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Whether 10 ways to facilitate life of

It happened to you to you to sit to round eyes and to realize with horror what on today`s affairs is necessary, at least, three days, and for tomorrow put even more? If yes, that you for certain know that under the law of sandwich in such days there are most various slips - heels break, children do not wish to eat the favourite muesli, and a grandmother`s cat, it appears, it is necessary to carry urgently on a planned inoculation.


It is brought to your attention several simple councils which, we hope will help you with similar situations. And ideally - at all will prevent their emergence. Without them - that, agree, better?


identical socks (especially actually for the husband and children). Only think - search of suitable couple demands your time and attention every time when you sort washed or bring order to a box. It is still very convenient if each family member has the “nosochny“ color - sorting becomes simpler extremely.

Get sets of clothes on duty. If you overslept or got up on the wrong side of the bed, pick up in advance such combinations of clothes, footwear and accessories of which you will be absolutely sure. Such sets it is ideally good to have a little to vary on a situation and mood - “stunning“, “most convenient“, “imperceptible“, etc.

Freeze food. All family adores this soup, but cooking for 4 hours? Weld a big pan and when cools down - pour a half on portion bags and freeze on the future. In this way it is possible to arrive with the majority of dishes and, generally speaking, to provide house the very different menu!

Buy by

products for the future. to Come into shop in the evening after work - business obviously ungrateful. Besides, if you are hungry, there is always a risk to buy superfluous and absolutely unhealthy. Hang up a detachable notebook on the refrigerator and write down therein everything that is required to be bought. By a weekend the impressive list of purchases is formed, here with it - that and it is necessary to visit at a well-chosen moment a supermarket. It is checked repeatedly: thus the mass of nerves, time and money is saved.

Make decisions quickly. How to spend days off what to prepare for dinner what movie to watch - it is possible to weigh everything pros and cons for hours. And to get confused, as a result, even more. If the decision did not appear at once, then, most likely, options are rather equivalent. Means, it is necessary or to look for the third alternative - such which will cause unambiguous enthusiasm, or to trust in the intuition. As a rule, at heart we already know the answer, and it is easy to find out it, having just thrown a coin. If the result suited you - perfectly! If inside disappointedly missed a bit - safely choose the second option.

Take care of contraception. it is constant to strong to remember a question of protection - both it is disturbing, and is tiresome. It is not enough, perhaps, at us other cares? In it there is no need any more: having delivered itself an intrauterine hormonal spiral, you can be absolutely quiet all the time of its action. The minimum quantity of hormones provides the maximum contraceptive effect. Also the system protects a uterus from inflammations and is well compatible to breastfeeding.

Limit to

the perfectionism. should not do Things ideally. Nobody from you waits for it. They should be done rather well and to spend on this reasonable amount of time and forces. So just make it and pass to the following stage! Everything is much simpler, than it seems.

Learn to tell

“no“. you have you; there are people dear to you; there are projects which you want to realize by all means. All this demands time and attention. Learn to separate really important tasks (good rest also belongs to them, by the way) from insignificant affairs and burdensome requests. To remake everything and to please all it is impossible. So concentrate on important and interesting, your attention is a limited resource. And soon you will notice, as other people begin to value it more.

Take a detached view of a difficult situation. Present as though all this occurs in the stranger`s life. Why it appeared in such situation? What led to it? What it is possible to advise it? Actually, you are that person who will be able to make the best decision. Of course, others with pleasure will make it for you. But your decision will be the most correct for your life. And if you still did not accept it, so that is disturbed by some internal restrictions, from them - that you and need to abstract for some time.

Sort affairs. Get the plate from 4 cells - “important / urgent“, “important / not urgent“, “unimportant / urgent“, “unimportant / not urgent“ - and develop at yourself a habit to bring there ALL affairs. If the task has a concrete term, it should be marked in the bright color. Also do not forget to move not urgent task to the category of urgent in due time.

Gradually you will notice that if to begin in advance and “voluntarily“, then things are done somehow easier. It from - for the fact that you can plan them on the mood, and also pack with daily occupations. And a sudden swagger - a major (and where without them?) will not unsettle you any more.