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Preparation for USE: what it has to be? 8 questions graduates of

When needed to start preparation for USE that in two weeks prior to its beginning to feel completely ready? How the confidence in successful passing an examination is influenced by psychological climate in a family and a class? The research conducted at the beginning of May, 2013 among more than 400 school students of 100 schools of Moscow and Moscow area allowed to see readiness of school students for Unified State Examination by their eyes.

Success of delivery by the school student of USE depends not only on extent of possession of material, but also on ability not to become puzzled in a stressful situation, to competently distribute time, to choose suitable strategy. We provide some questions of research, distribution of audience in answers to them and conclusions of researchers how to make preparation for USE more effective.

in what objects you will pass the Unified State Examination (except mathematics and Russian)?

How many hours a week on average you spend for preparation for USE in recent months? How many hours a week on average you spent for preparation for USE in the fall (October - November)?

at the beginning of academic year the most part of respondents spent

for preparation for USE less than 3 hours, 25% of respondents - from 3 to 6 hours. A little more than 20% spent more than 7 hours a week for preparation for USE since the beginning of academic year.

indicators of time of preparation are displaced by

at the time of carrying out research towards increase in hours in a week at the maximum indicator of 7 - 11 hours. the Possible conclusion - graduates prefer to prepare intensively for examination just before its delivery. Not it is clear, with what it is connected: with desire to refresh material in memory or with increase of intensity and nervousness? And maybe, with the fact that most of graduates does not realize importance of systematic preparation? Perhaps, these indicators are also connected with the fact that the vast majority of graduates did not decide on the choice of specialty.

As far as your way of life changed recently?

More than 40% of respondents indicated


that during preparation for USE they began to have a rest less and worse to get enough sleep. On 25% of the interrogated graduates reported that they endow sports activities and communication with friends, but only 15% began to spend less time at TV and on social networks. Fortunately, only 5% of children specified that they began to spend less time with parents. The way of life of a quarter of respondents did not change in any way, according to them.

Because graduates endow sport and communication with friends, but nevertheless the majority finds time for social networks, it is possible to recommend to parents to interfere more actively with process of the organization of time of the children during preparation for examinations and to control their day regimen. Also it is probably possible to transfer to Wednesday social networks of exercise and other activities relating to preparation for USE.

As far as, in your opinion, your parents are informed in questions USE and your preparation?

Awareness of parents on features of USE graduates characterize

as follows: more than 40% of children say that parents know about USE only according to the children. Only 15% of children indicated that parents are shipped in a question and use expert consultations and resources for its detailed studying.

In this regard can recommend to pay attention to bigger knowledge of parents, for example, at schools at PTA meetings, in mass media. In our opinion, it would allow parents to approach more competently the organization of preparation for USE and would reduce nervousness during the period before examination.

As you estimate

as far as the atmosphere of the house promotes fruitful preparation for examination?

About 40% of respondents feel sufficient support from a family during preparation for USE. A quarter of graduates characterize the atmosphere in a family as neutral. Slightly less than 10% of children get support in words, but would like to get more real support. Unfortunately, there are graduates (though such and not much - less than 5%) who characterize a situation in the family as negative and do not feel support from the family in general. In this regard it is possible to recommend at PTA meetings at school, and also by means of mass media to draw attention of parents to what support is expected from the parents by graduates. whether

teachers other planned subjects for the sake of preparation for USE Endow?

As initially research shows to

vision of graduates, their assessment of the organization of educational process by teachers can be subjective. During deep interview we found out that respondents often do not see communication between the school program and preparation for examination and perceive USE as the phenomenon, independent of the program. About a third of respondents indicate that the teacher effectively combines material of the program and training of USE. 15% of respondents consider that the teacher generally finds time for the school program. About 30% of graduates believe that the teacher is generally focused on preparation for examination.

As if you characterized the relation to objects in which you do not need to pass the Unified State Examination?

More than a half of graduates began to find less time for objects in which they do not plan to take examination. However a quarter of respondents considers that it is worth spending the main forces and time only for preparation for examination. During deep interview it became clear that graduates have no problems in training because find less time for non-core objects. It can demonstrate implicit reduction of requirements to the organization of educational process in graduation classes.

Quote: “Progress at me average, that is the fours and the five. Parents at first forced me, but then I explained them everything, and they agreed that yes, it is necessary to spend less time for school, now the main thing - to pass the Unified State Examination“ .

One more question of research concerned possible fraud at Unified State Examination, in particular - purchases of answers. So, in 2011 cases of taking of bribes for successful USE were recorded, in 2012 according to Rosobrnadzor 172 graduates were removed from examination for attempts to receive the hint by means of the mobile phone and a vykladyvaniye of the USE tasks in the Internet. Researchers were interested in the relation of graduates to this subject, and they asked the following question: whether

you or your friends Considered a possibility of purchase of answers to USE?

Every fifth participant of poll or seriously considers purchases option of answers to USE, or in its circle of contacts there are examples when use of this “opportunity“ is planned. It considerably reduces motivation to preparation and influences distribution of time within a year. Also it increases risk of failures by certifications. Pupils are poorly informed on danger of use of roguish ways of Unified State Examination.

So what, according to graduates, helps or disturbs in preparation for Unified State Examination? Results of research allow to draw some conclusions and to make recommendations.

  1. Pupils expect the bigger support from parents which is not limited to support “in words“.
  2. needs to be lit with
  3. more widely negative consequences of use of roguish schemes of passing an examination.
  4. to Teachers is recommended to pay more attention to passing an examination strategy, distribution of time and efforts at examination.
  5. Children will feel
  6. included in process of preparation for USE if for the school students who are handing over rare or unpopular objects alternative forms of their preparation at school are organized.