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How to teach the child to speak “š“?

of Mother and the father, grandmothers and grandfathers test affection when the kid begins to murmur. There passes time, parents notice that the speech of the child is clear only to them. And at once begin to panic, look for the good logopedist or to use thousands of recommendations from the series “someone told“ or “read on the Internet“, and at the same time. Let`s understand nevertheless why the child does not utter “š“ and as to him to help to master without special work it an imperceptible letter.

As well as in all developments of the child, in the course of formation of the speech a certain schedule exists. The first stage of formation of the speech - 2 - 3 years. If during this period the letter “r“ does not obey, then you should not sound alarm. It is only a preparatory stage. He does not demand additional intervention of the logopedist. Rather regular articulation gymnastics in a game form. And here if to the child of 5 - 6 years and he still does not utter “š“, then it is necessary to visit the expert.

On reception the logopedist will find a problem, from - behind which the sound does not manage to be said. Even it is possible to determine a variety of mistakes by sounding of the speech. Some children replace the letter “r“ with another, most often with “l“. Other children say “š“ not in all words, and most often in the middle of the word and swallow it on the terminations. If the child says the letter “r“ by means of a throat, poorly developed respiratory or articulation device can be the cause of the wrong pronunciation. Parents should know that visit of the logopedist, first of all, has to exclude serious pathology - a dizartriya. The wrong pronunciation of the letter “r“ can be its sign.

But we will return to an initial stage of formation of the speech at which the pronunciation can be corrected simple articulation gymnastics.

Before we will start the description of game - occupations, let`s specify some moments:

1. Mothers ask: “How to teach the child to utter letters?“ It is worth remembering that we say a sound . And here we write a letter. Initially you should not confuse the kid requests to say the letter “r“. It will help with the subsequent not to be confused and to competently distinguish a sound and a letter.

2. Occupations with the kid always have to it be interesting. Therefore if any exercises are not pleasant to it, it is not necessary to insist. It is possible to try to repeat them later.

3. The regularity of trainings is of great importance. Try to find daily time for occupations.

We start games - occupations...


Suggest the kid to go together with you to travel on horses. Serially “prisasyvy“ and tearing off language from the sky, imitate clatter of hoofs. Arrange competition - who clinks more loudly or who jumps quicker (accelerate that clatter).


the Horse jumps quickly - quickly! Let`s stop a horse? To stop a horse, “tpr“ should tell. Let`s try! From a lip “r“ of a lip vibrate. And now jumped further (we repeat exercise “Clatter“).


We jumped - jumped - jumped. Look! There is a poultry yard. What birds live on a poultry yard? Surely listen to assumptions of the kid. Yes, it is valid, hens, ducks, geese here. And still big turkey-cock! And he speaks here so! We show to the kid a sample - quickly we throw out language between teeth and lips, the sound is similar on “bl - bl - bl“. Address the kid, suggest to try to make also.


Before performance of this exercise wash up hands. Get up in front of the mirror and continue the fairy tale. We walked on the yard, and now let`s come into the house. Open more widely a mouth - a lodge. And who lives in a lodge? Correctly! Uvula. Let`s find a floor and a ceiling in our lodge (the kid points a finger). And now find sofas on a ceiling (the term “alveoluses“ will not be suitable for an explanation of finding of hillocks behind teeth). And now let the cheerful uvula will jump from sofas on a ceiling to a floor and back! Pay attention of the child - language is on “sofas“, but not on teeth.

“Wind “

So far we were far - far, strong wind rose! Set the child an example - stretch lips in a half-smile, put language on “sofas“ and sharply blow. You can add a game element - to blow on a leaflet, on a cloudlet - cotton wool. The stream of the exhaled air is stronger, the language vibrates stronger, the deaf sound similar to “TPPPPPP“ turns out. If instead of this sound hissing turns out, so language escaped from “sofa“ and it is necessary to return it into place. Drive cotton wool - cloudlets. That whose cotton wool will depart further will be a winner.

Think out a new plot of exercises that did not bother the kid. Also, in addition to articulation gymnastics, it is possible to show daily several times pictures with animals, objects in which name is “š“. Arrange competitions - who will reach a nose tip language, will quicker touch them a chin. Pour juice or milk in a plateau, play kittens, let in what bowl milk will be drunk up quicker will be a winner. Compose together the “growling“ fairy tales and the “growling“ sayings. In informal conversation focus attention on a sound “š“, but try to do it unostentatiously.

I hope that these simple councils will be pleasant and will help. Main thing, patience and regularity. Everything will turn out!