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How to cook the French soup of fishermen bouillabaisse?

Rich French soup bouillabaisse with unusual history is very tasty and useful, but is in it and some danger - they can easily be fond and rise from - for a table, only when in a tureen already nothing remains! And then it will be necessary to think of the following “day of bouillabaisse“ when you bring together the friends and you will sit together at a table, crackling croutons and cheerfully stirring … the fact that, according to an ancient French legend, bouillabaisse was cooked by Aphrodite for the husband Hephaestus Is interesting to


The finest this dish,

Ya in volume the oath is ready to be recited!

In one pan - well and a miracle! - you Will find

fish of all grades, Obilye`s

of pepper, onions, mussels, -

Here Greenwich itself loses weight! All this

in the best look

I makes bouillabaisse!

William Thackeray

Bouillabaisse (fr. Bouillabaisse), or fish soup on - Marseilles - a cult dish is southern - French cuisine - represents fish soup.

Bouillabaisse, in a different way, usual fish soup, food of poor people. This soup was a traditional dish of the Marseilles fishermen and prepared from fish whom did not manage to sell in a day. On Saturdays in the port of Marseille the fish market on which it is possible to buy everything that it is necessary for soul opens early in the morning. In the evening fishermen counted proceeds from the sold fish, and the remains sent to a copper with fish soup.

They put a big copper with sea water on fire and allowed it to heat up. When water began to boil, in it put the fish intended for soup, added vegetables and other ingredients and left to cook. Having finished the work, fishermen sat down to a table - bouillabaisse was ready. About 40 species of the fish suitable for bouillabaisse, including a mackerel and sardines are listed in the book La Cuisiniere provencale published in France in 1895.

As it is strange, but the only thing “the most correct“ bouillabaisse cannot just be. Even in Marseille, in the homeland of bouillabaisse, owners of different small restaurants differently cook soup of the ancestors. Across all Europe the glory of tasty and unique soup was carried, it became culinary sight of Marseille, and many cooks abroad of France, wishing to create the real atmosphere of France at the restaurant, try to get ingredients for its preparation and to include bouillabaisse in the menu. Soup bouillabaisse is that dish which at least once in life has to try each gourmet!

I think, there will be enough this theoretical information to understand what bouillabaisse tremendous soup. So, we will begin preparation of soup bouillabaisse.

In house conditions for bouillabaisse it is possible to use practically any fish who is available at present, but the key moment - a combination of at least 4 - 5 species of fish, it is necessary to observe.

For bouillabaisse we will take 6 species of fish (800 g) and seafood (200 g): squid, shrimps, mussels, humpback salmon, tilapia and cod.

First of all it is necessary to make broth which will form a basis for future soup. Tails, the heads, bones, fins of those fishes which go for preparation of bouillabaisse will be useful for such broth. We fill in them with water and we put to cook. After they cook, they can be thrown out.

We cut some fillet of a humpback salmon, a cod, a tilapia on big pieces. Shrimps we clear. A squid we clear and we cut on pieces.

While broth cooks, we will prepare one of the most important components of bouillabaisse - a so-called “bouquet of a garna“. In a sack from natural fabric or a gauze we put 1 tablespoon of a polished orange dried peel, 1 bay leaf, peppercorn, a basil, a nutmeg, ground ginger, a carnation. We take spices to taste. Being in a sack, seasonings will not get to broth, but will give it the unusual aroma and a soft taste.

While fish broth cooks, we will be engaged in vegetables for soup. One bulb, 3 stalks of a celery, 5 garlic gloves and one tomato to cut a cube. Two potatoes to clear, cut and weld in a separate pan. After cook, to merge water, to rumple potato.

Before cooking in bouillabaisse vegetables surely are fried previously. Then we add a glass of white wine and tomato.

We pour in the made fish broth to vegetables. Here we place our “sack of a garna“, it will remain here until the end of cooking. The basis for soup is ready. We do not forget to salt.

Now it is put in broth the prepared in advance large pieces of fish and 100 g of rice. They will cook minutes 15 - 20.

In two minutes until the end of cooking it is poured a sea trifle - shrimps, mussels, squids. We add mashed potatoes. They have to cook minutes two, it is no more. We switch off a plate, from broth we take out a sack with “a garna bouquet“ - and bouillabaisse is ready!

The real bouillabaisse - a taste holiday! It is difficult soup, and it is natural, giving at it unusual. Obligatory addition to bouillabaisse are croutons - dried white croutons which are served on a separate dish, and the more them will be, the more tasty. Croutons should be dipped in specially made ru sauce. Instead of croutons it is possible to give fried pieces of a baguette on which previously it is necessary to lay out sauce.

Croutons are necessary to experience taste of bouillabaisse really as his Provencal seamen felt, sitting on rocks, inhaling a sea smell and having a rest after day works.

Now we will prepare Ruy`s sauce . We squeeze out four garlic gloves or it is small cut, we add pepper, 3 egg yolks, we mix and we add 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

That`s all, rich and dense soup bouillabaisse is ready. It is possible to start a meal.

Welcome to mysterious and unique French cuisine!


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