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Pregnancy by means of EKO: for whom and for whose account?

perceive the Miracle of artificial insemination as standard medical procedure today. But progress does not stand still - every year in this area something new appears. The most popular questions of EKO are answered by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Leonid Kuzmichev (Moscow) and Igor Kogan, the doctor of medical sciences (office of VRT of scientific research institute of obstetrics and gynecology of D. O. Ott, St. Petersburg).

Procedure of extracorporal fertilization becomes more and more widespread. Why?

statistically, about 15% of married couples of reproductive age need EKO. And the number of persons interested to make EKO constantly increases. It is connected with a bad condition of reproductive health and features of a modern family. Young people get an education, seek to promote, lay the material foundation for the subsequent life. The role of the woman in society changes. It already not only the wife, mother, the hostess, and it is frequent - the main source of the income of a family. It leads to a marriage and planning of the birth of children after 35 years.

With age problems with health become more: physiological ability to conception decreases, the frequency of gynecologic and therapeutic diseases increases.

the role is played by unwillingness of potential parents to refuse addictions, influence of ecological and technogenic factors. All this reduces chances of approach of pregnancy.

cases when the married couple for years is observed in the different centers Are frequent

and only about 40 years, and even think of extracorporal fertilization later. It is necessary to know that if methods of treatment of infertility did not lead to approach of pregnancy to 35 (within two years) or at more mature age (within a year) - it is necessary to address to the EKO center.

Now several requirements to carrying out procedure to make it more effective are. This method of overcoming of infertility has to correspond to age. For example, there is no sense to offer cycle EKO to the woman 43 years with own ova are more senior. It is better for it to offer the donor program.

necessary treatment before EKO at patients with pathology an endometriya, myoma of a uterus and other diseases of reproductive system is important to carry out


In most cases female infertility can be prevented. Impassability of uterine tubes is often caused by inflammatory diseases of bodies of a small pelvis. Endocrine problems, violation of work of ovaries usually arise against the excess weight, the increased physical activity, stresses, inadequate diets, smoking. Therefore it is worth treating the health responsibly. Infertility it is easier to warn, than then to overcome.

B than today the state support of EKO consists?

Programs of auxiliary reproductive technologies are supported by

at the federal level. Their financing constantly increases. Quotas of carrying out EKO at the expense of the budget are a few years ago entered, and thousands of Russians could undergo this expensive procedure. This year EKO was included into “The program of the state guarantees of free rendering medical care to citizens for 2013 and on planning period of 2014 and 2015“. It means that any married couple on doctor`s orders and in the presence of a pipe factor of infertility has an opportunity to pass EKO and to receive provision of medicines on the compulsory health insurance system. The cost of one cycle will make about 106 thousand rubles.


Now the register on rendering extracorporal fertilization on the compulsory health insurance system included only the federal centers. Private clinics where there is a necessary experience, the equipment and highly skilled personnel, will be able to participate in this program only from next year on condition of application till September 1.

Serious motions are necessary to

also in education. Need to organize planned preparation of reproduktolog, to enter the specialty “embryologist“, to approve a federal state program of training of profile experts ripened. EKO is an art. And to it special approach is necessary.

Call the main achievements of domestic specialists in EKO.

Today the field of reproductive medicine - one of the most intensively developing.

In many domestic clinics began to use the IKSI method more actively. It allows to make more exact selection of spermatozoa for the subsequent fertilization. The additional equipment for the best assessment of their quality is installed. Programs for increase in chances for successful introduction and safe development of embryos are entered.

Good forecasts in improvement of schemes of stimulation of ovaries. New pharmacological highly effective preparations, including the prolonged action are created and introduced. Now it is possible to choose in each case an individual approach, including for group of patients with development of hyper stimulation and with the lowered reserve of ovaries.

Can hope for creation new the test - systems for the choice of “an implantation window“ - the most right moment for transfer of an embryo without violation of structure and integrity an endometriya.

is costed more and more sharply by a problem of the birth of children with genetic pathology. Its decision requires preimplantation diagnostics which will allow to carry out selection of embryos and to select healthy, without genetic defects. This technique expensive, and so far uses it limited number of domestic clinics. In the West such direction is more developed. There are institutes and offices where from any medical institution can send material for such research.

Most of domestic experts has good medical education, many passed training in the leading clinics of the world. Our laboratories are equipped with the modern equipment. Obligatory uniform standards on the organization of offices of EKO are developed.