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Weight loss: how to derive pleasure from life. 5 ways from Ducan of

the World famous nutritionist Pierre Ducan considers that at weight loss it is necessary to replace receiving pleasure from food with something else. What can it be? Where to look for positive emotions keeping to a diet? Pierre Ducan suggests to set for himself 5 main goals which achievement will bring joy and satisfaction.

Why we get fat?

When you eat

over your biological requirements, it occurs not for satisfaction of real hunger. Matter in another: you consume products excessively because they bring you something more valuable - certain impulses which, coming to your brain, have ability to create feeling of pleasure and that is even more difficult, to neutralize discontent.

Present to

that your private life, the family or professional relations do not bring you enough positive emotions. You become in something similar to plants which lack water or the sun. I can argue that you will have a desire to eat something that will cause positive emotions. Such decision will not be made by you consciously or voluntarily, it will be accepted spontaneously in depths of your brain, animal brain which is responsible for a survival. Two tiny centers located in a gipotalamus and limbic system are responsible for this decision. They regulate thirst, hunger, emotions, behavior of the person etc.

A now present that not absence of pleasure, but surplus of discontent, irritation or a stress is the reason: the same centers of your brain will begin to react automatically and instinctively. You put food in a mouth to neutralize surplus of irritation, without allowing problems to bring you to a depression.

Never forget

that you not only a body, but also mentality. Management of your body is completely automated and is carried out through the system of reflexes based on the simple law of return to balance. The physiology of a survival of all animals, including the person is subordinated to this law allowing to take necessary measures for maintenance of balance in an organism.

When your organism is dehydrated by

, the brain receives the message causing thirst, forcing you to drink. When you are in the cold room, your body begins to shiver to make heat and to be warmed. Thousands of such processes constantly protect your life. Chronic shortage of pleasure in life - and it the same that the severe stress - automatically provokes to look for a brain by all available means its source not to deviate from the main vital sign - a survival.

to Derive pleasure - means to grow thin

you already understood

: you gain excess weight, in search of pleasure using products in the quantity exceeding energy needs of your organism. How to refuse “food crutches“, to resist to process of a survival and, at last, to grow thin? It is obvious that insufficiently just to reduce the number of the consumed calories. It is necessary to find other way to receive positive emotions.

First and a main objective from which achievement everyone to grow thin derives pleasure, - loss of weight , and there is a wish to dump it quickly, especially at the beginning. It is necessary to believe in the success that it, in turn, promotes development of pleasure from the process of weight loss. And the technique with powerful start is for this purpose necessary, that is why my first stage also is called “Attack“. It lasts only several days, but sharply shifts an arrow on scales down.

Other pleasure , especially actual for women, is a new reflection in a mirror . Passing by a mirror, they begin to flaunt in front of it and to try on the old clothes which were stale in a case.

the Third pleasant moment is an emergence of confidence and self-esteem . All this is enough that the brain unconditionally accepted reduction of pleasure derived from food.

one more surprising and little-known means of increase in pleasure which consists in the simple movement Is. This opening in the field of neurology is a little known to the French medicine and is completely ignored by the general public.



Scientific it was established that physical activity for the average person has to make 3 hours a week: it is required so much that the brain and muscles developed enough three neuromediators:

these three substances support by

our pleasure at the good level.

I, at last, the fifth way of receiving pleasure , being on a diet. In parallel with small physical activity I offered patients of 100 food products which can be consumed without restrictions , thereby neutralizing irritation from a diet and saving growing thin from the frustration connected with hunger. It appears, it is possible to derive pleasure from food, without testing temptation to be supported with sweet, greasy and high-calorie food. It can be reached, without being beyond the resolved and allowed products, but it is necessary to show an ingenuity and sharpness in the course of preparation of favourite dishes.

From the book “Diet Desserts Ducan“