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Rash at the child: allergy, infection or stings of insects? 10 most frequent reasons of

Red specks on hands and cheeks of the kid. Mosquitoes were bitten or something is more serious? The type of rash and an arrangement on a body can tell much about its origin. How rashes at children`s infections, allergic reactions, itch, a potnitsa and what has to be treatment look?

Stings of insects

As looks. Late spring, in the summer and in the early fall children often suffer from stings of insects. Skin becomes covered by hillocks and specks. Only open parts of the body and a face are usually affected. Most often rash are followed by an itch. The general condition and health of the child does not change.

What to do. recommend lotions from cool soda solution, antiallergic ointments or gels. If the kid combs stings, it is necessary to grease them with brilliant green not to allow stratification of a bacterial infection and an inflammation.

Allergic rash

As looks. Becomes more active after the use of new products - mussels, shrimps, exotic berries and fruit, cow`s milk, eggs. Arises in the form of strongly itching pink and red spots inclined to merge. The health can worsen, especially at the expressed allergy. The kid is sluggish or, on the contrary, excessively excited. The sleep and appetite is interrupted, the diarrhea and vomiting are possible.

What to do. Appoint the sparing hypoallergenic diet, the antihistamines and preparations reducing hypersensibility of an organism to external irritants, for example chloride calcium. As addition - drugs which connect and bring out of an organism food allergens - enterosorbents. If the irritation is caused by contact with laundry detergent or cosmetics, eliminate allergen.


As looks. it is Usually shown with heat approach. Bezhevo - pink heat-spots are located very closely to each other. Most of all rashes in the top part of a breast, on shoulders and a neck. Tiny blisters can sometimes act. They do not disturb the child.

What to do. it is regular to strong to air skin and to watch temperature indoors - it has to be +20 ° S. Kupayte of the kid in broths of a train and a camomile. To clean excessive moisture, it is necessary to use powder. The reddened skin cannot be greased with cream. The clothes have to be only from natural materials.

the Small tortoiseshell

As looks. the Pale, polosoobrazny, strongly itching swellings. Pink blisters which become covered by a red bloody crust when combing can act. The kid sleeps badly and eats. Over time intracutaneous hypostasis falls down, and swellings completely pass. The reason small tortoiseshells are infections, allergies, physical irritants.

What to do. In coordination with the doctor antihistaminic preparations apply. It is useful to give an enema cleaning. Reddenings process powder.

the Contagious mollusk

As looks. At first on a body forms one pink small knot of spots. Then rash expands - on a face, a neck and hands. The quantity of bubbles depends on a condition of immunity of the child. Rashes do not itch and do not hurt. If to suppress a small knot tweezers, it will leave krupyanisty white weight.

What to do. the Doctor cauterizes the place of removal of small knots yodovy solution. Sometimes use the anesthetizing preparations. In certain cases small knots disappear.

Scarlet fever

As looks. Begins sharply - with a sore throat and temperature increase. A characteristic sign - bright, crimson language. Pink melkotochechny rash covers all body, is condensed in buttock and inguinal folds. The only pure place on skin - a nosogubny triangle. It is one of distinctive symptoms of a disease.

What to do. Treatment has to take place under control of the doctor. To reduce risk of emergence of complications, appoint a bed rest and antibacterial therapy.

Chicken pox

As looks. Before emergence of rash the child complains of a headache and an indisposition. At it cold and small temperature increase can be observed. Sometimes mistakenly make the diagnosis to a SARS. At first only several specks are noticeable, every day they become more and more. In hard cases of a rash affect mucous membranes. In couple of days specks turn into the hillocks filled with transparent contents. Then they burst, forming crusts. Rash at chicken pox is followed by an itch.

What to do. to Process brilliant green. Appoint antiallergic preparations from an itch.


As look. the Disease begins as a SARS: temperature increase, cough, cold and inflammation of eyes. Rash arises on the fourth - the fifth day of an illness, only on a face and the top part of a breast in the beginning. On second day elements of rash go down on a trunk. On the third - on legs and hands.

What to do. it is urgent to strong to see a doctor. This infectious disease is fraught with complications.

the Rubella

As looks. Small it is pale - pink spots extend at the same time on all body, but is the most plentiful on a face, a breast and a back. Disappear independently within several days.

What to do. the bed rest, plentiful drink and febrifugal preparations Appoint if to temperature higher than 38 ° The Page


As looks. the Small heat-spots covered with crusts are localized on a stomach, between fingers of hands, on wrists and the back of brushes, in axillary hollows and on feet. Often small points settle down in couples - the three and then form “myceliums“ which look red and bulked up subsequently. The constant itch amplifies in the late afternoon and nights.

What to do. the Doctor has to register sulfuric ointment, a special aerosol for processing of bed linen and outerwear. After treatment the itch can remain several weeks.