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How to improve memory? 6 simple rules

Ancient Greeks knew by heart “Odyssey“ and “Illiada“ and could tell them from any place blindly. Medieval troubadours remembered all songs of the time - besides that then in the course there were not short songs, but long and difficult ballads. At last, Eugene Onegin, though studied “to something and as - nibud“, nevertheless, “days past jokes from Romula were stored up to now by him in the memory“. And our memory is how good?

In all honesty, we, people of the 21st century, remember by heart not really a lot of things. It is easily explainable - at our disposal there are almost always an Internet and a set of technical means. Why to cram by heart important telephone numbers if mobile always near at hand? Why to learn foreign words if in the same mobile the whole dictionary easily downloads? And also the way of life of the majority of us leaves much to be desired that too cannot but affect ability to perceive new. Meanwhile our memory needs continuous training - that is why over the years harder and harder to remember something by heart.

But do not hurry to be upset! Easily to remember large volumes of information and without tension to study new, it is enough to follow several simple rules.

1. The dream mode

Memory impairment and abilities to concentrate is often connected by

with overfatigue, and overfatigue - with the fact that you work too much and do not manage to have a rest. In simple cases the organism should allow to be restored, and he will work at full capacity again. What to do? For a start properly sleep. Then take a walk in park and again you go to bed. Procedure should be repeated several times a week and whenever possible regularly.

But sometimes it the express - rest appears insufficiently. If symptoms remain, perhaps, once a doctor sees.“ The overfatigue started“ can cause an illness - a syndrome of chronic fatigue which most often strikes women. It is necessary to remove a sharp state by means of medicines so the earlier you will sound the alarm, the better.

2. Sports activities

Physical activity promotes inflow of oxygen to a brain and reduces risk of the diseases leading to memory loss. At the same time extension of muscles in a gym will go on nature less effective, than sports activities. Skates, skis, run in park are capable to improve yours a state much quicker in the mornings. If progress does not come, register in occupations by yoga. According to researches, the yoga improves memory, increases the speed of reactions and even indicators of IQ.

3. The advantage of sexuality

Rich private life gives you indisputable advantage. Regular trainings sex not only help to improve a situation right now, but also, what is much more important, become your “insurance“ on the future. Researches showed that the aged people conducting active sexual life are less subject to senile dementia. All the matter is that sex, as well as sport, promotes supply of an organism with oxygen and helps to grow to cells of a brain, stimulating gipotalamus - the part of a brain responsible for memory and training.

4. Female contraception

It is improbable, but the fact: memory, flexibility of thinking, the speech, ability to be trained and to be guided quickly in space are positively influenced by hormonal contraceptives. It was established by Kelly Egan`s scientists from university at School of medicine and health care of Wisconsin and Cari Gleason from Veteran hospital “Middleton Memorial“, USA. At the same time the longer the woman accepts oral contraceptives, the effect is shown stronger. Tablets yield positive result even years later after the end of reception: the women accepting them approach a maturity in peak form.

Among all variety of modern means should pay attention to contraception with “a female formula“: thanks to the content of natural estrogen and the dynamic mode of dispensing these tablets can promote maintenance of stable weight and good mood in any day of a cycle.

5. More practice

Constantly train memory and attention. The more they should “work“, the better they do it. Learn a modern language, get a new profession, begin your day with the solution of crossword puzzles or puzzles - to a pike perch. Constantly increase the level of complexity of tasks: the task is more difficult and more unusual, the result is better.

6. Reasonable food

Pay attention to the diet. The diet based on fruit vegetables and whole grains improves memory. Fish contains substances which not only improve memory, but also reduce risk of development of Alzheimer`s disease. And here the use of products of an animal origin - meat, whole milk, butter, cheeses, sour cream and ice cream - it is better to reduce.

It is possible, conforming to these rules, you also do not learn “Illiada“, but precisely will begin to remember phone numbers and birthdays of friends much quicker. And the most important is a contribution to the future. You have a fine opportunity to hold sensible mind and sober in remembrance till the old age.