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To grow thin quickly and without efforts? My negative experience of

Married, gave birth to the child and lived happily, without special problems. The husband is good, careful, helped with everything. The daughter grew at the quiet, undemanding baby, well ate and slept. Here and I too - well ate and slept. A vein to itself it is carefree to the daughter`s second anniversary and was in the happy dark, what become thicker and thicker. Got used to walk in sports trousers and dimensionless t-shirts so gradually increasing kilograms strongly did not afflict.

once my classmate me just did not learn

A, having seen on occupations at university in half a year. Later I heard as she says to the general acquaintance that I strongly recovered and (that there was for me the most unpleasant) I do not watch myself at all. Here I had to look at myself critically. Yes, recovered strongly, in a hairdressing salon forgot when I went. Conveniently hair in a tail to collect with the child houses and on heels you will not go to a sandbox. But it is only excuses. The main reason for the fact that recovered I, undoubtedly, knew - it is my laziness. Yes, there is a hereditary predisposition, but nevertheless excessive food, reduction of physical activity made the business.

Having thought a little over a problem, I decided to begin to grow thin. And here - attention! Never do as I. The first that I made - it bought tea for weight loss. For some reason thought, naive that if I spend on drink a course, then by all means I will grow thin with little effort. The choice fell on Flying Swallow tea. I diligent made it and drank, expecting miracle effect as it was declared on packing. But except the speeded-up visit of the ladies` room no effect existed.

the Acquaintance advised

drink for weight reduction. Bought from it two banks at once, but did not notice any effect though its saw according to the instruction, replacing meal. After that I accepted some pineapple capsules after which I felt sick, and I badly slept at night... Well though stopped in time though it was a pity for the spent money. Now it dread to think what I could reach with this idea - to grow thin quickly and with little effort.

Yes, I reconsidered a diet. But, alas, at once could not limit itself in food. Only absolutely a little bit. Yes, tried to do some physical exercises, but forgot, there was no wish. Read that it is much more effective to be engaged somewhere in public that someone saw you. Then the incentive will be, and will be better to try. Decided to adopt this council and better did not think up anything how to be engaged in run. But it absolutely not that it was necessary for my organism. I did not begin to run gradually, gradually adding distance. At once a wish arose far away, quicker. Could run 3 - 4 km since morning . Yes, forgot to tell, also in a bath to take a steam bath went that in general it is undesirable to me to do.


Ya I am very glad that almost at once understood that without patience, without efforts and a long time I will not be able to grow thin. For a start descended to the doctor, made necessary tests, learned that it is possible for me and that categorically it is impossible. And only after that began to grow thin. Grew thin not quickly and not really strongly, kilograms for 10 - 11, but my weight suited me. The basic rules which I follow: to reduce portions, not to eat after 18 hours, regular permissible physical activity. And I threw out all dimensionless t-shirts long ago. There is no need to see to the husband and children mother in such look. Love yourself and the family!