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Summer milk desserts: berries, nuts, spices. 3 recipes of

Milk - an excellent product for preparation of easy desserts, whether it be melting in the mouth jelly, fragrant fondants of a burfa or the refreshing lassa milkshake. In today`s recipes nutritious nuts and summer berries, and also spices - where without them to the Indian and French desserts are perfectly combined with milk!


- crimson lass

of Lassi - the Indian refreshing drink which is cooked from milk and yogurt with various fruit additives and spices. Lass it is very similar to milkshake, but, of course, is much more ancient. This the first that is offered the guest in the hospitable Indian house.

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  1. Banana is cleared and largely cut by
  2. . We peel fresh raspberry of fruit stems.
  3. Almonds are scalded by boiled water and we leave for some time in water that the thin skin became wet and were wrinkled - it will be so easy to remove it. We peel almonds and, having added a small amount of milk, we crush it in gruel in the blender.
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  5. It is added the remained milk and all other ingredients. We force down at first at a small speed, and then on the uniform mix, maximum before receiving.
  6. Is spilled on glasses and we decorate with crumpled and fresh raspberry.

Saffron-yellow burf with hazelnuts

This gentle Indian sweet - not that other as dairy fondant. The recipe is ancient as history of India, and the name as consider, came from the Persian word “barf“ that “snow“ means. Burf prepare from fresh milk, uvarivy it with sugar to a consistence of dense paste. You can add to burf nuts or seeds, coconut flakes, cocoa, spices (cardamom, vanilla, a saffron) and other fragrances. What you chose, taste fresh burf is worth it to try to prepare it at yourself in kitchen.

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whole milk of 2 l
  • of a rylets of a saffron 1 pinch
  • granulated sugar of 150 g
  • butter of 3 tablespoons
  • a filbert of 150 g
    1. Schafran is made by
      • in 1 glass of the boiling milk. We cover and leave to be drawn half an hour. Later we take saffron-yellow threads, we pour out a glass of saffron-yellow milk in a thick-walled pan, there we pour in other milk and, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon, we bring to boiling.
      • we Reduce fire that milk boiled, but did not run away. Milk will uvarivatsya and get denser, this process will take not less than an hour. Our task - periodically to stir milk that it did not burn. When milk turns into dense paste, we add sugar and butter (2 tablespoons). We continue to cook, often mixing until we in a pan have absolutely dense weight which well lags behind walls of a pan and rolls down in a sphere.
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      • It is mixed the received paste with the integral kernels of a filbert fried on a dry frying pan. We spread burf on oiled (1 tablespoon) baking sheet a layer approximately in of 2 - 2,5 cm thickness. We try that nuts were evenly distributed on all weight. When burf hardens (it is possible to put it in the refrigerator), we cut it on pieces - and we enjoy.

    of the Blancmange from coconut milk with strawberry sauce

    Wonderful - gentle and air - the French dessert. Literally - “white food“ though the blancmange at all not necessarily has to be white. In nearly five centuries so many its options - both to taste, and on color are thought up... You will not try everything! Though the classics is a jelly of white color: on almond milk, with rice flour, sugar and spices. Most often the blancmange is prepared on the basis of cow`s milk. And we suggest you to prepare this dessert with milk coconut. Well, and we will give it not with kissel as in the unforgettable movie “Love Formula“, and with turned sour - sweet strawberry sauce and berries.

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    1. Starch is dissolved with
    2. in 100 ml of coconut milk. We pour the remained milk in a saucepan, we add sugar, we stir and we bring to boiling. A thin stream, constantly stirring slowly, we pour in hot coconut milk in a cup with starched mix. Then we pour everything together back in a saucepan or a bucket and, continuously stirring slowly, we bring to boiling and we hold on fire of a minute more 3 - we wait when mix well thickens.
    3. Is removed from fire, we add vanilla extract and cardamom, well we mix and we spill on molds. After the blancmange cools down at the room temperature, we clean it in the refrigerator and we cool at least 2 hours.
    4. Strawberry (if you take frozen, then previously defreeze it) by the blender is forced down with icing sugar. We wipe the turned-out berry mashed potatoes through a sieve to get rid of sunflower seeds. We add lemon juice and we mix.
    5. When giving on a plate we distribute strawberry sauce, from above accurately we spread a blancmange, we strew it with coconut flakes and we decorate with berries and leaves of mint.

    From the book “Vegetarianism. The best recipes“