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Pregnancy and hypostases: reasons and treatment. What and how many to drink?

during pregnancy the volume of the liquid circulating in a body increase almost twice. So there is nothing surprising, apparently, that the woman expecting a baby sometimes suffers from hypostases. But doctors consider them as a disturbing symptom, especially if they are followed by increase of arterial pressure and emergence of protein in urine.

So if the wedding ring does not fit a finger, and shoes became sharply small - immediately to the doctor. Also it is necessary to observe those recommendations which he will make because self-diagnostics and self-treatment will not bring to good. And here prevention of hypostases is available to each future mother.

to Exclude salt

Why? sodium is a part of table salt. This element has a property to detain in an organism water. The more salts, the more liquid will remain in fabrics.

As in practice? to Clean from a diet (or very strongly to reduce a dosage) a pickles, herring, sauerkraut, black bread, sausage, not to mention such unhealthy, in every sense “garbage“ products as croutons, chips, snek, smoked products and canned food. Even it is better to prepare habitual dishes without salt or to salt insufficiently.

It is important: to be afraid that you and your kid receive less sodium, is not necessary: this element contains in many products in the natural type or a type of salts.

to Fall in love with healthy food

Why? At tendency to hypostases future mother has to not only exclude salt, but also observe some other restrictions. Problems with vessels, for example, too lead to formation of hypostases. Therefore it is necessary to eat so that not to give to hypostases the slightest chance.

As in practice. not to fry Meat and vegetables, and to cook or steam. As seldom as possible is fat, sharp, sweet, rich and it is regularly obligatory to cook porridges, there are vegetables and fruit. Tea or coffee can affect a condition of vessels and, as a result, on a blood pressure - it is better not to abuse these drinks. And even “hyper useful“ green tea - in it it is more caffeine, than in black, and it you should not drink more than two cups a day. But freshly squeezed juice and still mineral water are welcomed.

It is important: the Average daily caloric content of the eaten food should not exceed of 2800 - 3500 callas. That is future mother it is absolutely optional “is for two“.

to Observe the drinking mode

Why? Earlier it was restrictive: future mother was recommended to use all of 1 - 1,5 l liquids in days, including soups and compotes. But then researches showed that such restriction is unhealthy: it worsens a condition of a venous wall, influences quantity and quality of blood of mother, its coagulability. During pregnancy the volume of blood increases and if not to support it at the necessary level, not to avoid formation of blood clots and other problems.

As in practice? the Most widespread recommendation - future mother needs to be drunk 2,5 and even 3 l of liquid daily. This quantity includes any liquid, including that that contains in liquid dishes, in fresh juicy vegetables and fruit. Water has to make not less than 1,5 l a day, and it needs to be drunk not at once, and small drinks, on slightly - slightly, but is frequent. Water has to be not aerated.

It is important: At a gestoza it is better for strong to drink not the water which is washing away from an organism many salts and minerals, and tea with milk sweet juice and fruit drinks which “delay“ water from fabrics and by that reduce puffiness.

is more careful than
with diuretics

Why? Drugs at pregnancy can do much harm not only to future mother, but also the kid. Therefore also reception of any medicinal and even natural vegetable diuretic preparations needs to be coordinated with the attending physician.

As in practice? Usually future mothers are prescribed by homeopathic remedies, and also grass collecting with ill-defined diuretic effect - a bearberry, a cowberry leaf, parsley broth.

It is important. Together with liquid from our organism washes away potassium which, in particular, is important for the correct work of a cardiac muscle, for health of mother`s bones and teeth and for construction of a skeleton of the kid. Therefore potassium needs to be filled - a diet or reception of the corresponding vitamin complexes (about what to choose, it is also necessary to ask the attending physician).

to Allow legs to have a rest

Why? At 40% of women during pregnancy show these or those symptoms of a varicose illness. One of its symptoms - puffiness of legs which, fortunately, the most harmless also does not demand special treatment.

As in practice? Having a rest, raise legs concerning position of a body. For example, sitting in front of the computer, put legs on a support. It is possible to follow an example of Americans and to put legs on a table (or the chair standing nearby if other is inappropriate). In a prone position it is necessary that legs were on an eminence up to 30 cm high. This situation will be provided by the high pillow enclosed under a mattress or the roller from a blanket. There are beds in which height of a bedfoot and headboard can be varied.

It is important. “Varicose“ hypostases decrease also by means of creams with extracts of a horse-chestnut or hazel grove.

to Lie on the left side

Why? At 80% of women during pregnancy so-called physiological hypostases develop. They are considered as norm as, unlike hypostases pathological, pass as if by itself after elimination of the reasons (and violation of a diet or the fast walk in hot day which caused the increased sweating can be them). Main “medicine“ - to allow itself to have a rest, lie down.

As in practice? At a prone position on the left side of a kidney experience the smallest strain, work in the best way and quicker banish urine on secretory system.

It is important. If the face, fingers swells from - for excessive it is difficult to plumpness to squeeze in a fist, it is impossible to bend down from - for hypostasis of a waist and a belly wall - immediately to the doctor. Such expressed hypostases - a sign of a gestoz of pregnant women, very dangerous and artful complication.

to Move

Why? the Risk of a congestion of liquid in legs decreases if the woman is a lot of (but it is feasible!) moves. At active mother chances of development of hypostases decrease approximately half!

As in practice? Walks on foot (only on park, but not on the gas-polluted street) - the activity available and useful to almost all future mothers. In day it is necessary to walk not less than 40 minutes, and it is even better - 2 - 3 hours. Will help also special gymnastics for pregnant women, and swimming with water aerobics, and yoga with belly dance (all this it is better to be engaged under control of experts).

It is important: If work mainly sedentary, do “dynamic pauses“ each hour - on 5 - 10 minutes you twist feet in different directions, get up on semi-fingers and on heels. And here it is not recommended to cross the legs categorically!

Special linen

Why? needs to get the Special supporting linen no later than the middle of pregnancy. The bandage will unload a back, will support a stomach, will facilitate load of veins of the lower extremities. Compression stockings and tights prevent development of varicosity - so, remove feeling of weight and hypostases in legs. The linen developed especially for future mothers preserves vessels against an excessive skaplivaniye and a stagnation of liquid in them.

As in practice? the Bandage needs to be chosen by the size, and surely it is necessary to adjust it so that it did not squeeze, namely supported. Degree of a compression of tights (weak or strong) will be prompted by the phlebologist, having studied a problem.

It is important: Bandages, compression stockings needs to be put on lying that loading was distributed correctly.

to be treated by

if it is necessary

Why? Gestoz, problems with kidneys and heart - very serious deviations which demand treatment in a hospital. Gestoz is fraught with a preeklampsiya and an eklampsiya - deadly states for mother and the kid. Kidneys and heart can not sustain loadings and refuse. Generally, if the doctor by results of supervision and analyses hurries to write out the direction in a hospital - do not resist: is more visible to the expert.

As in practice? Cardiac hypostases never arise on hands and a face, and are followed by some other symptoms (permanent heartbeat, short wind, cyanotic coloring of mucous membranes). Renal hypostases arise at some diseases of kidneys. There are puffiness of the person, bags under eyes, later - hypostases of legs and hands. Usually the woman knows that kidneys - its weak place, and will be able to distinguish specific hypostases to address the nephrologist or the urologist.

It is important: At emergence or an exacerbation of such diseases during pregnancy treatment is carried out only in the conditions of a hospital - self-treatment and hope are at random inadmissible!

Extensive physiological hypostases almost always accompany with

pregnancy by twins or a large fruit. But even such hypostases after the delivery very quickly come to naught: the liquid which is saved up for pregnancy leaves an organism (and it is nearly 8 excess liters!). And if the swelling remained on the place and in several days after the birth of the kid, then it or the excess weight, but not hypostases, or the reason of these hypostases - at all not in pregnancy.