and the rivers, caves and the woods - all these miracles of the nature are capable to revitalize the child at all not worse, than notorious sea resorts. It is possible to choose suitable for the child climate (to one - more warmly, to another - is more cool), air (steppe, forest, mountain or cave) and even food (in mountains and by the sea different products and, respectively, the “kitchen“ features).

of the Wood, lake and the river of the Midland do not demand long acclimatization and are the best vacation spot for the weakened children, and also for kids with problems of nervous system. Caves can be useful to allergic persons, and steppe climate, dry and hot, it is possible to consider as training and tempering. Clean mountain air with the lowered content of oxygen makes active an organism, helps at diseases of a digestive tract and metabolic disorders.

On the newcomer

So, we understood that to burst fruit and vegetables, it is not so useful to sunbathe and take out the child to the sea actually and to a half as it is considered to be. But nevertheless the advantage of summer is indisputable!

First what rescue children hot months from - it is habitual and, as a result, rather the bothered situation. There is a resistant opinion as if small children are not tired and it is not necessary to have a rest them. Really, of what to them to be tired? Do not study, do not work, unconcernedly play the whole day... Alas, children`s life in the fall, in the winter and is extremely monotonous in the spring. And here summer! An opportunity to walk in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, a heap of outdoor games in the fresh air, terribly attractive small insects, pebbles, florets... And if the father takes with himself on days off in campaigns... If mother brings for a month to the dacha... It is possible to think up the mass of options. The main thing that any child could write in the fall without problems (or at least to tell) the composition on “As Interestingly I Spent Summer“.

physicians have a concept “color starvation“. The winter is a kingdom white and gray. Of course, there are house plants which and in a cold season are pleasing to the eye, but they are obviously not enough. Therefore additional plus of the summer period consists in abundance of all shades of useful green color.

On fresh air!

Having protected children`s mentality from overloads of monotonous existence, we will pay attention to air which the kid breathes. Alas, in megalopolises the atmosphere is disgusting at all seasons of the year. In the winter the air overdried in the summer - dusty. And children, no doubt, need clean air. That to find it, to go optional somewhere very far. Perfectly also the house in the village, and giving far away from the city, both tourist base, and rest house, and sanatorium will approach. Having arrived there, it is necessary not to sit indoors, and to walk more, oxygenating an organism. And not only the sunny weather, but also rainy is suitable for walks! Modern clothes and footwear allow the child to remain dry even during tropical heavy rain, and pleasure from jumping on pools still nobody cancelled. Moreover, walks in the rain can be referred to the category of the tempering procedures safely.

Summer - in general optimum time to start a hardening. The simplest elements of the procedures strengthening health are carried out in the summer absolutely instinctively: children go barefoot on a grass, sand or small pebble; constantly lap in water, be this sea, the small river, the lake or the inflatable pool at the dacha; eat and drink cold; sleep in the aired rooms and do not refuse “quiet time“, exhausted by bustle and cries. They are the revitalizing procedures! It was necessary only to take them under control and to strictly observe the basic principles of a hardening.

countless multitudes - can choose by

of methods of a hardening any or even to think up own. For example, at last having tired out the child home from the street, suggest it to take hands and legs and water within 5 minutes, and then intensively pound them a towel. Water for such trays has to be warm in the beginning, then its temperature gradually decreases (approximately on degree a week). Then it is possible to try douches - at first warm, and there - is colder and colder. In the mornings it is possible to allow the child to run about on the dew which dropped out in a night, and in the afternoon in a shadow, to suggest it to be engaged in breathing exercises in one shorts.

the Respiratory gymnastics is not so boring “inhaled - exhaled“! Blow off down from dandelions, start soap bubbles, gurgle through a straw in a glass with water (juice, milk), arrange competition of paper ships (that they floated, the child has to blow properly on them) in a big basin or the inflatable pool. The only thing governed: the breath - through a nose, and exhaled - through a mouth.