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To grow thin, return a form: what way to success to choose?

One of secrets of success of any business - to take small steps in the necessary direction. To begin to grow thin it is possible from change of only one component of your diet, and to improve physical shape - from short trainings. The effective Japanese psychological equipment will help to overcome difficulties.

my husband Don collects by

everything. It seems, we get on with it under the same roof only because it has a certain room where he puts all this. I do not even think of there to enter. He packs these things for nearly fifty years. By the way, quite often he complains of chaos around himself then usually for a long time vanishes in the room. But at the same time till a certain moment I never saw its attempts though somehow to cope with a disorder. Fortunately, I learned to close eyes to it and to keep the mouth shut (or almost learned).

Don decided to change

On Christmas week this year everything - once and for all. He disappeared in the room at several o`clock, then left and told:

- For all this time I found only two things of which it is necessary to get rid.

Ya reasonably kept silent. A week later he declared:

- I understood in what a problem. Everything is so started that I do not even know what to begin with. And here what I solved on New Year`s Eve. I will throw out on one thing a day. And to throw out everything that to me it is necessary, it to look to the room every day on one thing.

It is excellent! He solved one very important secret of changes: to do step by step. Let it will be small steps, but they should be done. One, the second... Continue to follow this technique until you achieve the objectives.

It is remarkable practice not only for shoveling of old blockages in cases, but also for any task which solution it is difficult to find at once. You want to grow thin for fifteen kilograms? Begin to fight at least against one kilogram of excess weight, refuse from fried (one of my clients grew thin for 22 kilograms only thanks to it). Or begin to buy only easy mayonnaise (one woman who as a result grew thin for 19 kilograms began with such step). Both cases testify to one: since small changes, it is possible to execute conceived as a result.

you Want to change work? Attend the corresponding seminar, read the book or talk to somebody. Then define the following step. You want to write the book? Write on a line in day. In the return case these tasks will seem to you impracticable or too difficult ever to start them.

It is classical kaydzen - the Japanese equipment based on small continuous improvements. Actually this strategy for the first time appeared in the USA at the beginning of World War II, and after war was widely adopted in Japan.

Why such approach is effective

and how the brain reacts to it? If we begin work on changes even if positive, our “emotional“ brain has sensation of fear. If sensation of fear is stronger, our brain answers with reaction “beat or run“ and we, thus, refuse that we tried to make. The equipment kaydzen does not cause negative brain reactions and finds the place to our actions within normal process of thinking where we can carry out creative work and feel pleasure.


Need the examples confirmed with scientific proofs? Researchers of University of Bristol divided 78 people into two groups. The first group asked to take 10 000 steps a day, and the second - 2500 steps. What of these two groups achieved the objectives more often? Of course, the second group which members took 2500 steps a day and they performed the task twice more often than members of the first group.

Breakdown of a difficult task for small steps allows to feel success which gives force for advance and is good means against unreasonable postponement of affairs “for later“. You do not need to do everything at once - only small part. Once I heard as Don told our daughter:

- I cannot play with you now cards because I at first need to come into the room and to throw out couple of unnecessary things which I did not throw out yesterday.

the Small volume of daily tasks allows to continue work on itself all the time because you do not feel “mountain“ of cares on the shoulders. That time my husband needed no more than two minutes for performance of daily “task“. In ten days after he began to practice a technique of “small steps“, its room took accurater form, than ever.

- for many decades I ran from physical exercises as from plague, - the writer Susanne Seton says, - but then began to feel intolerable back pain in any attempt to bend down. When to me it was executed fifty, age completeness added problems with a back. Time has come, having gritted teeth, to do gymnastics - on half an hour three times a week. I began to be engaged in circular trainings which make favorable impact on warm activity and allow to improve physical shape - all rolled into one. There it is impossible to miss any movement: you pass to the following exercise strictly on command.

So there passed year. Having practically kept the promise made to itself, I moved to the following level - began to train on half an hour every day. And again at me almost everything turned out (is “almost“ of 75 - 80% cases when I forced itself to work). This year I continue to train for thirty minutes a day, but now I visit fitness - club in which there is all necessary equipment for measurement of level of physical activity, pulse rate and other important parameters. If I began to give myself such loading at once, then would not hold on also weeks. But, taking small steps in the necessary direction, I could improve the physical shape, return self-confidence - and now I train on an equal basis with the real athletes.

From the book “This Year I …
How to Change Habits, to Keep the Promise or to Make That,
of What You Dreamed Long Ago“