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Toys from animated cartoons: monsters and superheroes. Pluses and minuses of

of Mother strongly worry if they see that toys which are not the embodiment of good and beauty at all suddenly begin to attract the child. On shelves of shops now such there is a lot of. What to do with children`s toy addictions?

Sometimes even with usual toys the kid begins to play

in “emergencies“ - in accidents or trains wreck. Here dolls sat and peacefully drank tea, and in the next second they are taken by robbers - pirates - terrorists... “It became such aggressive!“ - mother to the psychologist complains.

Psychologists consider that in “terrible“ games of children actually there is nothing surprising. Especially if the kid literally lives at the turned-on TV. In news now several negative is the share of each positive news. The kid cannot but feel the aggression proceeding from everywhere, to him it is terrible - and to splash out this fear, to process it, to turn awful in ordinary and habitual it can only through game.

B it also good grain if in frightening games the kid himself supports good which as a result wins is. So the child learns to overcome the fear and at the same time raises a self-assessment that for the preschool child very important.

of the Toy with a minus sign

I all - is toys which it is better for child not to buy. How to distinguish them?

“It is not similar to you, is not similar to itself“ . Toys which form the wrong idea of world around at the kid. For example, producers literally apprehended a joke about a frog who “green because was ill, and actually - warm and fuzzy“ - and let out warm and fuzzy option of a kvakushka. If to buy such to the baby till 2 years, he will be sure that other frogs and are not. Violet dogs and pink elephants and the other animals existing actually whose color and the invoice in toy option are far from plausible enter the same category.

Improbable toys. Psychologists say long ago that various dolls like Barbie with the broken proportions of a body develop at girls - preschool children the wrong installations on how in reality the woman has to look: too long legs, too slender waist, too small a foot on which it is difficult to balance, too small weight. If this “beauty“ was live, she would be very ugly anoreksichka, it would be difficult to them to get up.

Excessively plausible toys. to the Baby dolls intended for game of preschool children it is perfect to anything the expressed bases of sex. There is Barbie at whom everything is only designated, could just be an example. One more option of too plausible toys - dolls - babies who behave as the real children. They drink and pisat, react to the slightest movement, cry, demanding that they were fed, gave to drink, rocked to sleep, played with them. They cause to little “mother“ so many efforts, forcing to jump sometimes and in the middle of the night “to feed“ that the only way to cope with them - simply to switch off them, having turned a very expensive interactive doll into a usual baby doll.

Monsters - mutants. any humanoids which in anatomy have no necessary enter this category or there are excess parts of a body. By the way, most of humanoids - superheroes and anti-heroes here too enters. They can have tails, several sets of hands or legs, excess eyes, etc.

of the Horror story - a pugalka. Looking for a gift of the oldest daughter for New year, I came across the shelf with dolls which as if rose from the dead. Greenish faces, colourful scars, instead of hands and legs - stones, as at a skeleton. At the same time - beautiful hairdresses, elegant dresses and accessories, huge eyes, ominous smiles. It appeared, these “vedmochka“ - heroines of some next animated film. And, of course, they - on a plot - lifeless. To present how my daughter falls asleep embracing it here “Corpse Bride“, I just could not.

of the Toy with evil eyes. Yes, it is one of important criteria. Eyes at any toy - though person, though animal though robot or the humanized machine - have to be tender and friendly. And here if the shaggy kitten pleasant in every respect or a teddy bear looks from a rack at you is bad, do not buy it to the kid better. He will hardly be able to become him the good friend.

Collection editions. Buying by the small child expensive porcelain doll or the rare collection machine, you remember that it will not be able accurately to play with it. Means, or it is necessary to reconcile to the fact that expensive exclusive miracle will be very quickly destroyed, or at once consider such “toys“ only as a detail of an interior and put on the most inaccessible to the child the shelf.

the Villain

Approximately at the age of 4 years the child suddenly can begin to love villains terribly. In animated cartoons he “supports“ bad characters, and in games prefers to undertake negative roles. Respectively, and toys he asks corresponding from Father Frost and mother. Why?

In - the first because many villains for it are more attractive . They are stronger, they are afraid of nobody, they have in a stock a set of cunning pieces and tricks, and only by accident they allow to win against themselves positive to “rokhla“. Unfortunately, such animated cartoons, in particular the American production, it is now broadcast much.

In - the second - and it is the useful moment - the game “on the party of the evil“ helps the child to splash out the aggression . In game he can stay angry, pugnacious, disobedient - so, powerful. Has to guard parents another: if the kid confuses game to reality if his bad behavior in game is transferred to ordinary life. Most likely, such child has very low self-assessment, and he desperately tries to prove to people around that it is good. And they do not understand.“ In that case means, I also will be bad“, - the kid solves and behaves respectively. It is a request for acceptance and understanding, and it is impossible to wave away from it (and furthermore to punish for it).

B - the third, in games the child loses also to the fears . The girl, for example, will hardly wave the electronic blaster, representing from herself the subjugator of the Universe. But can play busily and with enthusiasm “the angry doctor“, according to parents, giving painful injections to a favourite bear, painfully tearing out “patient“ teeth and performing extensive “band operations“. It seems that the baby very much is afraid of doctors and everything that is connected with an illness, hospital, medical examinations. This fear is not even surely caused by a real case from her life. Mother`s too detailed preparatory stories before visit to the doctor could affect. Or intimidations:“ Here you will get sick, I will take away you to the doctor, he to you will give an injection“. It does not mean at all that it is necessary to take away a set for game in the doctor from the baby. But certain conversations and work with the psychologist in such situation are necessary.

the Correct toys have to


to be safe - not to have fine details which can be torn off, turned off and swallowed; to be made of hypoallergenic materials and not to contain toxic substances.

to be hygienic . Any toy has to transfer frequent washing or washing easily.

to be reliable and beautiful - that is to personify an image of a real animal or the person, without any conjectures. The toy has to be attractive - but also to meet certain esthetic notions of beauty. For the kid it - an image which is put in subconsciousness for the rest of life.

to Cause the correct emotions . In other words, the kid has to want to play with a toy, and it has to cause in him good feelings - aspiration to protect, press to itself, to feed, warm.

Not only to entertain, but also to develop . Before being enough a novelty from the shelf, think what useful she will teach the kid to.

to be different . In the fashionable novelties created based on animated films and series there is nothing bad. But to encumber the nursery only with little ponies and smesharika, fiksika and turtles of the ninjia, “wheelbarrows“ and “vinks“ is not necessary. In a game arsenal of the baby there have to be surely traditional toys made of natural materials - a tree, clay, wool, cotton, straw.

I of course, any most expensive purchased toy will not be compared to the rattle or a doll made mother`s hands. Such toys “are loaded“ with heat of mother`s hands and her care and love, are stored all life, cause the most gentle memoirs and pass from father to son.