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Books for children till 3 years: developing and entertaining. The review of

If our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were guided by traditional methods of education, then modern mothers have a choice much more. But what systems we would not choose to grow up clever, talented and happy children, books remain invariable attribute for occupations with the kid. What books should be taken, being going to the dacha to spend summer cheerfully and with advantage?

the book - that tool thanks to which the child opens the huge and various world. Books show to kids the first letters, figures and words, tell about objects and the phenomena. Generally not to do without books.

of Children`s books in the market - the sea, for every taste and a purse. Especially, it is worth thinking attentively that you are going to buy and choose the best.

First what we pay attention at the choice of the book to - about what it. For children aged from 0 till 3 years logicians also acquaint the most actual, developing books which help to master elements of grammar, mathematics with the nature. Fiction, namely, short verses and stories, poteshka and riddles for children, we can safely carry to the developing literature too.

it is fashionable to p to release

classics Now. Fill up a home library with Korney Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak, Agniya Bartho`s reprintings. Of course, not always you will give such book in hands to the kid, it is possible to call some editions collection. But regular evening reading will not be in vain.

Experts advise

to read to kids, bringing elements of theatricality and game: read dialogues on different voices, you reproduce the described actions, for example, stamp, clap etc. Such game will cause delight in the child and will teach to understand sense of read.

Kids adore listening to fairy tales. Safely choose the adapted history. High-quality retelling will help to understand better work, and the unusual book in the form of a floret will surely draw attention of the little listener. The kid will not let go such book.

the Task of the book not only in telling about world around, but also in drawing attention to the reading. Lacings, mobile elements, cutting down do the book memorable, develop small motility, combine business with pleasure, the book and a toy.


Sooner or later, to you it is necessary to teach the child to letters - and, of course, the children`s alphabet is required!

the Most popular - poetic alphabets, in such form of a short rhyme, are best of all remembered words and associations. Perhaps, your choice will fall on the “Alphabet in verses and pictures“ checked by time of Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak. You remember these lines?

“The sparrow asked a crow
to Call a wolf to telephone“.

Each publishing house seeks to release

the best alphabet - what to choose, you solve. You can buy the book with pictures, and you can, added with game elements. For example, sound. Such alphabet not only will show, but also will call letters and words.

If you do not revere classics, look at alphabets of modern writers. Look through the book or study the pictures which are laid out on the Internet, be guided not only by the taste, but also by simple rules: words have to be simple, and verses harmonious and clear. The most important now that the child perceived the text aurally.

arm with

For fixing of knowledge with a set of special cards. Read the book, remembered any several words, then took cards, put letters in syllables, and then and words.

By the same principle can study also addition - subtraction. Use a ready set or make a set. It is simple to find the training cards.

of the Letter, figures, animals, transport, are even special logopedic cards, for the kids experiencing difficulties with a pronunciation. Bright and colourful cards will draw attention of the kid, and pictures will help to learn in what words the new letter occurs.

How to distinguish big from small, firm from soft, round from square, and black from white? Do not neglect the simple recipe. Take the developing book and pull out favourite toys of the child from a box. Compare objects and pictures. Among your cubes, balls, machines and pyramids look for rectangles, triangles, circles etc. In the same way it is possible to arrive both with flowers, and with sizes of objects. Be not limited only to the book or only the visual aid, combine one with another.

the Book for children has to be safe

therefore books - donuts“ and books with thick cardboard pages that the child incidentally was not cut about a sharp paper corner enjoy the increasing and bigger popularity “. Such books often contain game elements, for example, a rattle and a prorezyvatel for teeth. It is possible to listen also to history when mother and the father read it and to gnaw, without having spoiled pages.

of the Book can peep, make sounds and open eyes and even... to ride. The best gift to the boy who is carried away by machines - the book with castors. For example, “Useful machines“ with Pyotr Sinyavsky`s poems. It is possible to play with such machine and it can be read.

These books unless in water you will not lower

, but for bathing there are absolutely others - and too on castors. With such tractor, the fire truck, the excavator it is possible to lap safely in a bathtub.

Experts claim that all the most important for development of the child is put, just aged from 0 till 3 years. At this particular time with children they need to be engaged and pay an attention maximum actively: to play, read, tell, look, to study.

Is considered that by three years the child has to be guided in primary colors, distinguish big, small and average objects, is connected to speak simple phrases, to call according to the picture objects and animals, to know names of the main parts of a body etc.

Of course, nothing will replace real-life communication with the child, but books is a great assistant to any parent. They are capable to orient you and to direct on a right way in difficult business of education. And if now very much to try, then it will be in the future possible to avoid many problems.