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School program for the first grader: what differ in and how to choose

the choice of school to which future first grader will go is influenced by a set of factors: location, traditions of a family, pedagogical collective, subject bias etc. Lately one more was added to them - educational system.

It at all domestic schools to the mathematician and the Russian was taught earlier according to identical textbooks, now knowledge is guarded by training programs or uchebno - methodical complexes (UMK). As a rule, according to the chosen program the child is engaged with 1 on 4 class, i.e. all elementary school. Today in the educational sphere about 10 such training programs are submitted. All this variety is regulated by the federal state educational standards (FSES). If the program corresponds to FGOS, then its training materials get approval of the Ministry of Education and Science and then are included in special lists of the allowed educational literature.

All uchebno - methodical complexes include complete subject lines of textbooks in the main objects of primary education. For example, enter into “School of Russia“: alphabet, Russian, literary reading, mathematics, world around, technology, music, fine arts, physical culture, and also copy-books, collections of tests, flow charts.

of Distinction between UMK needs to be looked for in contents. Nine years ago programs shared on traditional and developing. Now this division became conditional since all programs are guided by activity of the child in the course of training, by development of his personality, its informative and creative opportunities. However, if you somewhere hear that “School of Russia“ or “Elementary school of the 21st century“ call traditional, and L. V. Zankov`s system - developing, let it does not confuse you, now all programs are leveled among themselves.

It is unconditional, some distinctions remain. All programs are written by different groups of authors: each UMK has “star“, and very often teachers and parents are guided by names of originators, expressing the preferences. For example, textbooks on world around of “School of Russia“ are created by A. A. Pleshakov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, the winner of an award of the president of Russia in the field of education. A. A. Pleshakov is the research supervisor of the School of Russia program. And here the research supervisor of “School 2000“ - the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor L. G. Peterson. Adherents of the program consider that its textbooks on mathematics perfectly develop logic and thinking.

Quite often happens that at one school several systems are accepted at once: parallel classes are trained according to different programs. Information on on what system children, as a rule, will study is known already at a set of the first class, that is prior to the beginning of academic year. The school informs on it parents and issues lists necessary uchebno - methodical literature.

we Will notice

that FGOS constantly finish, and can happen so that the textbook of the elder brother became already outdated and will not suit future first grader even if children are engaged on one system. In this case it is necessary to get a complete set for a year: textbook, copy-books, workbooks. For parents of school students the simplest and optimal solution - the collective order of textbooks for all class: both children, and the teacher will receive identical sets and will be relieved of a problem of comparison of the necessary pages and exercises.

of Unambiguous opinion on what program is better, is not present neither at parents, nor at teachers. According to various informal polls, in the Russian schools the leading positions are taken by “School of Russia“ and “School 2100“.

to get acquainted In advance with what the program chosen at your school is it is quite real: look at information on the official sites of the Ministry of Education and FGOS, communicate to other parents. But first of all, talk to the teacher! Not so important according to what program will train your child, the one who exactly will teach is far more important.