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Many mothers already know how it is easy to order drugs on Apteka. ru, means of hygiene and goods for newborns to take away them in a convenient drugstore, to save time and the considerable sums for the family budget.

Motherhood - a happy time in the woman`s life. Often, after appearance of the child the family becomes rather harmonious and full. However, not a secret that with the birth of the kid together with pleasant efforts also constant deficiency of time comes.

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, and each mother wants to spend more time with own child, to observe each step, but not to be sprayed on the solution of household problems. It is convenient that now an increasing number of daily duties which take away precious time can be reduced with ease: to order delivery of products and clothes, to register on the Internet in policlinic, to cause on the house of the hairdresser. Progress facilitates life in many respects, and only 15 years ago our mothers also could not present it.

Though still many mothers do not know what to do if the kid was unwell, and it is necessary to find the whole list of drugs, it is desirable, to buy them in one place and at the favorable prices. Or it is necessary to get pampers, children`s mix, the thermometer, vitamins, powder, napkins at once and it is a lot more everything, without having spent at the same time the whole day for traveling on shops in search of favourite and habitual brands. The answer is simple - already today the website Apteka. ru is ready to undertake hard work on search and the order of drugs, iatrotechnics and means of hygiene in the favorable prices.

Principle of work of the website Apteka. ru is simple. On the website you, having passed simple registration, you choose medicines, goods for newborns, means of hygiene and another is much, in total more than 10 000 names of goods. Further at registration of the order you choose the next drugstore where you will be able to take away the order during one - two days. When the order is delivered, you receive SMS - the message.

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it is not necessary to follow the order: in Russia with a portal more than 2 300 drugstores already cooperate in 80 cities of Russia. Residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Arkhangelsk, Execution, Chelyabinsk and many other cities already estimated advantages of work of service. Where you were, be sure that nearby it is obligatory to eat a drugstore where you will be able to take away the order from the website Apteka. ru.

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Thanks to an extensive network of drugstores the most convenient drugstore, for example, with a ramp for a carriage, or a drugstore which is on the way from work of the husband to the house. And the spouse should not explain perplexed to the druggist what drugs from the list are necessary to him, it can drop in with ease in the next drugstore and take away the order, without spending excess time.

Important point: Apteka. ru does not deliver medicines to the house as the resolution of the government of the Russian Federation № 81 of February 6, 2002 forbids remote sale of medicines. Activity of service is completely legal, goods have all corresponding certificates of quality. Safety, the correct storage conditions and authenticity of the offered goods are guaranteed.

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about the range and the prices. The prices of all given production below retail on average on of 15 - 20%.

Range of goods of Apteka. ru - the real find for each mother. On the website more than 10 000 names of medicines, iatrotechnics, means of hygiene and goods for newborns at wholesale prices are submitted. You will find goods both for yourself, and for your kid: drugs, milk pumps, inhalers, massage devices, thermometers, dry mixes, diapers, pampers, nipples, bottles, powders, children`s shampoos, soap and many other things.


In the catalog of goods of the website widely presented the proved production from the Nutricia company (Nutrition, the Netherlands). For example, bank of dry mix NUTRILON - 2 PREMIUM dry mix (400gr.) will cost buyers only 354,2 rubles. Prices of other goods not less pleasant.

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and join thousands of happy buyers who already order all necessary for health on the website Apteka. ru also take away the orders in a convenient drugstore.