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Slim figure: a breakfast without sweets and germinated buckwheat for dinner of

my “experiments“ on improvement of a body began at institute when I began to weigh for myself by the end of a last year imperceptibly... m - m - m. 70 or it is even more kilograms. On scales did not like to rise therefore remembered only this figure.

Ya decided to be

firm in the aspiration to postroynet (but not to grow thin - “thin“ there was from the word “harm“ that the organism perceives at the unconscious level as “badly“ and refuses to burn calories). Began to read magazines about female health: what products it is more useful to eat in the evening what - in the afternoon. Began to go regularly to a gym near the house where the instructor helped to choose for me the necessary program for burning of calories, prompted that it is better to eat yogurt and apple after training if getting very hungry.

Later half a year of slow trainings my figure began to change. Changes to the best attracted compliments of men and a smile of girlfriends. Further to the surprise near new work I found the pool. Having bought the subscription on hydroshaping, I began to alternate fitness classes and in the pool. There were no difficulties with time, after the pool ease in a body was felt, and from sad thoughts there was no trace left also.

on any diets I never sat, and only established for herself a way of life: for breakfast I eat unsweetened porridge (oat, for example) or I drink coffee with one sandwich (option: one portion of cottage cheese). For an afternoon snack I have a bite any fruit or a vegetable. During the lunchtime - a bowl of soup or stewed meat with vegetables. The certain place in fight for symmetry is taken by its Majesty Uzhin. I will tell honestly, an ideal dinner for me - it is fried potato with mushrooms and meat. And happens that there is no appetite, and I am limited a floor - liter of kefir or cottage cheese yogurt with a cup of tea.

In the mornings I ran and now I continue to run on the embankment. When I am tired, I walk or I swing a triceps from a shop. After jog - a light breakfast and for work with improbable ease!

I Will add

that quite recently opened for itself live buckwheat and germinated wheat. If very strongly there is a wish to eat, especially in the evening, germinated ready buckwheat already waits for me on a table. It is rich with protein without which creation of a new slender body, and very nourishing is impossible. And wheat goes as having a snack. I did not pass to a total rawism, and I only combine safe products from various diets. Chicken breast and siliculose haricot are also protein-rich, they are in general favourites on my table. For gourmets I will note balsam vinegar which introduces those useful properties which help our organism to fight against excess weight in vegetable salads.

I one more BIG secret is: it is impossible to eat for breakfast sweet food at all: candies, rolls with jam, glazed cheese curds (they in general cannot be eaten, in them continuous “E“ and vegetable fat!) . And all because from morning sweets insulin level sharply increases in blood. When it begins to fall closer by the second breakfast or a lunch, the organism will immediately demand from you the next portion of sweets or a roll. If the breakfast was fully belkovo - carbohydrate (slow carbohydrates, they are squashes, they are small loafs with bran), insulin level in blood will be equal, without sharp jumps, so - and without wild attacks of hunger! I checked this scientific fact and remained happy with this opening and first of all myself. Though I and the sweet tooth, to candies do not pull, but delighted looks of men are attracted.

Now my weight makes 60 kg with a height of 175 cm, a fatty indicator of 12%. I have rather good muscle bulk, there are no cubes of a press, but a stomach elastic and tightened. In free time I go to dances with girlfriends, quite often I get out on picnic with friends where I give preference to fish, but not meat. If we walk a family or we follow purchases, I will not refuse a small dessert to coffee - in the menu there will always be dietary or low-calorie delicacies! And, lovely sweet teeth, buying by the niece and itself ice cream, I choose a simple creamy glass without vegetable fat. However, not always I eat up it... and it is my small secret too!

Ya I wish all - to all beautiful women to construct their new bodies as they conceived that. The strongest motivator is the image living in our head. Dare! Love yourself and love life - it is my main secrets of symmetry! With faith in you and in warm summer.

Victoria Klubnichkina