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Dolls the hands - the master - a class for mother and the daughter. Patterns and a photo of

to Sew a doll for the daughter in power to each mother, Emma Hardy, the author of the new book of hand-made articles considers. And maybe, to get down to business together? The rag doll will become one more character of childish sports or a gift for relatives. To your attention - the detailed master - a class with patterns of dolls and a photo.

Me was taught to be sewed when I was absolutely small, and I spent many happy hours, doing dresses for the dolls. Having mastered the simplest stitches, I began to derive pleasure because that I can create clothes from rags, and was proud of the fact that beautiful things are made my hands.

Having become more senior than

, I began to sew clothes and for myself and since then constantly I use the skills acquired in the childhood. Now my daughters learn to sew and derive from it the same pleasure as once and I.

Collect by

buttons and ribbons, you store them in banks and boxes. Do not throw out old clothes. From all this you will create then tremendous models. Be not upset if not everything turns out at once: with practice stitches will become more accurately and more exactly. Also you remember: when it is visible that the thing is made with own hands, it gives it special value.

Rag dolls

Add to the collection of toys one of these charming dolls. You need to get a big piece of monophonic fabric: white, corporal or it is even dark - brown color (if you want that your doll had a bronze tan). And still you will be needs a one-color rag for a hairdress. For the rest you can manage fabrics of any flowers which are had at you near at hand. to you it is required by

to p:

How to do a pattern
Unpack a template, put from above a leaf of a tracing-paper through which the template contour will be illuminated. Lead round a contour a pencil and cut out a detail. It is also a pattern. Before attaching a pattern to fabric by means of pins, spread out fabric on a plain surface so that there were no folds. If fabric is crumpled, iron it. Place a pattern close to edges of fabric that less waste turned out. If you need two identical details, then put fabric in half and then already attach a pattern. Cut out details as it is possible closer to edges of patterns, and then take out pins and cut out patterns.
  1. Using templates, cut out from pattern paper for a trunk, hands, legs and a hairdress. Put aside patterns for a hairdress. Put in half felt for a trunk, hands and legs. Fix by pins on it patterns so that long edges of patterns fell on a fabric bend. Cut out two details of a trunk, hands and legs. Do not forget to take out pins and to cut out patterns.

  1. Pin two details of a trunk. Pass in a needle for embroidery a string of a mouline thread. Make a puncture a needle from the inside of a trunk and sew both details a secret seam, but do not sew up a bottom. Fix a thread also from the inside of a trunk. Do not forget to take out pins.
the Secret seam
is Applied to connection of two layers of fabric or to sew up admissions in seams. Fix a thread by several short stitches or tie it a small knot. Then pierce a needle with a thread from below up both layers of fabric in several millimeters from edge and extend a thread. Take a needle several threads on the second layer of fabric, then carry out a needle with a thread through the first (closest to you) a fabric layer. The stitch will turn out. Continue to do the same stitches. They have to be absolutely tiny. You should not tighten strongly a thread, otherwise stitches will be visible from the face.

  1. Take

    a leg detail from felt, put it in half on length and pin. Having knotted on the end of a string of a mouline thread, sew edges, except top, a secret seam. Take out pins. In the same way sew the second leg and both hands.

  1. Fill a filler a trunk, hands and legs, accurately pushing it a pencil in hard-to-reach spots. Do not use too much filler, otherwise the seam will burst. Take a filler small pieces and distribute them in details not really densely. Leave a little free space in the top parts of hands and legs.

  1. Enclose legs in an opening of a trunk and fix them by pins. Knot on a string of a mouline thread. Make a line a smetochny seam to connect legs to a trunk and at the same time to sew up an opening. Fix a thread by a small knot.

the Smetochny seam
Is the simplest of all seams, but not really strong. They can sew two layers of fabric or to embroider. Fix a thread by one of two ways. Puncture fabric and bring a needle with a thread to the face. Make a short stitch and stretch a thread on seamy side. Thus carry out stitches at small distance from each other. Try that the seam was equal.

  1. Secret stitches connect not sewn up edges of hands to the top part of a trunk. Do frequent stitches that the seam was stronger. Fix a thread by a small knot.
  2. Using the made patterns, cut out from hairdress detail felt. Tie a small knot on the end of a thread. Secret stitches sew details together. Fix a thread by a small knot. Put on a hairdress the head of a doll and record several small stitches. Then cut out from felt small circles for eyes and a smile. Sew them to a doll face, having fixed a thread by a small knot. At desire it is possible to sew or paste a bow or a beautiful flower to a hairdress.

Next time we will sew clothes and an entertainment for dolls.

Be continued.

From the book “Cheerful Hand-made Articles“