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Rest with the child: 4 options. To each age - the route of

the Beginning of summer is also start of a “flying“ season at parents: the child needs to be taken out urgently to warm regions to buy and properly to amuse. We found out what countries best of all are suitable for rest with children.

of 4 - 12 months: it is good where mother

the Purpose: to allow parents to derive pleasure. Now many pediatricians do not object to travel with babies. The main thing that the child was healthy, and the trip lasted more than three weeks - in this case acclimatization will take place smoothly and imperceptibly. It is very important to ensure also to the kid the most comfortable conditions of accommodation and to be convinced that the qualified medical care if that, it will be rendered immediately. Absolutely young traveler is usually not frightened by change of a situation: he eats with appetite, long sleeps and in passing with pleasure learns world around. The parents accompanying it have tasks, in general, same - to sleep, swim for a while and to have a rest.

Councils of skilled. If to the kid it is more than half a year, the fair stock of baby food will be added to baggage: the feeding up is well under way, and habitual food in the destination it can not appear. Besides a carriage take a baby sling or a backpack - carrying: free hands in the resort very much will be useful to you. Diapers and means of hygiene can quite be found also on the place, and here sunblock cream (with SPF not less than 50 and a mark “it is allowed for use to children about one year“) better to test still houses: and suddenly the baby has on it an allergy?

Where? we Recommend to go to the countries with the developed industry of beach rest, but without big and noisy hotels.

Italy. Schengen visa. Resorts are located at four seas here - Adriatic, Ionic, Tirrensky and Mediterranean (islands of Sicily and Sardinia). Popular tourist zones - Tuscany, Calabria and Ischia (here, besides the sea, there are hot thermal springs).

Greece. Schengen visa. Numerous Greek islands quite are suitable for family rest, but with children more often come to Crete and Braids, and also the peninsula Chalkidiki. Humidity of air here low, and a heat is transferred easier, than, for example, in Turkey.

Croatia. Attention: since July 1, 2013 citizens of Russia for entrance need the national Croatian visa (before this date it is possible to manage “Schengen“). The excellent country for quiet family rest: the sea warm and transparent, weather practically always excellent, besides is an opportunity to go to Italy on one-day excursion.

Where to live? Pay attention to small coastal hotels and private hotels. In them usually from 5 to 20 numbers, care for lodgers owners. It is possible to order a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner or to eat at neighboring restaurants. As a rule, in existence there are own garden and the small pool. One more convenient option of placement - country houses or cottages.

of 1 - 2 year: all such interesting!

Purpose: to consider and touch. Neither mass organized entertainments, nor communication with peers of kids so far especially interest, but they very much appreciate new tactile feelings. To splash, pour water from a bucket in molds, to dig over the beach, to build sand castles, to put patterns from pebbles, to collect sticks with cockleshells and to consider flowers - the peanut is ready to be engaged in all this days without a break. At this age children especially complacently treat bathing so choose housing closer to the beach, and also get the small inflatable pool which can be put under an umbrella and to fill with sea water.

Councils of skilled. Till two years the kid can fly on the plane without ticket (but also without own place). Nevertheless, for the child it is all the same possible to buy the ticket on a children`s tariff: it is cheaper than the adult, and the free chair for certain is useful to you. Several hours to hold on hands the merrily two-year-old - doubtful pleasure.

Where? it is better for strong to spend Holidays in the country with soft climate and various landscapes: let there will be not only a sea from the embankment for walks, but also the woods, parks, squares.

Turkey. does not need to do the visa In advance: the stamp in the international passport is put when crossing border. It is better to come here in the middle of June when the sea enough gets warm. And here in August becomes too hot. Look for clean sand, the pine woods and curative air in Beleke, pebble beaches and green parks - in Kemer, and modern comfortable hotels - in Cyd.

Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). Schengen visa. The most comfortable time for rest - from the middle of July until the end of August. Consider, weather here quite unstable, clouds and wind can quickly be replaced by the sun - and vice versa. But there are also advantages: very small refreshing sea, pure beaches, beautiful pine groves and excellent playgrounds.

Montenegro. If your rest lasts more than a month, the tourist visa is required. It is possible to receive it (for a period of 3 or 6 months) in local office of police or in advance - in Embassy of Montenegro. It is not too convenient to move with a carriage here: the coast is quite hilly, and the cities are built by “tiers“, and in them a set of ladders. But here clean and warm sea, tasty food and very beautiful mountains.

Where to live? Apartments (or apart - hotel) - a housing estate with numbers - apartments: there is one - two bedrooms and the drawing room which is usually combined with kitchen. Also cottages or country houses - by all means with kitchen where it is possible to cook children`s food without problems will approach.

3 - 4 years: play with me!

Purpose: that it was cheerful. the Kid already grew up and spends the most part of time in the I Am! mode . Rest time on system “all inclusive“ came. Its main advantage - it is not necessary to care neither for food, nor for entertainments: correctly chosen hotel will offer all this in assortment.

Where? There where there are large tourist complexes with aquaparks, children`s clubs and Russian-speaking animators. Council: in advance study programs which offer kids - it can be competitions of dances or singing, preparation for a masquerade or a piracy party, culinary the master - classes on preparation of pizza and cookies etc.

Turkey and Greece. Choose club hotels on the first line, with own green territory and different types of numbers - in big buildings or separate country houses.

Spain. Needs the Schengen visa. Popular areas - Costa - Is gallant also Costa - the Gilthead, small hotels usually are located through the road from beaches. It is possible to consider also the coast of Almeria (Andalusia): tourists began to develop this district not so long ago, hotels new and comfortable here, and nearby there are unique natural reserves - for example, Cabo de Gateaux`s park with volcanic rocks and big pink flamingos.

Cyprus. the Application on tourist about - the visa can be filled on the website of the Cyprian Embassy. In reply to you will send confirmation with number which will need to be shown at the airport and to receive a stamp in the international passport.

the Climate and landscapes are similar

on Crimean here - not too hot, it is a lot of greens, sand on beaches small and pure. Traditional places for family rest - Limassol and Larnaca. Surely visit an aquapark and a dolphinarium!

Where to live? the Best choice - hotels or big hotel complexes with own (sometimes directly - huge) the territory and the developed infrastructure. There are restaurants and playgrounds, pass - zoos and aquaparks, team of merrily animators, children`s clubs, an obligatory evening disco. Besides, the services “hourly“ of the nurse are offered.

of 5 - 6 years: I want to know everything!

Purpose: that it was interesting. the inquisitiveness peak so do not miss time is the share Of this age: choosing a route, plan “radial“ trips, excursions and visit of amusement parks.

Where? can Already pay attention to the countries which offer “civilized“ types of entertainments.

Spain. we Advise to concentrate attention on the capital. Directly in the city the biggest oceanarium in Europe with hundreds of types of underwater flora and fauna settled down. And near Barcelona there is one of the largest children`s parks “Port of Aventura“ - with attractions for every taste and playgrounds.

Denmark. Schengen visa. In the city of Bilund the well-known theme park “Legolend“ is located. From detalek the designer of “Lego“ all is created here - houses and parks, playgrounds and world sights in a miniature, for example, the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben. Of course, the main entertainment here - independent construction new an art - objects.

France. Schengen visa. Here, of course, the closest attention is deserved by “Disneyland“ near Paris - the fantastic world with attractions for children and adults. We recommend to glance in the corner devoted to Walt Disney`s film studio: it is the real shooting stage with pavilions where it is possible to see how animated films and show are created, and also to learn secrets of some special effects. Besides, we advise to glance in the lock Bretya (“Possession of the Puss in Boots“) closer to get acquainted with heroes of fairy tales of Charles Perrault, to polazit on labyrinths and to arrange picnic in the mysterious wood. One more point of the French program - visit of the Parisian Museum of science: it is the whole city where to the child many secrets of world around will be revealed.

Sweden. Schengen visa. In the center of Stockholm there is a fantastic museum Yunibaken devoted to heroes of works of Astrid Lindgren: kids are waited for the visit Emil from Lennebergi, by Pippi Dlinnyychulok and Carlson who lives on a roof.

Where to live? Besides city hotels it makes sense to consider strong also other options of accommodation: on a country house (a separate lodge with small own territory), in a cottage (the same country house, but calculated on 2 - 4 families) or in a camping - camp for the tourists traveling by car. In the territory of a camping it is possible to establish tent or to remove very simple small lodge with a minimum of conveniences.

Holiday on “perfectly“

Here several councils which will help you to have a rest properly.

  1. Choosing the direction, be guided also by own desires: parents have to receive from infrequent rest at most pleasures too. And here rate of rest let will be to the “nurseries“ arranged under opportunities and regime of the child.
  2. Attentively study negative reviews of vacation spots: those to whom everything was pleasant or just keep mum, or tell nothing especially useful.
  3. Come prepared: in advance find out whether there is near hotel a market, cafe, the museums or parks, car-rental and other.
  4. Find
  5. the detailed description of the beach. In - the first, it is worth learning its size and “structure“ (sand, large or small pebble) in advance. In - the second, in some regions from - for features of the coastline the beach can be bulk or made of concrete plates. In the latter case it is necessary to go down in water on steps, and depth of the sea will be not too suitable for kids.
  6. Check existence and period of validity of the tourist health insurance and learn algorithm of actions in case of emergency (it is usually necessary simply to call quicker the operator by phone specified in the policy, and he will already tell what to do farther).