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How to make chicken on - Belgian? I Had

last week affairs sad in Syktyvkar. And there from Petrozavodsk … To go and go! Well, the friend at me in Cherepovets. I also stopped at it: to take breath and spend the night at the same time. And it weeks two as from Cuba returned. Therefore as there were we after a dinner to a verandah, the friend to us in glasses on 50 drops of the Cuban rum dropped (type, instead of sleeping pill) and got a box with cigars: all supposedly the most real. Not some there Chinese counterfeit. Cubans own Cuban hands molded. Both the first, and the second.

I Drank rum, began to smoke a cigar … Strange, but somehow did not feel that enthusiasm which would have to be of the present, the most Cuban. Rum as rum. Our self-race - is not worse. With vodka, so in general … Any comparison!

The friend looked at my puzzled physiognomy and speaks: “Here and I - in the same way. In Cuba as drank the first glass, began to smoke a cigar … Also condescended on me! Inspiration. This drink! Where to it to our vodka. And if under a glass of rum and the Cuban cigar … What else is necessary to the respectable gentleman? And all the time, so far was in Cuba - only rum and cigars. It is more - - ChE - GO. Before departure bought both that, and another it is so much how many duty-free it is possible to take out, and thought, I will return to native Cherepovets, only rum and cigars. And arrived … Drank, lit … At all not that calico! Swill, not drink. And from cigars - any … Here is any high! Perhaps taste is influenced by the place where you drink and smoke? Air with which sea smells, the sun, heat are mixed … All this in Cuba - available. And in Cherepovets … Where?!“

K to what it I? Probably, the real chicken on - Belgian only in Belgium it is possible to try. But where it, and where we? And whether such opportunity - to get to these mysterious Benelux countries will be presented to us ever? And so sometimes there is a wish … Something such. Unusual.

So can, we will try? Though to make it not so simply as it seems. If to trust checked the Internet - to sources, recipe-books in which it is possible to find recipes of the Belgian cuisine - a big rarity!

But, probably, who looks for … Or I was just lucky? I found one retseptik here. In which, in my opinion, all originality of the Belgian cuisine was reflected. And if someone says that chicken, she and in Africa - chicken, then he is wrong. He is very deeply wrong!

One of characteristic features of ethnic cuisine of Belgium - love of citizens of her monarch to beer. They say that the average Belgian annually drinks nearly 150 liters of this frothy beverage. Which it is not obligatory - barley. Maybe wheat. And still - with addition of juice. Cherry, crimson, bilberry. Beer in Belgium is frequent insist in open containers on fruit.

They say that in this country from 500 to 800 grades of the most different beer among which there are simply unique. For example, in abbey Notr - Ladies even since World War II for preparation of beer is used same (one and only!) culture of yeast. Therefore, probably, there is nothing surprising that the first-ever academy of beer was open in 1999 in the city of Herk - - Herds that lies in the Belgian province Limburg. As well as that at a compounding of chicken on - Belgian there is this frothy beverage.

But beer of addiction of Belgians are not settled. In this country annually make nearly 220 thousand tons … Chocolate! Belgium, and it is concrete - the Bruxelles national airport, is that point on a world map in which chocolate sell more, than anywhere. But also within the country it remains very much even decently. Just because Belgians love this sweet product. Besides, if to trust statistics, then each resident of the country daily (!) eats about 61 grams of chocolate. Or 22 kg a year!

Love … Belgians love sweet. Here and in chicken on - Belgian there is the sweet highlight. And not only in figurative, but also in the most literal sense of this word. Raisin - one more prescription component of this dish.

Here also we begin with it. We take a cup (about 100 grams) of raisin without stones, we wash it, we spread in a one-liter jar. We fill up in it 2 teaspoons of sugar without top, we pour in a bottle of light beer. We stir everything properly and we leave for an hour in heat the place. Let it will be drawn. Well, and we pass actually to chicken meanwhile. Or, if more precisely, to its fillet.

I have it, all kilogram, was already cut on portion pieces. I slightly beat off each of them a culinary hammer, prisolit, peppered and … Fried on well warmed frying pan where previously dripped a little vegetable oil. Slightly fried. One or two minutes on one party of a portion piece, as much - on another. Laid out all fried fillet on a big plate and set aside a frying pan away. Let podostynt a little.

We have no time to idle so far. We clean couple of onions and we slice them half rings. In good time of the bought slightly smoked brisket we slice 300 grams thin.

While pottered with onions and brisket, the frying pan was in time a little podostyt. We fill up in it a little onions so that it hardly covered a bottom. The sidewall of a frying pan is laid over by brisket slices, and on the place which remained free it is placed the fried portion pieces of chicken fillet. From above it is covered with a decent layer of the shredded onions and … All this food wealth is filled in with sweet beer together with raisin on which it was drawn. Then we send a frying pan to an oven.

Hour, hour with small at a temperature of 160 - 180 degrees - is enough in order that from an oven we already took out not just chicken fillet, but chicken on - Belgian. Well, and the best garnish to it, in my opinion, boiled potatoes. Especially, it is already possible to buy from us young, a new harvest. And it and with crafty - beer sauce … Thinking - holes - mm … Such yum-yum!

By the way, Belgians strong - are firmly sure that French fries - their national invention. Well, and to us … It is necessary only to take them the word. Perhaps we will get when to Belgium, we will be convinced of it also. For now …

we do not waste time! Chicken on - Belgian cools down …


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