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To return a form after the delivery? Easily!

Appearance of the child - the most great happiness for mother. But cares of the kid - not all life of the modern young woman. During this period when there is any more no need to feed the child with breast milk, especially there is a wish to look beautifully and to return former symmetry! How effectively to lose weight and to put a figure in order, the dietitian, the expert in the field of sports medicine, the expert of popular mass media and the member scientifically - consulting council of the Herbalife company Roman Malkov tells.

Often young women, having given birth to the child, face such problem: the kilograms gained during pregnancy and feeding of the child by a breast do not want to leave. For many it becomes the real shock, especially if before childbirth they could eat anything and not recover. Having made such unpleasant discovery, young mummies become obsessed with strict diets and often break the nervous tension on relatives. And to all fault unhealthy eating habits and natural hormonal reorganization of an organism. What to do to return itself symmetry? Definitely not to starve!

Yes, happens so that strict restrictions in food for a short time help to dump the notable number of kilograms. But minus is that seldom who can keep the result got with such work and deprivations then. To a thicket there is the return: having hungered a little and having lost weight on kilogram, the sufferer runs to the refrigerator and compensates the lost weight with the trebled force. As a result an organism, having had and having remembered hungry times, lays all received food in store - that is in fatty tissue. As a result instead of the lost kilogram still the couple from above is gathered - and it will be already more difficult to get rid of them. In modern dietology it is called “effect of a swing“. Therefore for weight reduction it is better to choose such diet which is not connected with a stress and allows to eat so much how many it is necessary for good health and mood. In fact, it is even not a diet, and the healthy, balanced food.

Healthy food in a convenient format

If to make the diet independently, it is necessary to consider a set of factors - to be sure of quality of products, the nobility in what conditions fruit, vegetables and cereals were grown up and stored, than fed chickens and turkeys and so on. But also, to know properties of nutrients and to be able to count amount of vitamins and minerals in portion. Not all have an opportunity and desire to be engaged in such difficult researches. Especially, if the kid grows in the house and cares of it take away a lot of time and forces. Of course, in this case specialized or functional products which structure is balanced and tested by the lead scientific institutions of food come to the rescue.

For example, nutritionists of the whole world recommend to include for comfortable and effective weight reduction in the diet protein cocktails, such as “Formula 1“ from the recognized expert in a segment of products for control and weight reduction of the Herbalife company. In fact, it is balanced on structure “food in a glass“, ideal by amount of protein, cellulose and minerals which for a long time keeps sense of fulness and allows not to hunger. And efficiency of protein cocktail “Formula 1“ from Herbalife is confirmed with clinical trials from leaders in the field of dietology and a nutritsiologiya in the different countries: USA (Californian university), Germany (University of Ulm), South Korea (National university of Seoul) and Russia (clinic of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science). At the limited caloric content of a portion - only 200 kcal (at preparation from 200 ml of milk fat content of 1,5%), - protein cocktail contains the whole 17 grams of protein which allows not to feel long time of feeling of hunger, keeping sense of fulness, and cellulose and the balanced complex of vitamins and minerals provide necessary intake of nutrients in an organism. An additional benefit of such cocktail for young mothers: quickly and conveniently to train him - it is simple to mix in the blender, 2 minutes - and are ready! Even if you hurry on walk with the child and do not manage to have breakfast fully, cocktail can be taken with itself and to be confident that your organism will receive all necessary nutrients. And still - you will not be hungry and will resist temptation to eat on the run some fast food, harmful to a figure.

It is checked by nutritionists

to Get rid of extra kilos and to return former symmetry specially developed program of weight reduction from Herbalife after the delivery can help. It is constructed on inclusion in a daily diet of functional food - protein cocktail “Formula 1“ and the protein mix “Formula 3“. Its productivity is confirmed with the clinical trials conducted on the basis of clinic of Institute of food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Researches proved that programs of weight reduction with use of products of Herbalife “Formula 1“ and “Formula 3“ in comparison with a standard low-calorie diet are more effective for decrease in fatty body weight, reduction of coverage of a waist, and also provide more comfortable process of weight reduction, namely: saturation and absence of feeling of hunger. Also these products were approved by National association of nutritionists and nutritsiolog.


Most important that it is important to remember to young mother - to the kid need healthy and happy parents. Therefore is not necessary beauty are glad to subject an organism to hungry stresses when it is possible to follow the principles of the healthy balanced food - and extra kilos will leave forever!

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