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Wedding: restaurant or catering. How to choose? The list of the questions

Celebrate a Wedding of Pirates in classical English interiors will not turn out, and rural style among palace grandiosity will look at least strange. Really, the choice of the place of celebration of a wedding - business troublesome. It is the best of all to be taken by search of this most ideal place after the adoption of the budget, style of a wedding and the number of guests. There are main questions which you will have to set to yourself and people around.

Seasonally can play a wedding on absolutely different platforms: under the open sky in the field or in a garden, by motor ship, in the estate, in the village, in cafe, restaurant, night club, the pool, a country house, gallery, on a roof etc.

the Majority of couples for a wedding choose restaurant. Therefore it will be a question of it. On what it is necessary to pay special attention what moments it is important not to miss at selection of restaurant? Let`s begin!

the Main criteria of search

  1. Transport availability of a venue of a wedding - one of the most important points, especially for the big city. You do not want to spend the main day in stuffy traffic jams?
  2. Existence of conditioners is not simply desirable for
  3. , and it is obligatory. However, as well as existence of parking spaces near restaurant.
  4. do not stop the choice on restaurant with two halls where in one eat, and in another dance. This absolutely inconvenient division for a wedding.
  5. Specify
  6. whether this day besides your wedding other events will be held.
  7. Be convinced by
  8. available the good platform for dances, clothes and pure toilets.
  9. Think what arrangement of tables is assumed by the restaurant hall. Consult to the administrator. Its experience with other clients will prompt what planning of space will be the most effective.
  10. Get acquainted with a portfolio of actions which passed in restaurant. Whenever possible find responses (sometimes enough to look through the complaint book).
  11. Kitchen and service - the most important quality of restaurant. Have surely supper with future husband here to estimate these criteria.

What it is necessary to discuss with the administrator (manager) of restaurant?

  1. What cost of a banquet on one person and the minimum order value?
  2. How many waiters will serve a banquet?
  3. Often at restaurants separate wedding offers on kitchen exist. Specify what enters them and for what crown dish the restaurant is famous.
  4. Discuss the special preferences on kitchen, perhaps, you dreamed of a fried boar on a spit, and they can prepare only a little pig in an oven.
  5. Discuss an opportunity to bring the alcohol and fruit. So you will be able well to save.
  6. Find out
  7. what snack the restaurant can include in an easy buffet reception for guests. It is good if for a buffet reception the additional hall is allocated.
  8. Reserve a separate table and entertainments for those who will work at a wedding the whole day - for musicians, the photographer, the video operator, the host.
  9. Presence at a wedding of children also assumes a separate little table and the menu from simple dishes.
  10. Discuss an order and time of giving of cold and hot dishes, cake.
  11. Discuss giving of soft drinks on a table. Keep in mind that big (one and a half - two liters) plastic bottles look roughly. Better to give juice and waters to a floor - liter glass small bottles, jugs, decanters.
  12. Learn
  13. that for guests will be paid in the bar. Suddenly the uncle Petya will want to try cognac of eighteen-year endurance? Agree that orders at a bar counter were paid by guests independently.
  14. not to pay twice, learn about a way of rewarding of waiters. Whether tip will be included in the account at once or will remain on your discretion.
  15. to You will carry
  16. if the restaurant practices a hall decor, baking of a loaf and cake. It will save a little time and your budget. If it is necessary to decorate the hall independently, agree in advance when decorators can arrive to the place (if, of course, you use their services).
  17. Specify
  18. whether there are restrictions for a hall decor. What is forbidden to be used?
  19. Surely learn
  20. whether numbers with fire in the room or in the territory of restaurant are allowed. whether
  21. the restaurant Has available a musical equipment and light means for the concert program? On what conditions all this “good“ can use?
  22. Specify
  23. till how many o`clock the restaurant will work whether it will be possible to prolong this time if there is such need?
  24. What sum of an advance payment? During what time it will be necessary to pay the rest?
  25. by
  26. On what conditions makes cancellation of the order and how money will be returned?
  27. When you will discuss all questions, sign the contract with restaurant. Register all important trifles in it. It uberezhyot you from possible risks.

the Catering

This rather new, but already found the admirers phenomenon in services industry. The catering is a restaurant where it will want to you: at the dacha, on the beach, in the lock, in the wood, by the ship etc.

the Cost of catering services consists of a number of factors:

Exit service is available to

to the most different types of weddings.

the Wedding - a buffet reception. Guests actively communicate, drink and eat standing. The menu included light meals, fruit and drinks. Hot dishes can be given in the small and accurately issued portions for convenience of the use. Such option is optimum for a small wedding party or if the buffet reception is followed by a banquet.

the Wedding - a banquet. It is the most expensive option of service requiring more careful approach and attention to all details including napkins.

the Wedding - picnic or a wedding - Wick - and - an excellent way to celebrate an event with the cheerful company in the fresh air. A fragrant barbecue, a shish kebab or a boar on a spit... the good catering company carries out imaginations of the most pretentious wedding gourmet.

house Wedding. If you were going to spend the holiday in native walls, then the best that you can make to facilitate to yourself life - to use the same catering. Will provide you the fourchette sets in packing. Also will remain things are easy: to unpack and place dishes.

How to choose the catering company? Open the website of the company, look at a page with the list of its services, the prices, with reports on actions, customer reviews. If on the website there are no photos, surely ask the manager of the company to provide you a portfolio that you could estimate work of personnel: as cloths as waiters are dressed as the table etc. is issued are ironed out. If all arranges, do not forget to sign the contract!

How to put tables and to seat guests?

I Congratulate

, you chose restaurant. In it cook well, perfectly serve, and all have enough place in the hall: to both musicians, and participants of show - programs, and, of course, to guests. It`s cool! Now let`s decide on the scheme of seating of guests at tables. There are several options, but all of them are caused by features of a form of the hall and number of invited.

Usual. it is used at a wedding with a small amount of guests. Put a long table at the head of which newlyweds sit down. In my opinion, it is dullish and too simple, but takes place to be.

Old kind letter “P“. Often should hear that this option bothered all that it was popular at the time of weddings of our primogenitors, and it would be time to depart to us from ancient bearded habits. But how offended the poor thing “P“, such way of seating checked by time is very convenient.

Letter “T“. This option in popularity in Russia nearby left from a traditional “P“, and for a small wedding it - excellent help.

Sh - a figurative table. the successful arrangement Has and it is calculated on a large number of invited. All guests see the groom and the bride sitting at a separate table together with witnesses.

American option. tables at weddings in America So place. The groom and the bride have a separate table. Without witnesses and parents. That there was an opportunity “to be whispered“ and gifts to discuss.

English option. Tables for guests are placed around a table of heroes of the occasion, and each of them is designed for 8 people.

Italian option. Imagine a podium on which there is a table and two magnificent chairs for the groom and the bride. Around a podium the semicircle established round little tables on 4 persons. In my opinion, the graceful picture sustained in the spirit of distinguished Italians turns out.

“Fir-tree“. This option reminds “Sh - a figurative table“, differing only in the arrangement by the form reminding a fir-tree.

Non-standard decisions. This scheme reminds the turned letter “P“, approaches for modest (but cheerful!) wedding party. Guests and newlyweds are separated by a scene on which there is all most interesting.

Useful recommendations for seating of guests:

the Most important governed


Children are a fountain of vital energy, ridiculous and funny situations. They are favourites of wedding photographers and sources of ingenious shots. Remember how photos with the babies holding a loop of a dress of the bride or simply smiling look. Of course, children require attention, responsibility and some changes in the main scenario of action. But how many the cheerful and lovely moments are capable to bring these charming and sincere creations in a holiday!

If at your wedding, take care of that they did not feel thrown and unnecessary:

stock up with

From the book “A wedding of your dream.
the Encyclopedia for happy brides“