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Ideal make-up: 24 most important subjects for a cosmetics bag of

the Stylist working with the Hollywood stars share the trade secrets in the new book. Why for drawing a make-up he chose brushes? What they have to be? What else from cosmetics and tools is recommended by Scott Barnes and how not to be mistaken with the choice?

people approach

drawing a make-up differently. My council: the main thing - not to be afraid. It is only a make-up, it is washed away.

of the Brush

U of everyone the favourite way of drawing a make-up is. One use cosmetic sponges (sponzha), others - fingers, and the third - wadded balls and sticks. I prefer brushes. Thanks to them it turns out to work more precisely and quicker. Not to mention shading.

For each means and texture I use a separate brush: for cream, powder, shadows, blush, lipsticks and liquid products. The fact that brushes best of all are suitable for powder - delusion. Using a qualitative brush, you distribute a make-up on everything on the person not worse, than sponzhy. In addition the brush well mixes the put means, rubbing them in skin thanks to what the make-up keeps longer.

Ya could devote to brushes the whole book, but who will read it? Instead of describing each of the types of brushes existing on Earth, I will read the main rules.

It is possible, you will ask a question: “And whether expensive brushes cost the money spent for them?“

is ready to argue that yes. If you want to look very well, it is necessary to think of what to do a make-up. The brush fibers are thinner, the cosmetics will lay down more evenly. Besides, you will preserve time and money as you should not replace brushes often.


Moreover, it is always possible to add a set, gradually adding on one brush if you already stocked up with a basic set which enter:

will not prevent to add

some more:

the List can be continued by

, but so far you will have enough also it. I love brushes, and you should fall in love with them too. The good brush costs spent for its searches of time and money.

Remember that you spend them for yourself!

A little more on the main thing

to emphasize the advantages, a lot of cosmetics is not required. It is necessary just to put it precisely there where it is necessary. So, before squandering money, buying shadows or a lip gloss of the most fashionable color, be convinced that in your arsenal there are following products and tools.

Spray (air brush) and liquid voice-frequency basis. It is the excellent tool which makeup artists added to the arsenal by an example of artists.

Blush (2). Two types - cream and dry. One natural shade (it is gentle - pink or peach), others - more saturated color.

of the Brush (5). my favourite tool what I already admitted earlier.

Pocket lighter. Always you hold it near at hand to warm up a pencil for an eyeliner.

Voice-frequency basis for a konturirovaniye. Konturirovaniye by means of cosmetics is cheaper, than plastic surgery.

of Eye shadow (6 flowers). Brown, black, dymchato - gray, beige, gorchichno - yellow and claret - here the primary colors which are perfectly combined among themselves on any skin. As well as in a case with blush, you can always expand the palette.

Pencils for eyes (2). Black and brown. I use the Maybelline brand. These are classical pencils which can be used also for other purposes.

the Razor for eyebrows also pass - a hairbrush. the Razor - the invaluable tool for a hairstyle of eyebrows and removal of hairs from a face. And pass - the hairbrush is necessary for care of eyelashes.

Glue for false eyelashes. , it should fix artificial eyelashes the stapler, and in it a little pleasant. From all brands I prefer Duo.

Nippers for a bending of eyelashes. Nippers of the She Uemura brand - the best on the planet. There are they slightly more, than other, about 18 dollars, but each cent spent for them is repaid. Their bend and the size as much as possible correspond to a shape of an eye.

the Soft moisturizing cream for the person. the person before drawing a make-up is quite good to humidify. Thanks to it skin is softened and gets rid of the overdried spots.

False eyelashes (2 couples). Separate bunches or the whole tenches (ranks) - it is unimportant. It is the fastest way to make a look more expressive. Give yourself pleasure and experiment.

Voice-frequency basis. Try to find the basis corresponding to tone of your skin. For creation of more expressive image it is possible to use more dark or light. Also be not afraid to mix them!

the Concealer for a haylayting. One of confidential ingredients giving effect of shine of skin.

the Moistening mask. It is useful for strong to moisten skin before a make-up.

the Liner for lips. to Almost any woman will suit a contour of corporal tone which does not contrast with natural skin color.

Flickering powder - a veil. This light powder with spangles will add shine to skin.

Mascara. Black it is always better brown.

of the Sponge for powder. Help to record a voice-frequency basis and blush.

Glossy lip gloss. the person Quickly refreshes. And never gets out of fashion!

Shimmer. Apply it on cheekbones and you will see what will be. It is spent very economically.

Transparent powder. It is good for any skin color.

Tweezers. Tweezers are irreplaceable in fight against disobedient hairs.

Be continued.

From the book “A make-up as in Hollywood.
Secrets of the star makeup artist“