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How to prepare dishes of Chinese cuisine?

I Love meat. And who does not love it? Friends call me by a gourmet. Just I like to try different recipes. Something such. Lately I am in Asian cuisine, especially Chinese actively interested. As I like to cook, often itself I try new and interesting recipes. The main thing that quickly - work does not leave time at all. And tasty there is a wish.

In China are a good judge of food and to keep to diets - not for them. Yes it is also not necessary. Dishes of Chinese cuisine are surprisingly balanced on composition of ingredients and are useful. From them do not get fat. Chinese cuisine is inconceivable without various spices. Well or at least without soy sauce and sesame oil. Not the last place is taken by ginger. Chinese do not love “fresh“ food, and also do not like to subject products to heat treatment too long. The main thing - seasonings and various sauces and marinades. Along with sharp taste, love also sweet there.

China - the country big and densely populated. And as it is known, how many people - are so much also opinions. A saturation spices and sharpness of a dish depend on the place: the to the south - the more sharply. The following recipes - one of my darlings. To train them simply and quickly, and tasty it turns out - unusually.

Sweet pork

This recipe - my darling. It is universal and fast. At the same time - it is unusual, at first sight. When prepared for the first time, thought: what will it be? On my sincere surprise, it turned out perfectly.

On a photo - the image of a preparatory stage i.e. as it is necessary to pickle pork according to this recipe. To photograph a ready dish there is no sense, by sight - usual fried meat. All sense - in taste.

It is required : a low-fat piece of pork which can be cut on chops - how many you want. It is necessary to cut thinly (not thicker than 0,5 cm) and to beat off slightly. Several bulbs - to cut half rings. It will be necessary to strew with onions meat pieces generously. Soy sauce. Sauce it is necessary to sprinkle a little plentifully meat with onions. Be not afraid, he is not much. Meat will take so much how many to it it is necessary. Sugar - several spoons, there.

The amount of ingredients depends on amount of meat. I do everything “approximately“ long ago.

To put pieces of pork layers in the enameled ware. It is good to sugar, sprinkle each layer soy sauce and to strew plentifully with onions. The press should not be put, it is simple to cover or a plate. And in the refrigerator for about 10 hours, it is not less. Better - for days. Will be not superfluous to stir up slightly few times during this time the container with the pickled meat.

Before frying to clear pieces of pork of onions and juice of marinade is the already fulfilled material. Then it is simple to heat a frying pan and on vegetable oil to fry meat on a couple of minutes from each party two times. It is not necessary to overroast, such kept waiting meat quickly prepares. To give to a table at once. I do not recommend to leave for tomorrow. As almost all Chinese dishes, sweet pork are prepared on time. Chinese do not love the warmed, yesterday`s food.

And here the following dish can quite be eaten and next day, its taste will become only even more saturated. How this recipe “was born“? I am afraid, Chinese already will definitely not answer this question, as well as about other national recipes. Country this ancient, as well as all its traditions. Perhaps someone`s husband left the wife on economy with an order to cook chicken for dinner, forgot it to salt? That it was necessary to do it to the spouse counting that the dinner will be ready to collecting all family? Urgently to think up something, not to serve fresh chicken to a table. The mother-in-law on her will not leave the live place. Here also thought up marinade with which it is necessary just to water the fowl cooked without salt and all - is possible on a table.

Guawei Ji Chicken

Too simple dish in preparation.

It is required : chicken, not necessarily whole. It is possible not to take away bones, but, of course, from fillet it will turn out better. Spices: soy sauce, spoons 5 - 7 (depends on amount of meat); sugar, approximately tablespoon; to steam of bulbs; ginger - 3 - 5 g; sesame oil - is a little, 1 - 2 teaspoons, and black pepper to taste.

Chicken to boil 30 - 40 minutes (without salt), to pull out from broth, to cool and cut on pieces “on time“. By means of the crock-pot chicken can be cooked much quicker. Chinese eat with sticks and prepare usually so that for time sticks to pick up a piece and to eat it at once everything, without biting off. To connect all ingredients for sauce and just to water chicken. In it all sense. To this dish it is good to give still some ostrenky snack. Usual Korean carrot will approach.

Chicken in turned sour - sweet sauce

of Options of this remarkable dish much. The range of ingredients varies too, since the main thing - fowl. Here it is possible both to take chicken, and a duck. This recipe - the most universal.

It is required : chicken or duck fillet (only fillet), 0,5 kg. Tinned pineapple - bank; soy sauce - 50 ml; sugar - 2 - 3 tablespoons; apple cider vinegar - 30 - 40 ml (depends on as far as turned sour you you love); red paprika; tomatoes - two; tomato paste - 2 Art. of l; water - a half-glass.

Chicken fillet should be cut with thin slices, to put in the enameled ware and to fill in with a half, even two thirds, soy sauce and to pepper. In a frying pan a wok (Chinese prepare almost everything in a wok) to warm up vinegar, the remained soy sauce, tomato paste, 1 tablespoon of sugar and water. There to put the pepper and tomato cut in small cubes. To extinguish about 10 minutes, it is no more. Vegetables have to remain firm, and sauce - to thicken already a little. To separately fry fillet of a bird on vegetable oil, constantly stirring slowly. Too it is short - 5 minutes. Then to add to sauce with vegetables the fried chicken, still a spoon of sugar and to prepare still minutes 5 - 10.

With what a tax? Of course, with rice. If on a table there is no boiled rice, then the Chinese will remain hungry. He will ask: and where food, actually? Speaking about rice, naturally.

Vegetables on - Chinese

of Options of preparation of vegetables in Chinese cuisine so many that it will become terrible if to consider. Here too different options are possible. This recipe is tested by repeated application. As well as sweet meat, one of my the first and favourite.

It is required : 2 eggplants and two vegetable marrows; 1 - 2 bulbs and 1 carrot; 3 - 5 garlic gloves; 50 ml of soy sauce and 50 ml of water; 1 h l. starch; vegetable oil; salt - to taste, but I do not put salt in general; greens - at will.

Eggplants to clear and cut thin bars, to salt and set aside for a while that there was a bitterness. To cut other vegetables also - bars. Not to press garlic, namely to cut. Onions - half rings. On the frying pan warmed with oil (besides - the wok is better, but also usual pig-iron will descend) to fry all vegetables, except garlic, to semi-readiness.

To make sauce: to connect water and soy sauce, to bring to boiling. To dissolve starch in a small amount of water (2 - 3 tablespoons) and to pour in sauce, constantly stirring slowly, to bring to boiling. At will - it is possible to add juice of tinned pineapple to ready sauce. At me such desire arises always when juice is. It turns out even more tasty. To fill with the made sauce vegetables and to strew with chopped garlic. To mix before giving on a table.

Chinese eat with sticks. It is actually easy to learn it if to try. But it is possible to use also habitual forks. I hope, it will be pleasant to you. At least for a change it is necessary to prepare sometimes different dishes, to try something new. Also it will be absolutely good if it are different national dishes!


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