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Poet Andrey Usachev: ``It is not necessary to raise the genius, you raise the child``

Andrey Usachev, the famous children`s poet and the writer, the author all of the known “Clever doggie of Sonya“ and the logopedic best-seller “Malusya and Rogoped“, reflects on modern children`s books, and on that as well as what to read to children - from kids to teenagers.

- Now at many schools to children issue to

the list of references for the summer. How you in general treat such lists?

- I, frankly speaking, seldom come up from the writing therefore that occurs in the outside world, I know badly. And what our leading pedagogical government bodies recommend to children, I do not know. I can tell in the most general view. The most important in children`s reading: that it was on age. Each suit has to be sewed by the size.

of Times we grew to the concept “age psychology“, it is very important not to cause in children of disgust, imposing those books which early to read them. Classical books were also written not for all - and definitely not for children. For example, also could not read “War and peace“ of 90% of the population in imperial Russia because it was written in five languages, and the translations then were not supposed. And when we begin to torment with it children, they develop such attitude towards Tolstoy that they never open it then. And why instead not to read “Kazakov“ which are quite available to children`s perception?

- But each parent rests against the school program when, for example, take place in the 7th class “Taras Bulbu“ - sometimes that all - to soften cruelty of work, offering the truncated option.

- When begin to delete something from work - it is bad. Then it is better not to offer it to children in general. Then it is possible - for example, within current fight against smoking - to clean mentions that Taras Bulba smoked a pipe and to insert to it into a mouth of a chup - chups. Or children ripened to some things or not - and there are nothing to hide from them that Cossacks got drunk and participated in cruel slaughters, showing only patriotic part where they shout “For the homeland, for belief“. All this residue does not lead to anything good. I here with surprise heard that one publishing house involved the best French writers to retell classics for small children - for example, the “Crime and punishment “. How they to themselves think of it? I do not know. It is not necessary to spoil books, eventually, Dostoyevsky and adults read not everything. It is necessary to give to children that “forage“ which does well them. All of us love olives, but if 2 - summer to feed the child with olives, at it will be zavorot guts.

- Now conscious parents, on the contrary, sometimes try to offer the child of the book “for growth“ - that developed quicker.

- should not raise the little genius, you raise the little baby. Why you solved if he studies 3 languages in infancy, he will grow up the genius? It is important that he became the normal person. The person or has a genius - and she will wake up - at some she in 40 years wakes up, by the way. For example, Dick King - Smith who “Babe`s Pig“ wrote - in 50 years at the person literary talent woke up. And it is normal. At someone - naborot, the talent wakes up very much early as, for example, at the French poet Arthur Rimbaud - but he in 15 years began to write verses, and in 21 years already everything ended.

In my opinion, only stupid parents force the small child to study, demand from it some unknown results. Now, unfortunately, the concept “success“ came to the forefront: I want the child not kind, not harmonious, not careful, not spiritually developed - I want successful. I meet it in discussions in the Network though I in general go to the Internet seldom - too I am upset. And when I see a heap of the thrown-out nonsenses - and through them it is necessary to be torn to something standing... I grudge time. The Internet is huge and too wide cut of society. To read some responses, to be guided by opinion of mothers - why I have to be guided by their opinion? They very different - and silly come across. Let them be guided by me! I am ready to listen to them how to swaddle the child, but in sense of what to esteem, here I will cope.


“Lists of references“ from Andrey Usachev

- So with what, in your opinion, to the child independent reading is better to begin


- Yes from any simple text. To the child more pleasures are given that it in general reads that it at it turns out, but not book contents. There are unpretentious texts special, children`s fairy tales, wonderful small rasskazik of Lev Tolstoy - “Filippok“ and others.

- And what you can recommend books which we did not read in our childhood?

- We did not know two remarkable authors who are considered as classics of world children`s literature - it is already mentioned Dick King - Smith, the tremendous writer, it has remarkable fairy tales. And it lived almost up to the end of the 20th century. And the second author - too the Englishman, I in general love their prose - it is Roald Dahl. Well it it is possible to die - one fairy tale is better another! At us it is known better - thanks to the movie “Charlie and Chocolate Factory“ though Tim Burton`s version not really was pleasant to me, it is not his best thing. But there was a brilliant movie “Matilda“ from Danny De Vito who plays nasty daddy, there was a movie “Witches“. Good movies - and books tremendous. We such, unfortunately, are not able to make.

- Therefore are now published, generally translated children`s books?

are if to speak about prose. In general, now people pass to prose, poetry... No, she does not die, the poetry never dies. Just it was only for of 3 - 5% earlier the educated population. And now against the fact that all, it seems, educated and competent, the poetry has to reach all. No, it will never concern all. But children`s literature in it differs - there the poetry very well feels. And in our country the strongest poetic tradition - also was, and is. In the West, as far as I know, the children`s poetry practically dies off, for various reasons. We have, on the contrary, a poetic power - still. At us in schools there pass verses, they are taught in kindergarten. In one country of the world do not learn verses without fail - even in the same England. We at children have a habit to repetition of verses - and if we lose it, it will be very a pity because it is one of the few things of which we can be proud. In our literature also was, and there is a huge number of fine verses.

- Which of children`s poets you would call among darlings?

- great Zakhoder, beautiful Valentin Dmitriyevich Berestov Was strong>, there was remarkable Emma Moshkovskaya who very little, unfortunately, is known. Mikhail Yasnov, Pyotr Sinyavsky, Sergey Makhotin, Grigory Kruzhkov - even among living now, near us - a huge number of poets of world quality. Other question that the poetry is badly converted. From young people - in my opinion, one star at us is - Galya Dyadina from Arzamas. It has fans, it is already read everywhere. It had a beautiful book which we together wrote - “The star book. Poetic astronomy“. People cannot distinguish where my verses and where Galina - and it cool. There are also stars not of such bright shine - Ania Ignatova in St. Petersburg, still 2 - 3 girls - all not Muscovites, by the way. Yulia Simbirskaya from Yaroslavl - she did not publish books yet, but on the Internet they already are, on the websites of young writers and poets.

- Nevertheless, sometimes parents complain that there is nothing to read to children.

- Yes, happens so that swear, having even come to bookstore, do not know what to take. Is, is what to read. And not always it is even necessary to look for something new. Here 10 years did not publish Yury Koval - there was no it is now began to republish, at last.

- What, in your opinion, a situation with children`s publishing houses?

- it is good

that there was a competition - and children`s sector, unlike the adult, continues to make profit steadily. Already even traditionally “adult“ publishing houses address children`s literature. Yes, someone makes consumer goods that too is necessary - because it is cheap, and in the province people are able to afford. Someone publishes more difficult books, with some quirks. The market big, live, not dying yet - and at our life death does not threaten it. Of course, there is a wish better, there is a wish more, there is a wish that each village was reached by drawings, say, of Vicki Fomina or someone else.

- you go over the country with performances, meet children. How the public changes whether children in the capitals and the province differ in something?

- In the province children are more living: they it is healthier, porozovy, are not so exhausted by a big information stream, abundance of cultural events. There still play in the yards soccer that is remarkable. They too, of course, are online, but at them still the nature is near. I here went to Plesetsk - and children, the most ordinary school students excellent there who are brought on a meeting by buses - and which, by and large, all this poetry on a drum.

it is senseless to Ask

about a situation with children`s reading officials or even mummies - it is necessary to ask librarians. In provincial library all before eyes, and librarians speak: children go, read.

But, of course, have less than

, than earlier. In general, if I am a child, I now what, if only read? There was nothing to do earlier, and now I can go abroad, I can play with friends in the computer, I can on the Internet something interesting find. It is normal. Process of reading is in normal human limits. You understand: the one who reads - it does not work. Here, say, the steelmaker after heavy change - he returned what, has to read Dostoyevsky? The one who at least once in life did hard manual work, knows that not the book, but a glass of vodka - not to get drunk and that to reduce stress that released is necessary in the evening. If you want that the country ceased to work - then start up everything read.

No normal country can be literaturotsentrichny. England - the greatest literary power, but not literaturotsentrichny, nevertheless. Or it is necessary to reach such level of development that as in Ancient Rome: slaves work, and citizens recline - and read.

- And you what you read?

- I a little what read - there are no forces, there is a lot of work. It just to the subject “why people do not read?“ Yes they stick! In general Pelevina I read, it is interesting to me, it is unexpected. Ulitskaya, Dina Rubina are great writers. From foreign - Humberto Eco is pleasant to me. Now emerges much classics which we did not know earlier. Let`s tell, an ingenious thing of Kipling in Grigory Kruzhkov and Marina Boroditskaya`s translation - “Puck of Pook`s Hill“. At the same Kipling I read “Stalki and the company“ - the story about a childhood at private school. It was the favourite thing of Strugatsky - in honor of Stalki they called the Stalker. Here so the unexpected classics which I still read jumps out all the time - and I do not pursue novelty.

Thought that well I know Leskov, and here found his journalism. Read the whole volume of plays of Platonov. Our Platonov is born time in hundred years, now its vosmitomnik left - I just die.

Education of teenagers: “it seems guess“

- Mothers of teenagers often face that the child is lazy:“ Nothing wants - to have a good time only“.

is not a new problem. I remember, I wanted to go to dances, always liked to practise music - I it - and books... In 9 - 10 a class I read in 3 - 4 time less, than in elementary grades. It is process, normal for teenagers. Communication, fashion becomes more important for them, all teenagers become musical fools - it is norm, it should just be worried.

- it is good

if music and if infinite computer games?

- And earlier? Tires on a dump - the same quests and shooter games ran and burned down. If to understand: well in what we were engaged earlier? Yes the same. I do not see anything outstanding.

Another thing is that we have the general process of rotting and loss of culture, it yes. And children just live in all this, grow on this soil. We are also humus for future generations.

- And what to do if to the child it is heavy, he does not want to strain, reads only from here to here?

- I will not tell. My children had not to be forced. We read to children - not I, the wife, it is rather - already when they were in the fifth class, the sixth. They, in my opinion, a class to the eighth together read everything, very much it was pleasant to me. To the son now 27 years, daughters - 24 years. The daughter at some age ceased to read in general, and now suddenly started over again. Son, on the contrary: in the childhood, youth read much, now almost does not read. And here it seems guess: grew in one family, listened to one books. Nothing can be counted in advance.

If you want

that children read - that needs to be found in any way time: sit down with them, read. We force children to brush teeth, to wash. You have the right not to read something, but at least the school program. Here it is already necessary to insist.