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How to achieve success? Do not wait for councils, the expert - you is!

Some you very much wanted to learn a time ago something and made it? Or could change some of the habits? What forced you to work what helped you last time? This way is applicable for achievement of success and today - it is necessary to remember and formulate it only.



Ya recently that when the famous singer and the composer Billy Joel experiences creative crisis, it does not go to the psychoanalyst and does not look for the solution of the problems at arrangers. Instead he puts on old clothes in which he once wrote the best songs, goes to cafe where he was always visited by inspiration, orders the favourite drink, takes the handle and opens an old notebook.

How you still changed the habits or gained new skills? It is very important question, the answer to which will help you and now. Unfortunately, we often forget the last progress from - for abilities of our consciousness to separate one from another - and we erect barriers between our achievements: it was made to learn to play tennis, and it - in order that my family ate properly. Too different categories, isn`t that so? But we do not even try to present that the success in one business can quite help the solution of other tasks.

We forget

about the last achievements because we are too busy with examining from outside in search of the necessary answer. For example, instead of making active the internal resources for the solution of any task, you, most likely, will try to borrow successful experience of other person. Or other example: having problems with sexual life, you for certain will follow advice of experts about which you read in Cosmopolitan.

Us is surrounded by a huge number of the knowing people who can tell about everything and give advice at the slightest pretext. It leads to the fact that we follow external advice instead of involving own resources. Many of us too went in cycles in foreign councils, and therefore do not even imagine that they can make to achieve success.


covers Here a big problem because our last progress can become that a stick - a lifesaver which is necessary to us right now. The knowledge of own formula of success will help to understand what steps should be taken further and what mistakes should be avoided. And the biggest plus is in what this time you will perceive quicker and better as our brain always with big attention belongs to already known things and it is much easier for it to adapt them to new circumstances, than to start everything from scratch.


to achieve results, to you it is necessary to destroy the small “walls“ built by consciousness between the previous experiences and to believe that the best expert - it you are. You want to try? Begin with memories of something what you very much wanted to learn - and made it. And then think of how you made it. Take one case, the second... The picture appears?

Example. I learn to be more grateful to people. At first I read everything that was written by others with the purpose to support me, and then developed two very simple exercises which need to be done daily, - to thank house before a joint dinner and always, beginning to worry, remind of something to himself what you are grateful to them for.

Ya I watch

at all the acquired habits and I understand that did the same when learned to be more generous, patient, less aggressive and even when tried to bring itself into good physical shape. I at first read something to receive an impulse to action, and then I develop one - two exercises which I constantly carry out.

Considering the template of actions, I understand and which - that other. Part of my own formula of success: as soon as I think out exercise, at once strictly I begin to carry out it. So, I still do exercises on aggression reduction, development of generosity, gratitude to people and patience, and also I am engaged in physical trainings. I do not speak in a circumlocutory manner and I do not wonder about whether I want to do these exercises. I just carry out them. It is necessary to understand it - and all.

As I write

the books? I read everything, as for the question interesting me, and then I sit in front of the computer - day after day. I do not wonder whether I want to get up early on Saturdays to continue to write the book. Of course, no. I just do it.

However do not think as if you just opened a universal secret of success. It is my secret of success. I know people who hate routine and whose formula of success is in doing everything at the same time, otherwise it becomes boring for them. I also know people who read nothing and do not try to learn before beginning new business. They just engage and study everything gradually, in the course of work. And still there are people who always need to study attentively all nuances and it is good to be prepared before something to begin.

the Sense is in that you found own formula of success which you will be able to apply and in this case. Think once again over the last progress - as at you it turned out to master some new skill, for example? Ask someone from your friends or family members to help you if not everything turns out with vision of the template of actions.

As soon as you will find

suitable option, it will be necessary to understand what should be done farther to achieve change and to fix it.

From the book “This Year I …
How to Change Habits, to Keep the Promise or to Make That,
of What You Dreamed Long Ago“