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How to learn to photograph? 6 checked councils of

Why do not even linger on one photos a look, and others - as if attract it? Business here not in any otherworldly forces, and in art taste. Whether it is possible to develop it? How to learn to photograph rather beautifully?

It is very frequent, being able to adjust a chamber and to try to obtain excellent quality of pictures, the photographer, especially the beginner, sometimes forgets about their art component and semantic contents. It would seem, there is an excellent object for shooting, the correct settings - but why at someone at the same time the masterpiece will turn out are chosen, and someone will just record the picture at which it is uninteresting to look? The difference is in how to photograph. The smallest, in effect, details can turn a usual picture in good, and good - into a masterpiece.

Why not all can photograph

equally well?

Most often the shot turns out unsuccessful if in it is mute rules of composition about which we will talk a bit later are not followed. Practically each owner of the mirror camera, especially at the beginning of the experiences, already considers himself as the photographer. But possession of equipment - there is more to come. It is impossible to consider himself as the artist, only having paints, brushes and a canvas, - it is necessary still to be able to draw! And in the photo: to become the professional or even the advanced fan, it is necessary to learn to photograph.

It is undoubted, it is much easier to press the lock button, than, having armed with brushes and paints, to try to paint a picture. But also here all is not so simple. Yes, many of professionals try to rely only on the expensive camera. But really good photographer has to possess not only equipment, but also art taste.

A to develop it it turns out not at all. And first of all from - for the fact that in our environment you will very seldom meet something rather beautiful. Bad taste is considered norm, including in the photo, from here and infinite photos against someone else`s machine, the stamped wedding photoshoots and faceless shots brought from holiday. Many do not think that such pictures are no good, - because did not see the best.



But us do not need photos “as at all“ - these infinite stories “at Vasya are too a picture where it as if holds the bride on a palm“, “let all know that they presented me this bouquet“, “I in boots lie on a sofa in a drawing room“ (examples a set, you do not trust - glance in a photo album of almost any user of some social network).

Before photographing people, I try to imagine clearly what result has to turn out. Most often I do simple sketches of future pictures by a pencil. It is similar to a storyboard to the movie - clean sheets with portraits. During shooting process such preparation very much helps.

How to develop in itself art taste

If taste is by nature - it is fine. But in the area interesting us not to do without its development in any way. Therefore I recommend to you to do the following simple things regularly.

you go to the museums . The photo is under construction almost on the same bases, as painting. In the museum try to consider pictures from the photographer`s position: foreshortening, light, color, sense of a picture, her main idea and so on. For the similar analysis I recommend to choose classical works because they are created on certain canons, by the closest to rules of the art photo.

Attend photo exhibitions, especially exhibitions of masters of the world photo. their pictures became widely known not just like that - behind it interesting stories, legendary innovations and the professionalism perfected for years are covered.

I do not advise

to begin development of an artistic flair with opening days of the modern art where many not absolutely usual works on which you should not equal at the beginning meet.

Be sotsialna. Be registered on the photowebsite or in any Internet - gallery where there is an opportunity to spread the pictures, and also to look through and comment strangers. Try to see more the most rating pictures, read and leave comments to them. Publish the best works to learn opinions of strangers. The first positive estimates - and they surely will be! - as well as possible motivate to new fulfillments.

Equal on professionals. Look through collections of works of the famous photographers and, as they say, take good note. By the way, it is an excellent way to gather new ideas for own experiences.

Scoop ideas in other art forms and in the nature. Create the works in style of cinema, music, theater, dance. To make the picture filled with sense it is necessary to enclose this sense in it. And worthy works of these art forms sometimes very much inspire. Better them motivate the photographer on creativity only the nature with its boundless reasons for admiration and imitation can. It - out of competition on beauty among everything that is in the world.

Accept constructive criticism. Attentively consider the photos and offer them to acquaintances on viewing. Any author (not only the photographer) cannot be improved without constructive criticism. Be not afraid of unflattering responses - they force to develop.

From the book “How to Photograph People“