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Desserts for weight loss: 3 recipes of a diet of Ducan. We grow thin with pleasure!

the Author of the well-known diet Pierre Ducan is convinced: weight loss has to bring pleasure. Therefore easy desserts from admissible products - indispensable part of the majority of stages of its diet. To all who joined army of growing thin recently - the recipes of sweets approved by doctor Dyukan.

Fast cake in the microwave oven

For proteinaceous and belkovo - vegetable days of a diet of Ducan

3 portions

Bran needs to be ground in flour. After that carefully mix all ingredients, except syrup.

Pour out dough to the middle of a form suitable for the microwave oven. It is possible to pour it on wide glass glasses.


at the highest power during of 3 - 4 minutes.


from a form and water with syrup. Give warm.

Pear pie

For the stage “Fixing“ of a diet of Ducan

4 portions

Put gelatin in a soup plate with cold water.

Clear pears of a thin skin. Cut on segments, take a core and stones. Put pears in a pan with spices and a dried peel of orange.

Add water to a pan and you cook about 20 minutes under a cover.


from fire and let`s cool down several minutes. Get pears and spices a skimmer. Add to juice from pears a sakharozamenitel, then the bulked-up gelatin and mix.

Lay out pears at the edges of a round silicone baking dish, add the pear water with spices which turned out as a result of cooking. Put in the refrigerator at least for 4 hours.

the Fruit candy from pumpkin

For proteinaceous and belkovo - vegetable days of a diet of Ducan

of 10 portions

Cut pumpkin in small cubes.

Put it in a small pan, a pripustita to softness and make from it mashed potatoes.


spices and a sakharozamenitel, well mix that there were no lumps. Remove from fire.

Lay a baking sheet parchment paper. Lay out from above mashed potatoes a thin even layer.

you Dry a fruit candy in an oven at a temperature of 50 ° With within several hours, to full readiness. The door of an oven has to remain slightly opened.

When the fruit candy will dry up, separate it from paper. Curtail into thin roll and cut on pieces. The fruit candy is ready.

From the book “Diet Desserts Ducan“