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This summer to mosquitoes it will be fought back from mothers!

As soon as come warm days, all parents seek to take out children to the country, on the nature - who for couple of days and who and for all summer. Really, games in the fresh air, walks barefoot on a grass, swimming in the lake strengthen immunity, studying of the nature broadens horizons, rural products are useful to health. Only insects - small, but harmful break this idyll. And so they to children stick - though put on a space suit the kid!

Actually, the love of insects to kids is easily explainable. Children`s skin is much thinner than the adult`s skin, and vessels are located closer to a surface: it is the main reason for which at once on arrival on giving kids stick around mosquitoes. And also midges, gadflies and gadflies. Wasps, bees, bumblebees and hornets do not bite, and sting, and it is important to remember that their attack is a protective reaction. It is necessary to teach the child not to swing hands, not to fuss, not to run away not to provoke the buzzing insect. Also it is impossible to leave banks and bottles from sweet drinks, packings from cookies or cakes anywhere. It is necessary to watch closely what the child eats: together with food it is possible to swallow unintentionally a wasp, and consequences can be the most sad.

Normal reaction small reddening and hypostasis on the place of a sting is considered, but actually not always happens quite so. The sting often influences health of the child, causes temperature increase, weakness, slackness, strong allergic reactions - as local, and the general. The indisposition caused by a sting cannot be disregarded especially as reaction can begin both directly right after a sting, and later.

to prevent “attempt“ at the kid, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

But, perhaps, the most important governed

- intelligently the picked-up repellent means. It was good earlier - except clove cologne and that there was nothing to choose - now each mother has to become a little bit a chemist to understand structure of “antimosquito“ means. The majority of them are children`s options of adult means, and at the heart of the contain DETA chemical. But it is not the most suitable option for protection of children.

In - the first, any children`s means have to be made by the specialized companies which have long-term history - and know how to look after children`s skin. In - the second, diethyltoluamide (so on - scientific DETA is called) is considered toxic and unsafe for children for a long time. In some European countries it is forbidden for use in children`s means, in others - is resolved, but only for drawing on clothes, but not on skin.

to Children till 6 years does not recommend to use

DETA from at all - for its toxicity. Not all know about it, but diethyltoluamide can become the reason of poisoning of a children`s organism. If the child is sleepy, complains of a headache and nausea, it is quite possible that the reason for that not a sunstroke, not overfatigue, namely DETA vapors.

to be sure that the child is reliably protected needs to choose by

the means created with the assistance of pediatricians, children`s dermatologists, cosmetologists and approved by these experts. Besides, it has to be safe, hypoallergenic and simple in application. Such line of means was let out this year by the Sweetie pie brand: protective cream, protective spray and balm after stings considerably will facilitate life to children.

the latest substance IR3535 is their part - its safety and efficiency is proved by leading experts in the field of children`s dermatology. IR3535 is not toxic for the person and possesses a neutral smell, it can be applied on skin, but not on clothes.

“Sweetie pie“ many years conducts researches and develops the cosmetics intended especially for gentle and vulnerable children`s skin so, is the leader among other producers. Innovative means - repellents will reliably protect kids of a year from the most different insects, and balm after stings will remove reddening, the itch will calm and will prevent combing. New means under the Sweetie pie brand frighten off insects and provide effective protection within two hours, so, even the most sweet kid will remain in perfect security!