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Wedding and pregnancy: double happiness of

What girl does not dream of this day? About a long white dress which will softly stream on a figure or will surround a camp with a white cloud of a magnificent skirt. About a noisy feast. That at a wedding will be main, as well as it is necessary, two - the groom and the bride. But this day came, and at the head of a wedding table not two, and... already three: the bride carries in herself the new, arising life.

Actually, the simple common sense prompts that such wedding the most natural. What is a wedding? This some kind of public statement of couple about itself as about the developed family - a family which is established for the sake of children. It is no secret that priorities of society changed today. It concerns also area of the family relations. It is seldom possible to meet young people who at first, having hardly got acquainted, marry, and then find out whether they are capable to lead generally joint, real family life. Norm are just civil marriages when young people live together long before registration of the official relations. And it is their free choice. But the child already obliges to manifestation of a certain responsibility, and the first that parents can make for it, is to issue the relations, having declared itself the husband and the wife and at the same time - mother and the father.


So, in your life it happened so that on the most joyful period of life of any woman - the waiting time of the child - fell one more happy event - a wedding. It is fine!

How to pick up a dress?

the Wedding dress has to be not just convenient, it has to go to you, be pleasant most. Do not try to drag away a tummy, it at all - your main ornament, your pride, there - your kid!

do not allow

in a dress of fine “excess“ details: numerous thingies, bows, buttons, lacy inserts will weight a figure and will simplify a dress. You need clear simple lines. Look narrowly at yourself. If you have long harmonous legs, for certain it is worth showing them, having put on a short dress. The open top and a wide skirt quite will approach magnificent shoulders: instead of hiding the body, show what you have!

the Most popular among pregnant brides traditionally remains style of “the Empire era“ in which the waist is raised to breast level (remember Natasha Rostova on its the first to a ball!) . The long fitting sleeves will strengthen impression of pure simple lines, and here full “small lamps“ can add weight to your figure. Big V - figurative cut of a mouth will allow you to look more harmonous. Surely emphasize beauty of the breast increased during pregnancy, having used a special bra. The pregnant woman radiates special power therefore you should not muffle it brilliant materials. In a dress it is better to use opaque fabrics and warm, colors of an ivory, color scale. Large accessories it is better for p to clean

as they will only encumber an elegant dress. And here a string of pearls or a strict pendent with expensive stone it is beautifully underlined a neck.

Footwear pick up

elegant, but on a low heel and the most convenient: do not forget that to you to be in it several hours!

Often pregnant brides ask

a question: to put on a veil or to refuse it? Probably, this personal record of everyone. If you consider that your dress most of all will suit this transparent easy cover - do not refuse to themselves pleasure to stand out it, there are no reasons for this purpose any! By the way, if to remember our ancient traditions, then initially the veil was a simple linen cover which meant not innocence of the girl, but her “dying“ at all in the sort where she lived till a marriage and then “revival“ in her new sort - a family of the husband.

the Make-up

Before imposing of a make-up skin will demand additional leaving. Begin preparation several hours prior to the celebration hour agreed. Clean a face special lotion (for fat and normal skin) or a milk (for dry skin), grease skin with the soft moisturizing cream. If during pregnancy on skin pigmentary spots appeared - carry out several procedures for their clarification. For example, having put a gauze in several layers, having moistened it in the cooled juice of parsley or cabbage diluted with water, put a gauze on a face for 4 - 5 minutes, then again moisten it in solution and put on the person, and so 4 - 5 times.

do not use unknown to you, let and expensive, conditioning agents behind skin and decorative cosmetics: you do not know how your organism will react to new substances, perhaps, they will cause an allergy, and to you it before the responsible moment absolutely to anything. You do a make-up easy, quiet, pastel tones as bright colors on your face will look now quite vulgarly.

of Whom to invite?

the Wedding “in the family way“ actually differs in nothing in

from a wedding usual except that the bride demands to herself especially careful attitude. Everything depends only on inviting: as you solve, and will be. If you do not want huge crowd of guests which one half only at your wedding will for the first time see another - and it is not necessary. You proceed not from this, “that people will tell“, and from own interests and desires: this, all - your wedding and to solve who will be present at it, only to you.


Probably, it is the best of all if the celebration takes place in a circle of relatives and the closest friends. At them it is not necessary “to do a face“ and to try not to show the faintness which rose suddenly or sharply replaced mood - during pregnancy it quite a commonplace. They without any tension can ask to be smoked only in a certain place or on the street. At them quietly it is also openly possible to refuse food, undesirable to you. Therefore let you are surrounded only by the loving and benevolent persons.

the Feast

When the speech comes about a feast, the first natural question - it what amount of alcoholic drinks can be accepted and whether it is possible in general? The medicine considers that continuous alcohol intake affects development of the kid. So at own wedding you quite are able to afford a glass of champagne in the honor, and then small drinks during all celebration “to pull“ a wine glass of light white or red wine.

not to overeat - that in the conditions of a long meal almost inevitably - in advance define how many and what you are able to afford. And then adhere to the put restrictions. Try not to use a pickles, smoked products, greasy or spicy food. A wedding table in your situation also not an occasion the first time to try some exotic dishes: it is unknown how your organism will react to a culinary delicacy and as they will be reflected in the kid.

Also define

for yourself as far as you are able to afford to be, so to speak, mobile during the holiday: perhaps, dances to exhaustion yet not for you. You proceed from the condition, medical indications, term and course of the pregnancy. On the other hand, is not necessary constantly and with fear to think what is impossible; quietly think over all it is possible for you, and - as much as possible rejoice to the happiest state in life!