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Weight loss and diets: about advantage of feeling of hunger. Time for food - when?

Very necessary skill at weight loss and observance of a diet - to learn to distinguish the physical and emotional feelings connected with food. Why it is important “to learn“ feeling of hunger? How to control appetite at weight loss? How there is an overeating? Councils from doctor Ionova for keeping to a diet and supporters of healthy nutrition.

Hunger and appetite

“Hunger“ and “appetite“ - these two concepts often confuse therefore for a start we will deal with terminology. Hunger is meant as the physiological feeling of need for food arising when there passed enough time after food and the organism needs a new portion of nutrients.

Appetite (or psychological, emotional hunger) we will call

desire to eat when from the point of view of physiology of people it is full. Let`s say you saw something very tasty in a show-window of shop and immediately decided that you by all means have to try this dish. Or something befell, and you hurry “to jam“ the troubles which fell down you. Or you cannot refuse to yourself pleasure after a nourishing lunch to drink with colleagues a tea with a cake. Such situations great variety therefore it is very important to learn to distinguish physiological hunger from psychological.

What their main distinctions? Physiological hunger comes gradually whereas appetite arises suddenly. Physiological hunger is patient, it can wait a little until when there is an opportunity to eat, and here his psychological “fellow“ demands immediate satisfaction. And to the person it becomes physically bad if at this moment he does not eat desired piece of cake or the pleasant dish.

Physiological hunger can be satisfied with any food, even a piece of bread, unlike hunger psychological when, as a rule, there is a wish or some concrete food (for example, a chop), or a certain group of products (we will tell, something sweet).

Hunger is shown by physical feelings - feeling of emptiness in a stomach, sucking in the pit of the stomach. If it long is not satisfied, such symptoms as dizziness, trembling of hands, a podtashnivaniye can appear. Emotional symptoms - irritation, anger, aggression also are connected to them. Appetite lives not in a stomach, and in the head and is shown as thoughts of food. And if the person eats the forbidden product, then very often after that it has a sense of guilt or absence of that satisfaction from the eaten piece which was expected.

to Understand distinctions of hunger and appetite and the plate given below will help to remember them to you also.

of Passes
Psychological hunger (appetite) Physical hunger
Comes suddenly Comes gradually
Is shown as thirst for concrete food (there is a wish to receive taste) Is characterized by openness to various products or dishes (the test for “a bread crust“)
Lives in the head (thoughts of food appear) Lives in a stomach (the feeling of emptiness in a stomach appears, “sucks in the pit of the stomach“)
Demands immediate, urgent satisfaction It is patient
Exists together with emotion (positive or negative) Arises from physical need (if there passed more than two hours from the moment of the last meal)
Is connected with thoughtless, automatic swallowing food Is connected with the intended choice and understanding of process of food
does not pass even if the stomach is already filled when hunger is already satisfied
Often generates sense of shame for the eaten food Food is positioned as need

After you learn to distinguish hunger and appetite, to you it will be necessary to make every time at their emergence the following. If it is hunger - to estimate it on a scale from 0 to 4 (as it becomes, I will tell a bit later) and if appetite - to ask themselves two questions: “And what the desire to eat this product caused in me?“ and “What in a different way I can satisfy this requirement?“ When you will think up a way, surely realize this idea.

If you cannot find the solution, then observe people around and try to learn how it is done by them. Or include imagination and present how behaves in such situation of people to whom you admire. Perhaps, you will be able to find a way out, having answered yourself a question of type: “And how Angelina Jolie would arrive on my place?“ And certainly, if you did all above-mentioned, but did not find the answer, write me to the blog and get support of adherents.

a hunger Scale

A make a scale of own manifestations of hunger now. For this purpose take a sheet of paper of the A4 format and put down on it figure from 0 to 4 so that they occupied all left column. After that opposite to each figure it is necessary to describe:

  1. physical feelings which you feel at this stage of hunger;
  2. of emotion which you feel at this moment;
  3. of thought which at you arise;
  4. the usual behavior in such situation.
the description is the simplest to begin

with figure 0 or 4.“ The four“ is a most strong feeling of hunger which you ever had when you were ready to eat an elephant that is called. The description of hunger on “four“ can look approximately so:

  1. physical feelings: very strong feeling of discomfort (or even pains) in a stomach, a podtashnivaniye, dizziness, a shiver in hands;
  2. of emotion: irritation, anger, aggression;
  3. of thought: to reach the nearest grocery store or tent with shawarma somewhat quicker;
  4. behavior: greedy I absorb the food, first on eyes, if the food is inaccessible, I break on people around.

After “four“ I recommend to describe “zero“. To this figure there corresponds the condition of pleasant satiety after meal (but not an overeating!) . At once I warn: with the description of physical feelings there can be difficulties. As a rule, we well feel signs of hunger or, on the contrary, an overeating. But how to describe satiety manifestations? Attentively listen to yourself. It can be feeling of fullness or pleasant warmth in a stomach. Perhaps, it will be useful to note what symptoms are not present.

it is simpler than

With an emotional state: usually this tranquility, slackness. And here drowsiness, as a rule, does not happen. If it is, be vigilant: perhaps, you described already an overeating symptom. As for thoughts, at this moment they are extremely seldom connected with food. At last, the last and in this case very important point - behavior: what do you do at this moment and what is the time after approach of satiety can do without food?

After you described extreme points of a scale, pass either to “unit“, or to “three“. As practice shows, the maximum difficulties arise at the description of hunger on “two“ - such intermediate feeling which people with an excess weight very often pass.

the Task, frankly speaking, difficult as in usual life we do not differentiate this state, but very important because further it will allow to control feeling of hunger. After you execute it and will accurately know the criteria, the main objective will begin to provide itself with food when the feeling of hunger corresponds to figure “2“.

Here one reef which needs to learn to be bypassed is. When the person is very busy or keen on something, he does not listen to the physical feelings. It can be interesting work or the solution of some complex challenge when we are shipped in very pleasant trance state - a condition of a so-called stream. At this moment we are entirely concentrated on the occupation and are most active, but are at the same time absolutely disconnected from the body. Such state familiarly much - to people of creative professions, women who derive pleasure, for example, from sewing or knitting, to the parents with enthusiasm playing with children.

Being in a condition of a stream, we can just not notice the arising feeling of hunger. Therefore it is necessary to think up a way to remind itself that it is time to make a pause and to take care of the organism. Therefore it is so important? Yes because in a condition of a flow of people loses the account of time and many hours in a row can do favorite thing. When it, at last, stops, here - that and all feelings of a starving body, and at the same time and the related emotions will gush. whether

Should say

that the feeling of hunger at this moment will be maximum. The overeating in such situation is just inevitable!

From the book “Healthy habits. Doctor Ionova`s diet“