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The child on the plane: 10 successful decisions. What to take with itself?

Even thought of the turquoise sea and eternal summer grow dim and shrinks against prospect to spend several hours on the plane with the child. But at the correct organization weeds with the young traveler - not such troublesome action to refuse trips in fine far.

Take off and landing

the Most unpleasant moments. Passengers feel the discomfort caused by pressure difference at differences of height. In particular, painful feelings in ears, and also the children`s crying blocking a sound of the working turbines are explained by it. If the child has a stuffy nose or problems with ears, shout will be even more therefore in advance consult with the doctor about special drops.

to Babies it is more comfortable to p to spend this time at a mother`s breast, with a pacifier or a small bottle. To children is more senior it is necessary to sglatyvat from time to time. Smoothly candy works at a stick - the term of its “action“ is just enough for the necessary period. If there is no allergy, it is possible to try to inhale fumes of eucalyptus oil - for example, having dripped several drops on a scarf. And in advance stock up with the book, a coloring, a new toy or game for the tablet PC which will help you to hold the child on a leash these 20 minutes.

How not to ache?

Despite all assurances of airlines that air in salon is updated about 15 times an hour in it can be found: fuel combustion products, including carbon monoxide; the ozone causing irritation of airways and aggravating asthmatic manifestations; and even pesticides which use for extermination of insects (especially if the plane flies to the southern countries). And, of course, the viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms circulating in the isolated salon. From the last it is possible and it is necessary to take preventive measures: from simple oksolinovy ointment in a nose to import preparations of a broad spectrum of activity.

What to take with itself?


It is obligatory - a set of replaceable clothes even if your traveler refused a diaper for a long time and irrevocably. Wet towel wipes (it is desirable also antibacterial). Medicines if your child receives treatment. It is quite good to have replaceable pair of socks - they will be necessary when the child all - slips out parental embraces and will go to travel around salon. Chewing gum or lollipops will be necessary at take off and landing, and nonsticky cookies or dried fruits - as easy having a snack (not to provoke faintness at the child, do not take with yourself carbonated drinks and greasy food).

How to put to bed?

Take with yourself some thing with which the child usually fills up houses - a favourite toy, a small pillow, a plaid etc. For children is more senior buy a pillow - a collar which will support a neck and the head in the correct situation. If you were lucky and empty seats are near, do not hesitate to lay on them the kid. Sometimes to the child light in salon prevents to fall asleep - ask a plaid for the stewardess and throw with it a back of the and forward chair, having built bed curtains. Skilled travelers manage to do in time flights under time of a dream of the child - only here important not to forget about time difference.

What to do if the child rocks to sleep?

doctors advise

On this case to give a segment of a lemon or to sip, however in practice it not always helps. There is a number of preparations from a motion sickness, safe for children, but it is necessary to give them prior to flight, but not when child already began to feel sick. In general it is considered that thanks to a structure of a vestibular mechanism about one year similar troubles happen to children extremely seldom. Over time this useful property, unfortunately, is lost therefore the hygienic bag or a small towel always have to be near at hand.

What to occupy with
the child?

In the majority of airlines to children are given a so-called “set of the young traveler“. Felt-tip pens, puzzles, puzzles etc. can enter it. However the imagination and generosity of some carriers is enough only for a charm or a microscopic coloring. Therefore it is worth attending to a question of a qualitative interteyment at least some days before a departure. If the child did not grow to independent viewing of movies from repertoire of air movie theater yet, stock up with patience and toys.

It is desirable for

that the last were new (them better to collect in a separate bag and to open only on the plane, periodically taking new artifacts). It can be the soft designer, the book with stickers, unexplored interactive game on your phone, the collection of animated films on the computer, a clockwork toy - the word, everything that it is capable to occupy the kid for rather long time.

What to do if the toilet is occupied?

It to adult passengers in power to cope with similar hitch without any consequences, and for parents of the traveler who cannot really suffer the question can turn back a problem of universal scale. If there is no desire with loud knock to break the closed door, it is possible to ask the stewardess to pass you to the similar room in business - a class. There it is less users, so, and the toilet is free more often.

Can stock up with a marching folding pot with the disposable absorbing packages in advance not to spill contents. They are issued in a set of options (inflatable, in the form of a small suitcase etc.) cost not much, weigh a little and are quite suitable for further use in non-flying conditions. If the trouble took unawares, then safely use hygienic packages in a pocket of a front seat - they are waterproof.

What to eat


When booking tickets on the website of airline do not forget to specify necessary type of food - among other options is also there the food for babies and kids is more senior. On the plane the order will do already late - the special power supply is ordered per day according to inquiries of passengers. The food to you has to be given earlier, than the rest. Keep in mind that juice from ready sets always very cold.

If the child is choosy

in food, it is better to take with himself the checked products. According to rules of transportation of liquids, the baby food (including water and juice), is equal as medicine, it is allowed to bring on board in quantity necessary for you. But be ready that you will be asked to take a sip from each capacity to prove to the staff of the airport that in a small bottle - not explosive.

Big bonuses for little passengers

If you did not specify the desirable place when booking, it is one registration better to arrive one of the first (though passengers with children pass out of turn, but in practice it is not always observed, especially our compatriots). The most “trump“ places in the house-keeper - a class is a first row. There is an additional space to deal with bags and even to organize the small game field, previously having spread a plaid on a floor. On a forward wall the special cradle where children weighing up to 10 kg and growth to 70 cm can accommodate with the maximum comfort fastens.

here at an emergency exit do not count

A on places - by rules passengers with children are forbidden to sit there. If the fate smiles to you especially broadly, then by way of exception you can be replaced in business - a class (food, however, will be from the house-keeper).

Myths and reality

“A carriage needs to be handed over to

together with baggage“. Actually it can be handed over before a ladder and to receive back at an exit from the plane (the truth, sometimes it is necessary to wait a little until it is brought from a luggage compartment). If the carriage small and compactly develops, then it can be allowed to be taken aboard. By the way, at some airports (for example, in Dubai) carriages give out for rent free of charge.

“To the child can take

any toys“. Toy guns, knives and the other plastic weapon should be handed over in baggage.

“Children till two years can fly only in an automobile chair“. Children till two years can fly on hands at the parent without payment of the certain place. If you pay to the child the place and plan to take an automobile chair, be convinced that it is certified for use on the plane (usually it is specified on a sticker). The carriage and a car seat in the weight of baggage are not set off. Some airlines on demand provide own children`s chair.

“On the child can register the same baggage, as on the adult“. As a rule, on the child till two years it is possible to register only one article of luggage with a smaller weight (at the majority of the European airlines - to 10 kg).