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Pregnancy and sport - on weeks: loadings and contraindications of

Those who played sports before pregnancy should not give up useful exercises as soon as the test shows two stripes. Sport and pregnancy are quite compatible. But, of course, it is necessary to follow rules of the safety and safety of the kid more strictly.

1 - 4 weeks

As a rule, at this time the woman does not know that she is pregnant. But at the slightest suspicions should reduce physical activity . The beginning of pregnancy - a difficult stage during which all bodies and systems of future fruit are formed and any overloads will be not good for the kid. Work in a gym to the seventh sweat, long marathon distances (as well as sprint runnings), ski slopes are forbidden future mother. Now she needs to learn to count the forces and to dose loading taking into account the new state.

4 - 8

should exclude weeks any kinds of exercises which strongly load with stomach muscles From daily trainings . Squats, “swings“ of a press, inclinations forward and are dangerous back that they can provoke pregnancy interruption. Try to avoid also the so-called turned poses: they meet in exercises “bicycle“ and “birch“, when standing on hands, in many asanas of yoga. You should not do exercises at which it is necessary to tighten knees to a breast.

to Future mothers occupations in the pool - swimming, water aerobics are very useful to

. It is possible to be engaged in them (in the absence of contraindications) from any term of pregnancy and almost before childbirth.

8 - 12 weeks

After 12 - y weeks inveterate to figure skaters and to lovers of rollers should throw the skates on a mezzanine. The cause of failure - not in specifics of physical activity, it is just useful, and that this sport is fraught with falling and collisions that is very dangerous to future mother. Run - too not the best choice though if the doctor does not object, running trainings with the reduced loading can be resumed in the second trimester of pregnancy. But until then it is better to replace run with walking. Tennis - a sport in which, in principle, it is possible to be engaged to 4 - 5 - go month of pregnancy. But we will repeat: it is important that there were no contraindications that the doctor gave the good, and loadings were lowered.

during all exercises surely drink

, our organism overheats and loses a lot of liquid. You should not play sports right after food or, on the contrary, if you are hungry. The best time for sports activities - through 1,5 - 2 hour after a breakfast.

12 - 16 weeks

For the pregnant sportswoman the form is very important for occupations and especially footwear. Czeches or slippers should not slide. At some types of exercises, for example, to aerobics, sneakers have to fix an anklebone and foot reliably. It is better to practice yoga barefoot, but not in socks - besides not to fall. Choose an air-permeable and hygroscopic set of clothes.


Future mother together with the doctor has to choose by

16 - 20 for herself optimum loading and a regularity occupations. It is considered that 3 - 4 - is the best of all than once a week, but some pregnant women of it have not enough, and they are engaged every day. You`re welcome! It is important that occupations brought only good feelings and mood, but not short wind and feeling of fatigue. For beginners duration of occupations should not make more than half an hour (for 10 minutes on a warming up, intensive loadings and relaxation). And for more advanced athletes duration of a complex of physical exercises can increase to an hour.

How to learn that loadings are big? If after occupation you intolerably want to sleep, so you overtired. Signs of overfatigue are also excessive perspiration, pain and tension in any of muscles, and especially in muscles of a stomach and a back, and also speeded up (over 100 beats per minute) pulse within 5 minutes after the termination of gymnastics.

20 - 24 weeks

At this time many future mothers register to the pool . The tummy already noticeably grows, the back begins to ache a bit from an overstrain. And swimming perfectly weakens and at the same time trains all groups of muscles. In water the growing heavy woman seems to herself weightless, weight decreases by 6 times. Water also reduces load of joints and a backbone, however performance of exercises requires much more efforts: resistance of water is 12 times stronger than air resistance.“ Water procedures“ perfectly strengthen muscles, promote flexibility, restore a quiet dream. Swimming can do before the childbirth. But it is necessary to approach the choice of the pool to responsibly . Take an interest as water in what way (harmful bleaching powder or more sparing ozonization), whether are required for visit of the pool of the reference from the doctor (well is often purified there if yes) whether there are a lot of people in the pool (it is good if is not present).


24 - 28 weeks


At pregnancy long walks in park, the wood, generally - in the fresh air are very useful to

. Walk not less than 1 hour as blood begins to acquire intensively oxygen only through 30 - 40 minutes after the beginning of walk.

If during pregnancy you are engaged in

popular nowadays bellidansy - belly dance - that in the second and third trimesters it is necessary to exclude any movements causing feeling of jolting. The movements have to be smooth and careful.

in the hall include In a set of exercises what the muscles which are actively participating in labor will allow to strengthen: muscles of a crotch, abdominal cavity and pelvic bottom. It, for example, Kegel`s exercises developing intimate muscles. But it is necessary to begin trainings most carefully and only after obligatory preliminary consultation with the doctor: if there is the slightest threat of pregnancy, it is better not to risk.

28 - 32

The closer to childbirth, the have more week than restrictions : you forgot what is jumps, jumps, run, moves legs. And from this point you cannot also carry out exercises “hands up“ because they promote emergence of a tone in muscles of an abdominal tension. Be not fond also of exercises on balance - from - for the grown stomach your center of gravity slightly was displaced and to keep balance quite difficult.

In the last trimester of pregnancy needs to reduce intensity of physical exercises. You will be able to return to intensive gymnastics in 6 weeks after the delivery for now replace it with long walks.

weeks at the end 8 - go month of pregnancy doctors advise

32 - 36 to

to stop for the period of occupation with the elements a step - and of water aerobics . In general future mother cannot be too mobile - and there is no wish. But it is a high time to be engaged in development of flexibility and relaxation exercises. Before childbirth in an organism of the woman it is emitted many hormones weakening sheaves, the woman becomes literally gutta-percha. And this effect can be used for preparation for childbirth. For example, even on this term it is useful to get acquainted with elements of yoga . In this practice there are a lot of exercises on flexibility, and practically each of them learns to relax. Choose simple poses which improve blood circulation in pelvic area, a neck and a humeral belt, you breathe smoothly and deeply. And even without any meditations you will feel at once how your body will be left by the collected tension.

36 - 40 weeks

Usually at this time future mother sporting achievements how many the forthcoming childbirth worry not so much . And the health does not dispose to activity: the uterus is strongly increased, load of heart, backbone and the arch of foot increases, there are changes in lungs, and the pregnant woman is pursued by short wind. Therefore breathing exercises and exercises which improve blood circulation in all bodies and systems will be very useful to . They will facilitate a condition of mother and will become prevention of a hypoxia at the kid. Exercises are most often carried out sitting - a starting position standing can be used no more, than in one of each five exercises.