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How to choose the mirror camera: 8 steps. Nikon or Canon?

How to learn to photograph? First of all to acquire “manual“ - the digital mirror camera. How to choose “reflex camera“ for the beginning photographer? How many such chamber and what characteristics it has to possess can cost? Councils of the professional photographer.

what not too well you understand Is very difficult to buy by

. If council to ask there is nobody, you do not trust sellers, and reviews frighten by abundance of unclear terms, then this page - for you! But even if you already have a camera, here I will tell about what everyone who is going to remove “reflex camera“, and not in the automatic mode when the chamber itself configures settings for shooting has to know. Often it does it not quite successfully: with such settings you risk to receive the “flat“, deprived of art value pictures. We aspire to bigger, whether so.

against each other and other cameras

If you did not buy

of Canon and Nikon the mirror camera yet, but are going to make it, then be going to participate in fights of eternal photographic war between two most known brands of professional photoequipment - Canon and Nikon. Fortunately, physically any photographer on this war did not suffer, but battles do not cease. Any owner of the Canon or Nikon camera is sure that his chamber - the best.

photographers Unfamiliar with each other, meeting, quite often at first examine a chamber and only then face to the colleague.

less popular brands Have, of course, supporters and, such, for example, as Sony or Panasonic Lumix. But it is much less of them as mirror cameras - not only and, of course, not a prime line of production of these companies. To buy the camera of “non-core“ firm - the same as to buy footwear under a brand of the company specializing in production of clothes.

the Priority in any business is always given by

to the main production or service. The clothes firm has a footwear - most likely, only pleasant addition which not always differs in due quality, but is quite available at the price. In case of cameras business becomes complicated also what for rather low-appeal chambers on sale is available much less the accompanying equipment, than for cameras with a big name. It partly reduces your opportunities to develop the skill of the photographer. And in general it is pleasant to see many different gadgets suitable for your chamber in shops.

So if you did not buy

yet the camera but only you “are tried on“, it is better to prefer widely famous brand. But if you are already a happy owner of a chamber - and it is not Nikon or Canon, - be not upset. I will teach you to use as much as possible its opportunities, and also to minimize the accompanying expenses (in more detail in photobusiness we still will talk about secrets and cunnings of economy).

Anyway, at a stage of the choice of the camera try not to read the Internet - forums of “kenonist“, “nikonist“ and other “-ist“ and do not trust those who argue absolute advantages of a favourite brand furiously. The main thing - that the chamber was convenient in use, “laid down in a hand“ and met your own requirements.

the Photographer had dinner on a visit at very lovely married couple. Those, wishing to pay a compliment, told:
- your photos very beautiful. You have, probably, very good camera.
the Photographer only lovely smiled in reply. After a lunch he approached the hostess and praised her:
- the Lunch was very tasty. You have, probably, very good pans.

How much is the camera


It is obvious that the price of a chamber depends on its functionality. It does not make sense to choose for household use the most expensive camera. The same can be told also about the cheapest models calculated on children and beginners. Though these chambers bear the proud name “reflex cameras“, results of their work can not always be distinguished from the pictures made the advanced “soap tray“. On the other hand, some beginners fondly believe that if to buy very expensive equipment, then it is possible and not to study - the chamber itself will expose the necessary settings and will make the pictures, best in the world. However everything is absolutely on the contrary: more difficult technique demands from the user of much more serious preparation.

Before making the decision on acquisition of this or that camera, calculate the budget on purchase of a complete set of equipment and accessories: the camera, one - two lenses, a bag for a chamber, the protective filter, a flash - the card and, perhaps, external flash (we will in detail discuss all this a bit later). The cost of a complete set begins approximately from 25 thousand rubles and can grow... almost indefinitely. The most reasonable price of a set is in an interval from 40 to 80 thousand rubles.


But even if you are going to photograph only yourself and friends, be not frightened if at your disposal there was (or here - here it will appear) a chamber which is a little surpassing your present requirements. The camera “it is a little for growth“ will come in handy if in the future you have a desire to become the master of the professional photo. In this case you will be able to use the advanced functions first seeming excessive.

Choice of the camera: 8 steps

I Will provide the list of the most important characteristics playing a crucial role at the choice of the camera. Their of everything eight though many photographers can argue with me, having reduced or, on the contrary, having added new points. Nevertheless, with this list it is possible to go safely to shop and to show it to the seller. Or to transfer to the friends who are going to buy the camera.

  1. of Price. Be guided by that budget which you can select. Anyway, it is better to have the low-functional mirror camera than any.
  2. matrix Size. the Matrix is a chip of the digital mirror camera. It consists of a set of the photosensitive elements reacting to light which passes through a lens. If you are not limited in means, it is possible to choose the professional camera with a full frame (full-size) matrix, but I recommend more budgetary semi-professional chamber with so-called not full frame, or “kropnuty“, a matrix.
  3. Permission of a matrix. you do not pursue a large number of megapixels. They will be useful to you only in case of the publication of your photos in the press or for their press in very big format. There will be quite enough ten megapixels (almost on all modern chambers this number more).
  4. Sensitivity of a matrix (ISO value). If you are going to photograph often at weak lighting (for example in twilight), choose a chamber with the highest ISO values. Depending on concrete model of the device sensitivity can change in the range from 50 to 25 600 units. High values of sensitivity allow to make an accurate picture in twilight or even at night, but in this case small defects of the image are inevitable.
  5. Manual control. Is recommended to buy the camera in which it is possible to regulate manually all settings (a diaphragm, endurance, balance white, sensitivity of a matrix), - it opens unlimited opportunities for shooting.
  6. Possibility of video filming. the Camera is not a video camera. If you want to shoot good video with its help, it is necessary to learn at first it, and also to buy in addition the necessary equipment. Even for household video filming it is better to use the special equipment. In a pursuit of multifunctionality you risk to forget about the main goal - to take the good picture.
  7. Size and weight. Than the camera is more and heavier, it is better for those. But the big and heavy camera for the obvious reasons is not too convenient for the daily purposes. So acquisition of the semi-professional camera, from average weight category will be the ideal decision.
  8. Convenience. Visit salon of photoequipment and look what of the chosen models “will lay down in a hand“. You will not confuse this feeling with anything: convenient buttons, a pleasant sound of a lock, the first photo made directly in shop...

, through a two-three of years you will be, as well as many photographers to advise friends and to relatives to buy that camera which was chosen - it will be the best chamber in the world!

the Word pixel (pixel) proiskhoditot two English words - picture (image) and element (element). In Russian tried to enter a similar abbreviation “eliz“, but she did not get accustomed.
Many imagine pixel in the form of a small square, but actually this element can be rectangular, round or even octagonal. Each pixel contains only one color.

the Choice of accessories or How to distribute the budget

the biggest error of those who for the first time buy the camera consists in attempt to choose most expensive “carcass“ (sellers call this “body“), that is actually the camera case - without lens and additional devices. On the remained money the inexpensive lens, for the first experiences usually is bought. It not the most right decision! If you want to distribute correctly the budget, then surely take cheaper “carcass“ and to it buy a good lens.

in general all mirror “carcasses“ can be divided into four types.

Professional very expensive (from 200 thousand rubles). It is equipment for the skilled professionals earning a living only by shootings of the highest class. For you it is excess expenditure of money.

Professional expensive (from 80 thousand rubles). These are chambers with a full frame matrix - they allow to receive excellent pictures, but in hands of the beginning fan lose the charm.

Semi-professional (from 40 thousand rubles). Such chamber is ideal for the beginner. At rather low price it motivates to photoachievements. Having preferred this type, you just doom yourself to excellent photos.

Amateur (from 15 thousand rubles). These are the simplest, household mirror cameras. It is worth beginning with “carcass“ of this type, only if your budget is very limited. In combination with good optics such chamber allows to receive quite good results.

the Most unpleasant line of all “carcasses“, lenses, flashes and other accessories of different firms - different standards, that is impossibility to use them in combination with equipment of the competing photobrands. It is impossible to attach the lens Nikon to the Canon case and vice versa. Offensively happens when your acquaintances have, for example, a good lens or flash, and you cannot use them because you have a chamber of other firm.

Buying by

“carcass“, be ready to a gradual obrastaniye additional gadgets of this firm. If present “reflex camera“ ceases to satisfy further to your photorequirements, you should buy new “carcass“ of the same, initially chosen brand. That is the optics (lenses) anyway will remain for a long time, and even very expensive “carcass“ should be “updated“ sometimes in case of breakage or from - for the fact that in several years it will morally become outdated.

From the book “How to Photograph People“