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Violation of sight at children. The most dangerous to eyes is...

As a modern way of life - with indispensable smartphones and tablets in hands at absolutely small children - influence quality of sight of preschool children and school students? Whether there are norms of work, safe for health of eyes, at the computer, viewing of the TV? The head of the eye center “Videoekologiya“ ophthalmologist Alexey Filin advises.

When to go to the doctor

the First time the ophthalmologist examines the child in a year - clear that at this age the kid can not show complaints to a poor eyesight yet, but it is important to define a starting condition of visual system of the child. If parents and other experts have doubts, questions - for example, there is a suspicion on squint, or the kid was born premature, weakened - welcome earlier, about one year as soon as need appeared.

the Second inspection is traditionally performed by

in 3 years, often it coincides with medical examination on the eve of signing up in kindergarten.

Time for the following planned reception is determined by

- attention! - only before school, to school students sight is checked already once a year. However inadequate visual loading at preschool children sharply increased in recent years - the cause is time spent behind the TV, the computer, smartphones, tablets. It was not about 5 years ago, and it do not consider standard terms of medical examination yet. Therefore I advise today`s preschool child to show to the ophthalmologist also often, as well as the school student - once a year.


When an eye grows at

and is formed - and it is all preschool period and years of elementary school, - communication with the TV and the computer should try to be excluded. If it is impossible, then it is necessary to maintain norms of distance from the monitor to eyes depending on the monitor sizes, and also temporary norms of viewing of the TV and work at the computer. They are brought in the table.

3 15 0
5 30 7
OF 6 - 7 30 10
OF 8 - 10 60 15
OF 11 - 13 90 20
OF 14 - 15 120 25
OF 16 - 17 180 30

And for the adult working at the computer determined the favorable mode: 30 - 40 minutes at the computer - then a break on 10 - 15 - 20 minutes.

is Especially dangerous to quality of sight to be read on smartphones - they have a small screen and a small print, and worst of all for the adult`s eyes and the more so child - to read or watch film, animated films in transport. Please, think out for the children for the period of trips other occupations!

Also for preservation of sight it is important to p to lead a mobile life, to go on nature, be engaged in game sports more often, to play billiards, etc. During occupations behind a desktop it is necessary to monitor good lighting and a correct posture.

Dangerous symptoms

Parents of preschool children seldom come with complaints to sight decline in quality - children of this age usually yet have no obligatory occupations during which from them big visual loading is required. And already first graders are our frequent patients.

With what complaints children of 7 - 9 years address? They feel deterioration in sight afar or doubling in eyes, difficulties of focusing, when translating a look from a bliza afar the image can blur. The headache, temple pain, stoop, bad progress even more often join purely visual difficulties. It is necessary to tell that several years ago approximately with the same set of complaints pupils of the senior classes, and today - already elementary school came.


At similar complaints it is important not just to measure visual acuity, but also to conduct careful examination. So, for example, at the latent far-sightedness visual acuity can be 1,0, but long work at a short distance causes difficulties of focusing, a headache. In similar cases purpose of adequate correction, perhaps, courses of hardware treatment and further supervision is required.

to Parents should be remembered: the earlier there is short-sightedness, the it can reach big degrees. Also the risk on sight is descended, and not degree of short-sightedness, but tendency to it is told. So, at parents with weak degree of short-sightedness children at whom from - for unlimited visual loading short-sightedness can reach high degrees can grow. There is also such interrelation: the earlier the child has a short-sightedness, the it can reach big degrees.

So what symptoms have to guard parents even if the child does not complain? For preschool children: the kid squints, rubs eyes, lours or he has a compelled position of the head, the photophobia, dacryagogue, a periodic deviation of one of eyes is observed. For school students: quickly is tired during the work at a short distance, inclines the head close to the text, is tired when reading.

do not neglect

For preservation of sight of your children annual surveys at the ophthalmologist!