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Playground at the dacha - the hands. The sizes and the equipment

If in a family are children, then the playground becomes the most important place at the dacha. Where to place it and how to equip? How to choose a swing, a hill, a sandbox for children of different age? What it is possible to make at the dacha for children with own hands? It is necessary to consider 4 important criteria.

the Choice of the place for a playground

Where is better suit to


it? A playground for the smallest dispose closer to the house. Children of school age do not need any more continuous guardianship therefore them it is sports - the game zone can settle down far away.

It is good when on the seasonal dacha there is an opportunity for outdoor childish sports. In small gardens it is possible to allow children to run freely, in a big garden it is better to allocate a children`s zone, having provided a protection. The green hedge up to 1 m high will limit possession of the child and will teach to keep them in an order. It is important to plan so a garden that children could play, without being afraid to rumple beds or to trample vegetable beds. For this purpose fence a kitchen garden and beds or a site for childish sports.

the Main objective when planning space for children - to arrange to

that they want, but not adults. Make little summer residents happy the simplest things can: they will be pleased by the open area on a lawn, a tent from willow rods, the “cycle route“ laid on site perimeter (the usual path not less than 60 cm wide with a curvature radius on turns of not less of 2 - 2,5 m can become it).

At least a half of the children`s territory has to be in a penumbra. It is good to arrange a playground under a tree, at insufficient quantity of a shadow over the platform construct a canopy, establish a strong awning made of cloth or an umbrella.

Should consider the direction of winds and to protect the platform from drafts if they are, a low green hedge from not prickly bushes. It is impossible to have a game zone in the lowland or in the cold place - in a shadow of the house or on North side of a slope: in the spring there snow late thaws, and the soil after a rain long does not dry out.


the Playground cannot surround

with prickly plants! Do not put a barberry, a dogrose, a hawthorn, an araliya, a sloe, roses, a sea-buckthorn, a pear here. Categorically it is impossible to put about a playground poisonous plants - such as Dafna or volchnik deadly, the euonymus, a broom, a buckthorn, akonit, a foxglove, a barvinok, a lily of the valley, a hellebore, an autumn crocus, a honeysuckle Tatar, a dope, a nightshade with pleasure - bitter, the rue, a castor-bean tree and so forth

the Severe burn can cause

in the child the yasenets emitting flying essential oils in a sunny weather. Blisters can appear not only after the plant was taken in hands, sometimes, that the child burns if about a meter approaches a plant on distance. Such bushes as a silverweed shrubby and spireya gray will be a fine frame of the platform.

Equipping with

a playground, first of all you remember safety rules. On the platform there should not be potentially dangerous places where the child can get stuck, pinch a hand or a leg. The equipment should have no acute angles, edges, the sticking-out bolts, places of seams and connections have to be smoothed carefully out and ground. The tree has to be qualitatively ground, not have agnails and to be varnished.

Elements of fastening of hinged and suspended designs have to be made by

of strong metal and it is reliable to connect parts of a design. At operation of a garden swing which fastens a carbine to a hook it is necessary to check a minimum of times in half a year a condition of this hook.

the playground Size

Counting the area of a game zone, consider quantity and dimensions of game elements, and also distance between them. It is considered that till 7 years it is necessary to allocate the area of 8 - 9 sq.m for each child, - of 13 - 15 sq.m

needs to leave from 7 to 12 years to

Before hills, ramps and ladders a free strip for running start. Around such designs as a swing and rocking chairs, provide a safety zone not less than 2 m wide. Installation of a swing will require the area about 15 sq.m. Under spring rocking chairs allocate for of 8 - 10 sq.m, for a separate hill needs 15 more sq.m. The ready game complex takes less places, than separate designs, - its installation requires at least 15 sq.m


the Covering of a game zone to soften falling, here do not use a brick or a tile. The least troublesome covering option in operation - a bulk seamless safety floor from a color rubber crumb which can have any configuration and easily keeps within on any relief. Advantages of that covering - long service life, a plain elastic surface without seams, good water penetration, various color scale. Usually the covering has thickness of 1 - 2 cm, in zones of risk the device of special “safety cushions“ up to 10 cm thick is possible. The bulk covering does not need special leaving, it can be swept and washed out water from a hose.

Equipment of a playground

the smallest to anything the big platform sated with the difficult gaming equipment to them is enough lawn, a sandbox, a bench and the superficial inflatable pool. Children 3 - 6 already need years a swing, hills and simple apparatuses. The playground for children from 6 to 12 years needs more difficult equipment - fortresses, izbas, the piracy ships, viewing towers, lodges on a tree with a rope ladder. From 12 years the child needs the sports ground. For it it is necessary to find the new place in a garden, already far away from the house.

When children grow up, will convert an old playground in a usual corner of a garden, breaking a bed or a reservoir on this place, and it is possible to think up also other option - for example, to make garden installation, having organized on the old teeter constantly updated exhibition of the best plants of a garden in pots and vases.

of the Sandbox

the simplest that can be thought up at the dacha for the kid, is a sandbox. The combined sandbox - a framework consists of separate parts which connect in a rectangle (more rare in a hexagon or a circle) then sand is inside filled. Advantages of such design are, in - the first, simplicity: it is enough to latch among themselves components. In - the second, from - for lack of a bottom it is possible to insert the holder for an umbrella which will give to the kid a shadow in hot summer day into the center. For the winter the sandbox understands and takes a little place at storage.

of Tselnolitaya the sandbox can serve the child and the small pool if to fill it not with sand, but water.

It is good if the sandbox has a cover. The sand hidden under it will be inaccessible for cats and pure, and after a rain the kid should not wait until in a sandbox pools dry.

“two in one“ are even more practical than

of the Sandbox. They consist of two capacities - in one sand is filled, in another water is poured, and the kid receives real “sea“ with the sand beach. After game water merges, and the former pool becomes a cover for a sandbox. Very conveniently - it is possible to play at the same time with sand and water and the cover is not stirred and does not take the place. What

, it will be more convenient to the kid if on its sides there are seats.

One more option of sand entertainments - game tables - sandboxes at which under a removable table-top are located not only pass - a sandbox, but also the tank for games with water - it is possible to splash and start up ships. At desire the sandbox can be removed from legs and to put on the earth.

the Main advantages of game tables - compactness, for them it is not necessary to look for the place on a site - the table will be located everywhere and even indoors if on the street too hot or the rain went. Upon termination of pesochno - water entertainments the table is closed, on it it is possible to draw or play. When transporting a leg can act and clean up in a table.

Good stuff for a sandbox - plastic or a tree. You can buy a ready sandbox or make it of boards independently. The area of a sand box usually does not exceed 2 quarter. the m, in principle is enough also the size 1 × 1 m. Depth of a sandbox makes of 30 - 40 cm If sandbox boards continuous, then the sand which is in it will not be scattered around. It is better to close the top edges of boards boards so that they formed small small benches.

the Swing

the Love to rocking lives in us since the birth. Rocking, take-off and “falling“ promote development of a vestibular mechanism of the child, improvement of coordination of movements, load with good mood.


to Children especially like the swing suspended to a thick bough of a tree. If in a garden there is a suitable tree with the convenient strong branch with a diameter about 15 cm growing at the height of of 1,8 - 3 m it is possible to buy the swing intended for installation on a tree or to build them independently, using a rope, a strong rope or a nylon cord and several cleared boards.


two pieces of a rope and make on one their end of a loop. Throw the ends of a rope with a loop through a branch, pass a rope through loops and tighten them on a branch. Pass other ends of a rope through openings in a seat and knot double. Establish a seat so that it did not concern a tree trunk. Instead of a usual seat for a swing sometimes suspend an old tire from the car, in this case horizontal suspension will require four ropes attached to a tire equally spaced.

For kids a swing has to be low, and a seat - for it the back and a cross crossbeam with an emphasis for legs are obligatory for the safest. For children also crossbeams are more senior enough.

of the Hill

of the Hill for the smallest too small, easy (4 - 8 kg) and compact, they simply and quickly gather, understand or develop, to transport, store and use that allows to transfer them as on the street, and at home.

hill Height for kids no more than a meter (most often of 50 - 70 cm), it has flat descent which is surely limited by borders (the they are higher, the more safely) and smoothly comes to an end on the earth. The ladder has to have wide steps located at small distance from each other. It is good if steps are covered with an antiskid covering, especially if children get on a hill bare wet feet. It is possible to paste special antiskid strips at a step.

existence of hand-rail which should not come to an end at the level of the most top step is obligatory for

On a ladder - even standing on it, the kid needs to hold something. The design when the top platform of a hill rather wide and is fenced on each side is safest. by

For preschool children from 3 to 7 years it is better for p to choose a hill up to 1,5 m high, school students can ride from a hill of 2 - 2,5 m high and above. The ladder for this age category can represent only crossbeams, but existence of convenient hand-rail is also obligatory. It is more interesting to move down from a hill if its trench not flat, but wavy, besides coming to an end with a small springboard.

During a heat it is pleasant to roll down directly from a hill to the pool. It is possible to start up on a trench water from a garden hose - it is more pleasant to slide on wet descent, and from splashes it is a pleasure to children.

Game lodges

the simplest and cheap option of the children`s dwelling - folding fabric lodges - tents which are easily built thanks to a metal framework. Several moments - the Indian wigwam, a forest cave, the royal palace, a tent or even the bus is also ready. Many such lodges have a door - bed curtains, windows, manholes. Folding lodges - tents can be used for children of different age, this “housing“, quite available at the price.

In plastic combined lodges the folding little table, stools, the toy furniture corresponding to a plot utensils drawn on walls and designated by a relief is. It is possible to enter it through the real opening door, there are also windows with a sun blind here. Two-storeyed lodges - hills can quite replace with themselves a playground.

Can make by

a game lodge of the former shed. On the first floor organize space for silent games, on the second floor arrange a viewing tower on which it is possible to get on an external ladder, and to go down - having moved down on a trench more than from two-meter height.

It is sometimes difficult to p to coordinate a children`s lodge to a general view of a garden. Make it or decoration of a garden, or take out out of limits of the looked-through zones.

If in the territory of giving the big old tree is, make together with children on it a lodge or a tent and strengthen a rope or a rope ladder by means of which they will get to it.

As alternative summer “living space“ for the child can consider a tent.

How to construct a tent
  1. in the Spring or in the first half of summer cut flexible rods of a willow of 2 - 3 m long
  2. On the solar place or in a penumbra mark a circle and dig out a flute on width and depth of a bayonet of a shovel. Dig up a flute bottom, put rods there, cover fertile with earth and water. Connect tops of rods together. Well condense the earth, from above to a zamulchiruyta.
  3. On the turned-out tent walls interweave thinner rods across.
  4. the First several weeks regularly plentifully water with
  5. willow rods, then they will start up escapes. Regularly interweave them across into a framework, the real overgrown green walls as a result will turn out.

From the book “Landscaping.
the hands - from the project to the embodiment“