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Summer dresses are small? How to grow thin without feeling of hunger

Fine winter morning... Stop! - flew in the head. Having looked at the calendar hanging at a bed I suddenly understood: outside on March 1. Eyes began to shine with happiness, got stuck not only on the street, but also in the head the lifeless winter rather cloyed. The soul was filled with future spring sun and the subsequent summer heat. The summer, a favourite time, is not necessary any down-padded coats, warm sweaters, panty hoses. Sea, beach, summer dresses...

Having approached

a wardrobe and having got couple of summer toilets from there, I inspired with the coming wonderful time tried to try on somewhat quicker a dress, but what it?! The dress bought at the end of last summer, not really - that wanted that I in it sported. Looked bewildered in a mirror, and everything rose on the places. Terrible kilograms - them was whole 6, - gathered for cold winter, saddened me.


thoughts of fast diets, of diets with the minimum quantity of calories a day got Into the head - but all this was already passed. I annually tried to grow thin in such ways. As a result kilograms came back in a week again, having taken with themselves still 2 - 3.

Forums, infinite reviews of diets - everything was vain. But once mother gave to me advice:“ It is not necessary to try to grow thin quickly and to listen to others inspired shouts of pleasure. Try to listen to the organism“.


tried a lot of things, and I decided to proceed from the experience. Nevertheless I was helped by some councils the Internet - forums, and in total with own feelings and preferences I created some rules:

to eat

Carrying out these rules, I slowly but surely began to dump hated kilograms. In a month I dumped 3 kilograms. At the same time began to add simple physical exercises which can easily be carried out in house conditions, - exercises with a hoop, “bicycle“, and also squats for the general elasticity of buttocks. And, of course, run - it should not be neglected. Easy uniform jogging - the great assistant. Unfortunately, the schedule of work did not allow me to run in the mornings, but the decision is: evening - too good time for jog.

For the second month of fight against weight 5 kilograms left. I ate everything that I wanted, affording even chocolate, bread, fried potato, the main thing - moderately. You should not never feel hungry. The organism has to know that it does not need to stock up, it is always full. Approximate time for meal 9, 12, 15, 17, 19 hours, but all individually, with each meal a portion it is necessary to reduce. In the evening I preferred fruit though it is necessary to listen to himself: there is a wish for something more dense - it is impossible to refuse.

I wish all to achieve desirable results More sincerely, to be healthy and beautiful!