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Sex - toys: how to accustom the man. 5 councils for those who are ready

Many men especially with age, in intimate life become quite conservative. Despite long-term practice, they did not develop the imagination at all, and poses spotted in movies for adults are forgotten therefore in a bed, especially with the constant partner, they most often prefer “to work the obligatory program“.

When the woman exorcizes

about role-playing games when it is possible to think up together a plot and to work according to the scenario, but not just to watch how the partner in a suit of the maid will dance a striptease, or that there are vibrating rings and others “interesting novelties“, the man begins to heave and strain a deep sigh as if to it suggest not to try to have qualitatively new sex, and invite on Stas Mikhaylov`s concert or on the mother-in-law anniversary where its most “bewitched relatives“ will gather all. Sex - shops in which the goods helping to diversify intimate life are on sale most of men avoid. Not from - for constraint and only because do not understand why it to come into them that there can be bought and for what purposes.

to All fault same conservatism. It is impossible to tell that it is a shame to man to put on some strange subject which to all other also vibrates a penis. It is impossible to tell that from a type of silicone products, in a form a strong resemblance bearing to the man to his advantage, only the much bigger size, it will become a shame to it, he will redden and will hide in a corner. All the matter is that at the sight of the silicone, vibrating or pulsing devices, to it it becomes uncomfortable: as though in its bed which he bought and if did not buy then just long ago chose, there will be still something that will give to the woman pleasure - and, perhaps, bigger, than he. Therefore if you consider that time to recover your relations came, and decided to fight against bed routine, first of all you should prepare the man.

If only to a descent declare

that you dream about sex - toys in your bedroom, most likely, he will decide that he cannot satisfy you any more. And even if at heart the man too not against to add to a spark to your intimate life, having heard the similar offer from you, he can feel wounded.

not to arouse doubts and complexes, we offer you several valuable advice how to prepare the man to sex - to toys:

  1. of you Reduce it in sex - a shop. Instead of talk, stories and questions better choose the most presentable and shop pleasant in every respect about intim - goods. For this purpose previously you descend on investigation: intim - goods without vulgar registration and low-expert sellers is not a lot of rather good shops. Therefore you descend on investigation, talk to sellers, ask, look. If everything is pleasant to you - and you decide on those toys which would like to get - safely suggest the partner to come into this shop. Perhaps, the surroundings of shop, the qualified consultation of the seller and text descriptions will inspire your man on sexual experiments without any arrangements.
  2. Or can be begun with
  3. with that... to show a toy in operation. Prepare erotic private dance for the partner. In process get a toy and show how you will play with it. As long as possible do not allow it to join you until the man is able to sustain. Try this way as a gift to birthday, for anniversary of acquaintance, a wedding or in some case. Most likely, it will be pleasant to your partner. Having achieved that the man not only did not throw out a toy “overboard“, but also agreed to take it with itself in a bed, be not satisfied with what has already been achieved, but be on the alert that the first time was not the last.

  1. of Concentrate on the man. the Main thing governed: it is impossible to concentrate all the attention on a toy, it is necessary to concentrate, first of all, on the man. Use a toy only in preliminary caress to strengthen excitement, and then leave after a while. You remember, to the finish you have to come together and only during sexual intercourse, but not from use of a toy.
  2. the Size matters. the Man feels fear that it is insufficiently courageous therefore do not choose a toy which will strengthen his concern. Find a toy which is less, than the fact that at it is lower than a belt. Besides the toy of the big size, especially at frequent application, is capable to stretch significantly a vagina - better to choose pass - vibrators and dildos.
  3. to Persuade
  4. , but not to insist. If days, weeks and even months of arrangements later you did not manage to incline the man to idea “to play“ beds, in that case it is necessary to reconcile and not to aggravate a situation. It is necessary to introduce a variety by means of new poses and movement out of limits of your bed and a bedroom. And hide a toy far away - and get only when the husband goes where - nibud to business trip or on fishing.