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Mushrooms - a delicacy for adults of

In Russia long since loved mushrooms and considered them on a sytnost equal to meat and fish, called “food, nice to health“. They are loved and esteemed to this day. Mushrooms fry, extinguish, salt, pickle, dry and eat all the year round, they decorate any feast.

Mushrooms possess sufficient nutritiousness. On a chemical composition and content of proteins they are more similar to representatives of fauna, than flora. The glycogen, or animal starch which is not in other plants, for example, is a part of mushrooms, and the content of proteins fluctuates from 2 to 55% of weight, and in their hat it is more, than in a leg. Sometimes mushrooms are called “vegetable meat“.

By amount of carbohydrates and mineral substances mushrooms are closer than

to vegetables and fruit. At them there are a copper, iodine, zinc and arsenic which are very important for the correct metabolism, potassium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins: And, B1, B2, With, D, RR (the truth, at long storage their contents decreases), the lecithin interfering accumulation of cholesterol in a human body and also the enzymes promoting the best digestibility and comprehensibility of food an organism of the adult healthy person.

the mushrooms growing in a midland are divided

On nutrition and commodity value into four categories: the first treat white, milk mushrooms and saffron milk caps, the second - aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, slippery jacks, podgruzdka, coral milky caps and laserworts, the third - mossiness mushrooms, kozlyak, chernushka, white butterflies, serushka, valu, russulas, chanterelles and honey agarics, and the fourth - krasnushka, gorkushka, greenfinches, skripitsa, a svinushka and a blewits.

Different types of mushrooms are used by

both in national, and in traditional medicine. For example, in cepe the antibiotics deadly to Koch`s sticks and colibacilli are found; its components stimulate activity of an organism, are applied at treatment of stenocardia and frostbites. The extract of field champignon slows down growth of golden staphylococcus - the causative agent of various purulent diseases, is used at treatment of typhus. Broth of a mushroom of a chaga - black outgrowths on trunks of birches - has the all-strengthening and toning effect, helps at treatment of gastritises.

Despite all nutrition and medicinal value of mushrooms, experts do not advise to enter them into a diet of children - preschool children. The matter is that the organism even of the adult is capable to acquire less than a half of the proteins which are contained in mushrooms, and their cellulose impregnated with chitin not only is not digested, but also complicates access of gastric juice to other food weight. Therefore doctors do not recommend this product at diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path, a liver and kidneys.

Some edible fungi, for example, autumn honey agarics, can cause severe food allergy. Besides, we can be not always charged for quality of the prepared mushrooms if did not collect them. Not all know that in food only strong and young mushrooms are suitable: in old, begun to decay, products of disintegration of albumens are formed, some of them are quite poisonous and can cause frustration of nervous system, digestive bodies and even a sharp decline of warm activity. For the small child all above-mentioned constitutes double danger.

However should not be upset. There will pass several years, your kid will grow up and will be able not only to mushroom with you, but also to enjoy rich mushroom soup from dried boletuses, fried honey agarics with potato and pickled chanterelles.