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On what planet the strongest hurricanes storm?

We live on Earth and we are not surprised at all when on news report about destructive tornadoes. But not all know that on other planets of Solar system which have an atmosphere there are similar phenomena too. Extraterrestrial hurricanes many times over surpass ours only in the sizes. As the champion among them by right consider the hurricane Bolshoye Krasnoye Pyatno (BKP) which at least three and a half centuries storm in the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Jupiter - the giant gas planet. It was called in honor of the main god of Romans, and such name is quite fair, it underlines superiority of Jupiter over other planets. The palace of this giant is full of the fantastic, beautiful and mysterious phenomena. On Jupiter incredibly high pressure, in a subsoil temperature is higher, than on the Sun surface, and its atmosphere is often lit up by lightnings and a polar light. It is a real paradise for extreme tourist travel, it will not be boring!

The most remarkable and recognizable object of the yupiteriansky world it is possible to call a hurricane - the anti-cyclone Bolshoye the Red Spot which is known not only to fans of astronomy. Any person at least once seeing pictures of Jupiter for certain remembered this oval brightly - an orange detail on a striped disk of the planet.

It is considered that BKP was found by Giovanni Cassini in 1665. However it is quite possible, it was opened for a year for other scientists earlier - Robert Hooke who left record about supervision of Jupiter where it was talked of similar object in the documents. Whether there was this BKP, it is definitely not known.

The big Red Spot is in the Southern hemisphere of Jupiter. Substance in this huge tornado rotates counterclockwise, doing a whole revolution approximately in 168 terrestrial hours (about 7 days). In sizes the spot significantly exceeds our planet: its length makes 26 thousand kilometers, width - 14 thousand kilometers. But the sizes are not static size, they are changeable. So, nearly hundred years ago BKP was more, than nowadays, therefore, it gradually decreases.

According to the available hypotheses, the yupiteriansky whirlwind had to disappear in several decades after formation, however it continues to exist during so long time. Why does that happen? The matter is that in the atmosphere of the planet there are hurricanes less. By means of computer models by through joint efforts of specialists of the Texas and Californian universities it was established that the Big Red Spot absorbs small “specks“, merging with them together. There is a continuous treatment by energy which allows BKP to have such long century. Besides, long existence of BKP is connected with the fact that, unlike terrestrial tornadoes, it does not adjoin to a firm surface and is supported by internal heat of Jupiter.

And what gives color to red “eye“ of the gas giant? Today it is not known yet, however hypotheses are available. It agrees the most convincing of them, such color is given by phosphoric connections.

The big Red Spot can conceal in itself a lot more features. Let`s hope that new research vehicles will slightly open a veil of secrecy as it was made in due time by “Voyagers“ and “Galileo“.